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Can i take gang teritories in Fierro of Venturas?


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You could do the territory glitch, which involves flying out into the ocean for a long period of time, then dying. When you re-spawn there should be new territories.

You mean i just flying for long time out of map and when i die,after my respawn should be new territories?I must be in war?

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I bored to see gang members in Los Santos and i was wondered if any script or mod exists to make CJ war with more gangs on another towns.

There is. But it's much better to just download the Savegame Editor and use it to select exactly which territories you want (anywhere on the map) to use and which gang owns them. You can set them for Vagos or Ballas and then take them over, set them to Grove ST already or mix Vagos / Ballas with Grove ST and have that territory turned into a constant war zone... funz.

I think the Savegame Editor is available at TGTAP, but if not, just Google ''GTA San Andreas save editor'' and you'll find it in no time :)

PS: Dunno how you can war with the other gangs, sorry.

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