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gta3.img lock


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I changed to XP to Windows 7, im able to use car mods in xp but not now. There is some kind of lock locking my gta3.img and not letting me mod it. I have tried SAMI, IMG tool, Spark, GGMM, Alci, but none works! Also i downgraded my V2 to V1, so i think the only problem is the lock thingy. For those ppl who uses Windows 7 and use mods, plz help :'(

Look at the damn lock on gta3.img


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Right click on gta3.img in it's folder and go to properties. Untick the 'read only' box.

But after i did that, it just keeps changing it back to read only

After unticking the read only box. Did you click on OK. Or did you cancel ??

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.img is a recording format just like ISO so it confuses and makes an association, nothing to do with PowerISO. Actually my gta3.img has that lock too and I find no problems loading or saving it, try using Spark IMG Tool where you can modify your img and just save in seconds with no rebuild.

Edit: I noticed you used Spark. That's weird I got that lock too and that doesn't happen, actually you can try going to Properties, Security and putting your user with FULL CONTROL over the file

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