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GTA: Liberty City Stories official site launched

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<img src="http://www.thegtaplace.com/images/news/gtalcse3posterth.jpg" width="160" height="220" border="1" align="left">

The official site for GTA: Liberty City Stories has been launched. Above that, Jordan from Planetgrandtheftauto.com, who is currently at the E3 in Los Angeles, managed to take a picture of a poster for the new title.

At this time the official site for GTA: LCS doesnt contain any media or info about the game, but we expect to see more as the E3 convention continues this week.

Click here to see the poster.

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Wow! You dont say...

Hell yeah, of course it will be, now you can play Grand Theft Auto in your classroom and not neccasarily on a school computer, but it can fit in your lunch box even.

Thinking about it, next month I will be able to play GTA: SA at our school PC's and later this year I could play GTA LCS on my PSP

Awesome :wacko:

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Nice job bumping an old topic there. It's obviously not gonna get anywhere as good as SA, the PSP is not the PS2. Wait hang on, the PSP is as powerful as the PS3.

Let me clear this up. It COULD be as good as SA, but it has smaller disks. That's all. Smaller disks. The PSP is actually more powerful than the PS2. It is no where near the PS3, though.

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