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need help with some stuff


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can i make more buildings in vc buyable ? ... even if they don't give me money (like the icecream factory or the boatyard) and even if they don't have garages (hyman condo, el swanko casa, etc.) i wanna buy more buildings ! if you know how to do it tell me what program i need and how to do it, plz ! :thumbsup:

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there is some mods that do this. im not sure how to do it yourself.

space einsteins all in one mod v2 does it, makes the parking garage near where you do missions for colonel cortez and the airport buyable :P

it does a whole lot of other cool stuff to, but note that since you change the main.scm file, you gotta start a new game.


Thats a link because I couldnt find it on this site or others ...

also I guess this should be moved to modding > gta vice city modding.

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