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Minor upgrade... and stuff


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We performed a minor upgrade on the forums last night to patch some bugs and improve some other things, none of which are particularly interesting to anyone. If any new bugs have appeared then do let us know.

At the same time, I added a 100% width version of our forum skin. This is for the people that don't like browsing our fixed width site. We might improve the look of it soon but for now this should be satisfactory.

You'll notice the font size is slightly reduced from the fixed width skin. This is intentional... we're just experimenting with different sizes at the moment. Do let us know if you want it to stay like that or would like it bigger/smaller and we'll see what the most popular opinion is. Remember you can easily change the skin by using the drop down box at the bottom left of the forums.

And don't forget that nominations for the 2009 forum awards will be running soon. In other recent news we also now have an international forum, where you can speak in your own languages other than English. More information on these things can be found in this fabulous thread.

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