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Yeah, im going to see what i can do, also, im sorry if i only put the names, but thats my style, a signature is to describe something of someone and have its name on it, not a letter to a friend, thats my opinion tho.

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Eminem, look at that mess! You don't need to quote all of that. Just the text would have been adequate. You get a star for that. Glad to see you've learned how to use the edit button mind.

@ Bryzed: I'm looking for something a bit different to what i've had before, so something abstract would be good. I'm really just looking for an updated one with 'mod' on it. I've been having a few goes, learning my way around Fireworks (i'm a M$ Paint addict). You can see my attempts here and here. Meh, they're a start.

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Xenon, i made 3 samples, due to the nature of your request its a little bit hard, i'll show you, and if you like one of them, i'll finish it up with the "/ The GTA Place / Mod", if i can fit it somewhere.

Sample 1


Sample 2


Sample 3


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Well here it is, i made the text a little bigger and i added the missing text, although i think there is some room for improvement, so if you wish the 'mod @ thegtaplace' to be more notisable just tell me.


Resume: 888ball hasnt answer so i cant put it in my first post, and well, i'll wait till you (Xenon) accept it.

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