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Chineese man kills himself over lost iPhone


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A 25-year-old Chinese workerfor Foxconn, Sun Danyong, has reportedly committed suicide afterfinding out that a fourth-generation iPhone prototype he was entrustedwith went missing. According to DigitalBeat, this story is mainly meantto show how Apple's secretive ways put a large amount of pressure allthe way to the bottom of its international supply chain.

Sun worked for the electronics manufacturing giant Foxconn inthe city of Shenzhen, Guangdong province in China. According to thenews, he had to ship a number of iPhone prototypes from Foxconn toApple, when he discovered that one of the devices was missing. Thissupposedly happen between Thursday, July 9, when he got 16 prototype phones from the Foxconn factory, and Monday, July 13, when he reported the missing handset.

According to a series of local newspapers, including SouthernMetropolis Daily, on Wednesday, three of the Foxconn employees wentsearching through his apartment, an action made illegally, based on theChinese law. Moreover, there seem to be a series of rumors pointingtowards the fact that Sun has been detained and physically abusedduring the so-called investigation. He committed suicide on Thursday, alittle after 3 a.m., when he jumped out of a window in his apartmentbuilding, as showed by the surveillance videos.

It seems that the pressure of keeping the secrecy on upcoming Apple devices is high, and the company is asking its businesspartners not to unveil any details on the handsets they are working on.The missing prototype is supposedly a fourth-generation iPhone that alot of bloggers were hungry to learn details about, especially sinceall that was available so far was only a series of rumors.

Apple is putting a great amount of pressure on its business partners tokeep the secrecy on its devices, as it is trying to maintain theelement of surprise so as to manage to drive salesand its stock price higher. Taiwan-based Foxconn is manufacturingApple's iPhones and iPods, and a possible leak would have a negativeimpact on the partnership between the two companies, hence the pressureon Foxconn's workers. More details on this can be found here.


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Read about this a few days ago, i feel sorry for the guy, he worked for a company that you shouldn't work in.But killing over a prototype, that's stupid.

You effervesce stupidity from every hole in your body. Why should he not work for apple? Oh, because you don't like them, silly me.

And if you come out with some crap about he shouldn't work there because of the prototype stress yada yada, he, himslef could have easily denied responsibility on exactly these grounds, personal health, and I'm sure they'd understand. That would have prevented the entire situation.

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This has been known for a pretty darn long time now..

Meh, anyway..

Well working for apple is not stupid. But committing suicide just because an Iphone went missing is stupid.

Stupid? If I would have to believe that article of The Times (? not sure.), he would have had a very, very big problem when Apple would find out.

Also, working for a company one actually can't feel comfortable with is, in a sense, stupid. Even if Apple is your religion, I wouldn't want all the pressure of Jobs on me..

Oh, I found it:


Worth the read. Read it. Read it now!

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yeah this is pretty old i was gonna say ... i saw/read about it a while ago.

yes stupid to kill yourself over a prototype, but this wouldve been a big thing. lol @ foxconn making apple's stuff yet apple still charge extreme prices for it.

i remember when i got iPod back in 2004, and to have an iPod was something really cool like "omg you got iPod" well it was more like "what's iPod". now every man and his dog has it. it really bugs me.

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problem is, they dun sell Zune in australia... :(

if i import one i guess il run into all problems like power adapters etc. but i guess it can charge via USB...

maybe il get a Zune next lol. but i heard they had terrible sales, is it cos its crap or just poor marketing / everyone knows about iPod.

iTunes is easy to use but it's a bit of a memory hog. and the copying of music OFF iPod to PC is a pain. also exporting iTunes playlist as m3u cant be done easily (well i can since i got some software to do it). if winamps iPod support was better (last time i tried it was sorta fail) i probably wouldnt use iTunes.

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