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With the Current Windows 7, Microsoft has made some bold moves away from Vista, when not along ago, they were doing double time to supposedly do 'damage control' on Windows Vista. To show how awesomely spectacular an OS it was.

Windows 7 is a ground up reworking to repair the "holes", as you know"S", with Vista in general

I got word from a good buddy who is doing IT with input from MS sources, presently MS plan to shift focus more squarely on Windows 7, in effect dropping support for Vista OS sooner then it will for XP.

Nothing is too etched in stone, but MS will extend SP3 expanded XP installs into 2020 perhaps, at least a much longer stay of execution as previously thought!

XP is so popular with most folks, it may even return to store shelves at retail! MS is considering this, due to the large pickup it saw in online demand. I have this from a trusted source, so we shall see what plays out.

At the moment, you best install the Service Packs or the MS online support of anything not updated...won't suffice

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People always confuse the support lifecycle with the availability of the product. We're stopping support for XP soon, which means that although people can still own/install/run it, we won't fix any problems with it - unless its a security issue or if you pay for your "extended" support until 2014. After 2014, we stop supporting XP completely. That's 13 years of support after the product release, even with 2/3/4 new releases in between (plus service packs), which is pretty damn good.

You can see the full support lifecycle yourself. Full details for XP, Vista and Win7.

Vista's uptake was slow, so we've kept support for XP for a longer period of time than normal, just because we want to support those people who chose to stick with XP. The recession was a big factor in that too. Windows 7 has been picked up a lot quicker, so Vista's support will last at its normal time (April 2012).

We are not putting XP up for retail again. Doing this would unnecessarily harm Windows 7.

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