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  1. 1. How do you feel about the new skin?

    • It sucks, Chris, you can do a lot better
    • It's alright, but I think you can improve it, Chris
    • It's fucking awesome Chris, I love you!
  2. 2. How do you feel about fixed width?

    • I love it, nicely integrates with the site
    • I like it but would prefer to be able to choose between this and 100%
    • I hate it, we need 100% width
  3. 3. What about the main body of the skin?

    • Too light! Needs darker colours
    • It's fine, I like it

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I think everything is alright except the colour of the body. I mean I know you just upgraded this and stuff, but the colour blue doesn't exactly fit in with the whole layout. The fixed width is nice. But some prefer it to be like the older skin.

If the colours are changed, I see no reason afterwards to change anything.

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^ What Llama said.

It seems more suitable for this type of skin. Add a darker tone towards the bottom, and a lighter towards the top, just like the previous skin had. I think then it's reasonable to say it fits with the skin.

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Yeah, a nice shade of dark grey would do nicely with it I think. Maybe also make an effect like in the fast reply area where it goes from a lighter shade of dark blue to a very slightly darker shade of dark blue except in this case dark grey or light grey.

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I quite like it, though it needs some getting used to. My main problem with it, is that after a few minutes of using the new interface, I can't help but feel a little cramped.

Not only because of the width, but also because all the text is just a bit bigger and the buttons are much bigger now.

It looks nice, but it's a little less practical. At least, for me it is.

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