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Best Game for PC Graphics?


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Thanks guys, I got the Dirt 2 demo and it all looks great, plus at 1920x1080 and every setting on High or Ultra I get 70 FPS or a solid 60 FPS with Vertical Sync on. :)

I think I'll buy Dirt 2 soon.

@ Steam

The 8800GT is a DX10 card, it doesn't support DX11.

EDIT: Also guys, if you're all saying Dirt 2 because of the DX11, I don't have the power to run DX11. My OS and GPU are DX10. Also, I've heard that DX11 makes very little difference in Dirt 2, while it cuts the FPS in half. As such, even if I had a Radeon 5xxx card I would still probably run DX9 unless it could still pull 60 FPS at 1080p in DX11. (e.g. a $300 5870, which isn't going to happen)

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