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  1. That's actually a bit old now. I moved up to New Hampshire a few weeks ago.

    Either way, I was on the southern edge of SC back then anyways.

  2. ...At first glance, I'd swear this was just a joke. Now that's just a bit much...
  3. Hey, that's my birthday! We're definitely getting info before E3 2007, that's pretty much a no-brainer. Remember, there is no E3 anymore. But if there was, I'd say around that date at the earliest too, maybe somewhat after into the summer months, and do what they've been doing before and release the game in the October 2007 area. We definitely won't get much at first, that's for sure.
  4. The Empire Building feature sounds awesome. One of the first bits of news to actually get me interested in the game.
  5. Didn't even notice this topic until now. This forum seems to have gone a bit inactive/uninteresting lately, but I still check every now and then. Woot for veteran status!
  6. I myself can only spot an error in the developer code thing at the top right corner, which is somewhat cut off on the TV. Otherwise, I can't see the "obvious" fakeness in the shot. All games in developement, especially one like GTA4 which hasn't had any true released screen shots or even artwork to compare, end up looking much different in their finished state than in their development time, so the light cartoony look is sorta explained. The dog and the pedestrians look somewhat retarded, but again, development. All GTA games usually use the same car set, with a few mild changes, so the appearance of older cars isn't exactly a big deal, even moreso if you're near a ghetto area. While I highly doubt it's real, I wouldn't rightly have dismissed it so early if the entire GTA community wasn't bashing it one at a time for a small detail each. Also, I could easily label the 3D radar and, with a bit a tweaking, could actually be a neat addition. Just have it that tall buildings "fade out" when they'd get in your way, and make it optional so older fans won't be totally alienated.
  7. A double post is not our business? I think you need to figure out when to use the phrase right, really, since double posting that makes it public and therefore our business. Besides, Crimson's a moderator. ZOMG HE RLY SHOWD US!111! By the way, I have one, and it still makes no difference on me saying you need to stop being a dumbass and use the edit button. Moron. Like you're any better. Ah well. Have fun at your fast food job while us "nerds" do more than get a GED (I found out your biggest goal in life, huh?) and end up with a real job. You'll really show us. (Just following your stupid stereotype here.) With idiots like you wandering around elsewhere, it's no wonder there're so many "losers" staying on their computers instead of dealing with the likes of you. At least on the internet, you won't spread your stupid as much since you think you'll be "uncool" if you spend so much time on it.
  8. HEY! Stop double posting, sucker. Anyways, never heard of him, and too lazy to screw up my dialup listening.
  9. Nothing but games for me. -Shadow of the Colossus -Indigo Prophecy -Ratchet: Deadlocked -King Kong -Sly 3 Pretty good. Wish I could get a new comp though...
  10. Kingdom Hearts (Got if from someone. Turned out much, much better than I thought). Star Wars Battlefront 2. Not much else. Don't have a lot of new stuff to play around with.
  11. I slightly remember your name being mentioned to me when I found "your site" or something. Otherwise, I'm quite clueless about you. What's your story?
  12. I have shitty dialup, and can't really get anything else in the area I'm living in at the moment.
  13. Happy birthday, person-I-don't-really-know-at-all!
  14. Wow. Didn't really think it was that old. Anyways, happy birthday GTAP. Here's hope to even more.
  15. Getting a couple hundred bucks for some games. Meh, good enough.
  16. Can't say I remember you. What were you banned for?
  17. I'm not doing anything for the holiday's really. Just staying at home, playing a few new games. Meh. *Wishes I had a life*
  18. Happy birthday, Adriaan. Have a good one.
  19. Nothing much now except the demos I get, mostly 'cause I'v ebeaten everything else. But there's still Burnout Revenge, Call of Duty, and a few others I can't really think of right now. As soon as I get enough cash, I'm buying Star Wars Battlefront 2 and a few other games as well though.
  20. 14 now. It'll be a good while til' my next b-day.
  21. It is a great find, for more people must be touched by His noodly appendage!
  22. Happy Birthday, Sky. *Sticks bag-o-crack in your pocket* Have a good one.
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