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Ace of Spades - Season I


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To Alvas:all the respect to u for reading the episodes...thank u for that.About releasing 1 episode each week...we plan on having 30-50 episodes of season 1 and after that another 2 seasons scheduled....so lets do the math...30 episodes x 3=90 episodes.One each week=90 weeks....alot of time...and if we're gonna have 40-50 episodes each season its gonna take even longer.I hope u understand now why we release 2 per week.

Once again thank u for taking the time to read.

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Speaking of a book, I should check how long is the entire story so far, in pages.Gonn` have to download something tho.

Later on today releasing a new episode.Also, I wish I knew everyone who reads this story. ;)

EDIT: To avoid a double post, I'll add the episode here.

So, in this episode, the team decides to launch an attack over an alien hive in Phoenix, Arizona.Read to find out what's gonna happen. ;)

This was a tough one to edit, also to write.

  • EP. 7 - The Hunting
  • Previously, on Ace of Spades...
    *Daemon: I want a symbiote of that, or whatever it is.
    *Ace: No you don't! If it controls you, you're dead!
    *Jet: Why you stop me for?
    *Daemon: What the fuck?! Don't shoot! It's me! Daemon!
    *Ace: Because of that! He's still conscious.
    *Daemon: Awesome!
    *Sam: I guess you're new around here.My name's Sam.I'm the brain behind this base, and Jet.
    *Jet: What the?!
    *Sam: I got a weapon for you.It's a pair of claws, sharp and deadly.Just press the button on the thumb, and you can use them.Press it again, and you'll put it away.
    *Daemon: Whoa! Awesome!
    *Sam: Looks like we found something! There's a Hive in Arizona! Hurry!
    *Ace: You know the exact coordinates Sam?
    *Sam: Not really.Just get on Hexer and call me if something happens.
  • The team arrived in the state of Arizona, but problem was, they had no idea where they were located.On their way, Jet bought some hot dogs and, unfortunately for him, side effects took place.
    *Ace: Sigh... Sam, where the hell are we?
    *Daemon: I didn't sign in to be lost in a desert!
    *Ace: Sam... today!
    *Sam(Radio): Wow, I can't believe Ricardo is going to dump her...
    *Ace: Sam!
    *Sam(Radio): Whoa! *crash*
    *Ace: *facepalm* Moron...
    *Sam(Radio): Sorry Ace, I was just err... never mind so, what were you saying?
    *Ace: Where are we?!
    *Sam(Radio): Well why don't you see for yourself?
    *Ace: The only fuckin' thing I see is sand!
    *Sam(Radio): No, not that! Check the GPS!
    *Ace: What GPS?!
    *Sam(Radio): The one mounted on Hexer?
    *Ace: And why didn't you say anything from the damn start?!
    *Sam(Radio): I thought you could find it out yourself.Check Hexer.There's a green button, right?
    *Ace: Yeah... should I press it?
    *Sam(Radio): Do it.
  • As Ace pressed the button, out of nowhere, a holographic map appeared right before them.
    *Sam(Radio): The green triangle is your position.I've seen you on my computer all the time, I thought you'd figure it out with the GPS.Also I wanted to see how much you were interested that I spent hours fixing the Hexer.
    *Ace: Thank you, Sam... listen.In the kitchen there's a sink.Press the button on the faucet, and some water will flow on some dirty dishes.That means you have to wash the dishes.Move it!
    *Daemon: Hahaha!
    *Jet: I'm back! I feel sorry for that bush.
    *Daemon: And I told ya, man! Those hot dogs weren't looking so good!
    *Jet: Next time, I'll believe ya!
    *Daemon: Next time I'll make sure I won't transform in a dog, so I can't smell that shit of yours!
    *Jet: So where we heading to?
    *Ace: Check the GPS, genius!
    *Jet: What GPS? Oh, that GPS! Hmm... it's a little down south...
    *Ace: Down south... means it's close to Phoenix.
    *Daemon: Dawg, it's right in the heart of Phoenix!
    *Ace: Bad sign, you know what that means...
    *Jet: Yeah! Public toilets!
    *Daemon&Ace: *facepalm* God!
    *Ace: We're on Road 64, we got some riding to do.We'll stop by in Flagstaff, maybe there's a gas station there.
  • They went back on the road, and as they got in Flagstaff, they refilled Hexer, and went towards Phoenix.On their way, Tyrobali, Flazz and Sner started to act weird.
    *Tyrobali: Hm...
    *Ace: What's wrong?
    *Sner: Eh...
    *Daemon: Something wrong, Snoopy?
    *Sner: We're close.
    *Flazz: Yeah, I can sense it, and it's big...
  • They kept going towards Phoenix, stopping from time to time for a toilet break for Jet.They reached Phoenix, went in the city, and noticed it is empty.
    *Ace: Something sure is going on here... no people, no cars...
    *Daemon: Maybe they ran away from Jet's smell!
    *Jet: Watch what yer saying, punk!
    *Daemon: Hey calm down, dawg! Don't need any accidents.You made enough fertilizer for the whole country on our way here.
  • Ace heard a strange noise, and flew up to check it out.He spotted a huge, black sphere in the middle of the city.He shouted at his team mates.
    *Ace: Guys! We got a problem!
    *Jet: You need to go to the toilet?!
    *Ace: No you dumbass! I've spotted a hive! It's pretty big... how the fuck didn't I see it on our way here?!
    *Daemon: Don't worry about it! Let's just get there!
    *Ace: I'll fly! Come on T.B.!
  • Ace flew towards the hive, with Jet and Daemon following him on Hexer from the streets.They reached the hive, which was even bigger than they expected.
    *Jet: Holy sweet mother of God!
    *Daemon: No time to waste! I bet every citizen from the city is kept there! We gotta save em and... Ah!
  • As Daemon tried to go in the hive, he was stopped by an invisible and electric charged force field.The field sent him flying and burning some meters away.
    *Daemon: Ah! Shit!
    *Ace: Damn! We got a problem! Sam! Sam!
    *Sam(Radio): Aah! *dishes breaking* What?! I'm here! I didn't break anything!
    *Ace: Forget this! We gotta get past a force field, any idea how we can get behind it?
    *Sam(Radio): Hmm... one minute... found something! So, they are... invisible.
    *Jet: I knew it!
    *Sam(Radio): Now, seriously... if you wanna get through one, you'll need intense heat and high speed.
    *Ace: That'll be pretty simple.
    *Sam(Radio): If that's all, I'm going back to the dishes I did not break!
    *Ace: Alright, Sam.One more thing.
    *Sam(Radio): Yes?
    *Ace: You're gonna buy some new dishes! Over! So guys, here's the plan: Daemon you'll transform into a gorilla since we need extreme power, be something like King Kong.Jet, you'll be on Hexer, and drive towards the field, while you use your glove to create a burning spear, and in the same time, add some extra speed.I will fly in the opening, and Daemon, you'll transform in a cheetah and get here fast.Understood?!
    *Daemon: Yeah!
    *Jet: Don't ye think ya got a pretty easy task?
    *Ace: Who's the boss. you or me?
    *Jet: Hey, I'll tell you something I didn't tell ya in a while: Fuck you!
  • Daemon transformed into a gorilla, Jet got on Hexer and prepared his glove, and Ace took out his wings and got ready.At his signal, Jet light up his glove, Daemon punched the ground, sending a wave that hit Hexer, making it go with high speed.After, Jet pointed his glove towards the field, creating a large aura of fire, and Hexer's speed increased.As Jet hit the field, the flames sent waves over the rest of the field, and in it, formed a small, but passable opening.Ace flew in it, and Daemon, as a cheetah, speed up inside the hive.He managed to get inside, right before the opening was sealed.
    *Daemon: We did it, man...
    *Ace: We got another problem, though...
    *Jet: Wha... what the... what kinda door is this?
    *Flazz: Damn it's huge!
    *Sner: Pretty tough as well, it would be impossible for you guys to get pass it.You need like, thirty five passwords, each with over sixty numbers and or letters.
    *Ace: Terrible is the way of the aliens.
    *Flazz: Tellin' me...
    *Jet: Any other ideas?
    *Tyrobali: I suggest the sewers?
    *Jet: What... never mind.
    *Ace: Nice one, Toothpaste! Let's go!
    *Tyrobali: You're just lucky I'm getting used with your gimmicks.
  • They removed the manhole, and jumped in the sewers.They went in the direction of the hive, but after just some steps, they arrived at it.They saw a small opening of it, and Daemon used his claws to make it bigger.After the opening was large enough, they went inside, where they found themselves surrounded by Vectronians, this time some never-before seen versions.
    *Ace: What are those?
    *Sner: We can take shapes of creatures, animals usually, but not humans.
    *Jet: Skip the details, I smell some fresh intergalactic goo splattered all over!
    *Daemon: Ain't you readin' my mind, homie!
  • They went on a killing spree, eliminating Vectronian after Vectronian.Out of a sudden, from a door came some scorpion-like creatures.They attacked, and the team also hit them back.Suddenly, one of the scorpions bit Ace's hand, which got blue.Ace then fell down, unconscious.The scorpion that bit him was killed by Jet, who rushed to see Ace's condition.
    *Jet: Ace! Ace!
    *Daemon: Shit! What's with him?!
    *Jet: Ace! T.B., what's wrong?!
    *Tyrobali: His vital signs are pretty weak... it's kinda affecting me too...
    *Daemon: What can we do?
    *Sner: Those scorpions were Elite Squad 6, aka Venom Squad.They inject poison in the victim, which dies in less that twenty four hours.
    *Daemon: Shit! Shit! Who made my buddy so smart?! He should've shut up!
    *Jet: Any way to eliminate the poison? *shoots* These things just keep coming! Sam! Genius! Any idea how to get rid of poison?!
    *Sam(Radio): Maybe, sucking the poison out?
    *Jet: A blowjob?
    *Sam(Radio): No not that way, but it might work.Suck it from the wound!
    *Jet:Easy to say, but sounds like, disgusting.
    *Daemon: Hell, I'm gonna take care of these assholes!
    *Sam(Radio): We need something that can suck out his poison!
    *Jet: What exactly genius?! A toilet pump?!
    *Sam(Radio): A leech!
    *Jet: Where to get a leech?!
    *Sner: Daemon can transform in one!
    *Daemon: Daemon can what, transform in who?!
    *Jet: Daemon! Get transformed into a leech! I'll handle these critters!
  • Daemon transformed into a leech, got on Ace's hand and sucked out his blood from the wound, while spitting it out after.Meanwhile, Jet, with an unusual anger inside him, used the power of his glove to invoke Volcano and Eruption.He then slayed the other aliens, or shooting them.After three hours, Jet finally eliminated all the aliens, and, tired, went to see Ace's condition.
    *Jet: How's Ace?
    *Tyrobali: Ow... still pretty bad...
    *Daemon: Mmm... mmm... *spits* Bleh! Blood type B, most disgusting!
    *Sner: Stop complaining!
    *Daemon: I took out around half of his bodies blood... will he survive anyway after this?
    *Sner: Good point...
    *Daemon: Hmm... I lost that infected taste... I think the poison is gone.
    *Tyrobali: But, his vital signs still are weak... and mine are not better either.
    *Flazz: Just hang on there... what if a miracle happens?
    *Daemon: I guess a miracle is everything that can save Ace...
  • When they thought he was dead for good, as Jet was about to take him on his back, he saw Ace's finger moving.They rushed around him to see his status, and Ace slowly got up.
    *Ace: Wha... my... head... God what happened?!
    *Jet: Ace! Fuckin' asshole! I'm so happy to see ya!
    *Ace: What the... what happened to you?
    *Daemon: Ace! Good you're back man!
    *Ace: Seriously, what happened? I only remember a pain in my hand, then nothing...
    *Tyrobali: You were bitten by a scorpion which injected poison inside you.
    *Ace: Wha... Did I? Then, I'm happy I'm back too!
    *Sam(Radio): I guess you own us thanks.
    *Ace: Yeah, thanks a bunch guys!
    *Jet: Just buy me a beer, and we're even.
    *Daemon: I want a laptop! Bet you can buy one!
    *Sam(Radio): I could use some books, and some candy!
    *Ace: Guys, we're celebrating my revival not Christmas! Let's go on!
    *Sner: I sense intense power in front... we better be vigilante.
    *Ace: Vigilante? I was so vigilante I forgot Hexer!
    *Jet: Oh shit! I'll head back to Hexer! You guys keep going!
    *Daemon: A'ight catch up with us!
  • Ace and Daemon went forward into the base, while Jet went back to Hexer but not through the sewers.He went at the large door, and couldn't find anything that can open it.He went in thoughts for some minutes until he was so mad, he kicked the door, which opened.As he was going out, he noticed Hexer wasn't where it was before.He noticed some Vectronians taking Hexer away from Jet.Angry, Jet charged at the aliens with his weapons, and quickly destroyed some of them, before more came.
  • Meanwhile, Ace and Daemon were still walking around the hive, without any interference from aliens.They reached a fork, and each went in different directions.Ace arrived in a corridor with odd red glowing pipes on the walls.He went forward to check the end.Daemon went on a darker route.Then suddenly, he heard something from behind.He quickly took his Ingram, but before he could even aim, an alien hit him, sending him all over to the end of the hallway, where even more aliens were.
  • Ace was still walking, and reached a door.He examined the door, and without even knowing what he's doing, he touched it, and it opened.He went forward, where he reached a room with capsules, in which the citizen of Arizona were.
    *Ace: What the...
    *???: Amazing you could actually survive that...
    *Ace: What? Who's here?
    *???: Hmm... you'll soon know... for now, I'm your nightmare.Soon, I'll be your death...
    *Ace: Just stop chit-chattin` in the shadows and come face me, will ya?!
    *???: I could just slay you right now, but I need someone that can actually stand against me, at least for a few minutes...
    *Ace: You think I'm not tough?!
    *???: Not yet...
  • From the shadows, Ace noticed a figure, but it turned around and disappeared right when Ace shot at it.
    *???: You'll find out later, who I am...
    *Ace: Meh... I'll wait then...
  • Suddenly, he heard a pain scream in front of him.He ran to check it out, and saw fifteen year old Tyson Murray, tied up in the middle of the room.
    *Ace: Damn, are you alright?!
    *Tyson: Gah... what... oh man, my head...
    *Ace: Hang on there, I'll unlock this.
  • Ace shot the locks, and set Tyson free.Tyson fell on the ground and Ace helped him get up.
    *Ace: What happened?
    *Tyson: Argh... they captured me.I dunno why, but it's like they knew who and why to capture.Me, the whole city and... Sarah... Sarah! Damn!
    *Ace: What? Who's Sarah?
    *Tyson: My elder sister, they captured her too! She's on the second floor if I remember right... if they did something to her, I'm gonna kill them all! Piece of shit aliens!
    *Ace: Whoa, calm down... let's just get going, okay?
    *Tyson: Why should I go with you?! I don't know who you are, and your true cause here!
    *Ace: I'm Acelius, but call me Ace.I'm here to destroy this thing, with some friends.Though, I dunno where they are now.
    *Tyson: Why should I trust you?!
    *Ace: I saved your life, punk! Be thankful! Now get going, or I'll just let you here with ET's brothers!
    *Tyson: Better! I can slay the hell outta them!
    *Ace: With your bare hands?
    *Tyson: Yeah!
    *Ace: They'll just kill you...
    *Tyson: So?
    *Ace: So you won't see your sister again, neither she will see you.
    *Tyson: Meh... you're right.Let's go.
  • But before they could start going, they heard an explosion, and out of the smoke, flew Jet and Hexer, and both hit the wall on the other side.
    *Ace: Jet!
    *Jet: Watch out!
  • As the smoke disappeared, Ace saw a large creature with tentacles, who was approaching them.
    *Ace: Sushi?
    *Jet: Funny...
    *Ace: Sarcasm.Where's Daemon?!
    *Daemon: Right here!
  • Daemon was on the creature, stabbing it with his claws.A tentacle grabbed Daemon, and threw him towards the guys.Ace took his wings out, and flew towards Daemon, grabbing him and landing down on the floor.
    *Ace: Any ideas?
    *Jet: I got one... but it'll be a bit risky...
    *Ace: No Armageddon!
    *Jet: Then I'm out of ideas.
    *Ace: Just attack!
  • The three attacked the monster, who was also fighting back.Suddenly, Tyson noticed something at the monster.In one of his tentacles was a woman, twenty three year old Sarah Murray, Tyson's elder sister.
    *Tyson: Sis! Ace! My sister is at the monster!
    *Ace: What?! I see her! Guys, we gotta save that girl!
  • Jet got on Hexer and speed towards the monster, going on a tentacle and reaching its eye, where he took his shotgun, loaded it with flames from the glove, and shot the monster in the eye, making it lose balance, and releasing Sarah, in mid air.Ace flew and saved Sarah, and when Jet got down with Hexer, Daemon transformed into a dinosaur, and bit the monster of his tentacles.Full of blood, the monster fell down on the ground, and Ace loaded his gun with Tyrobali's power, and destroyed the creature's head.
  • They then gathered around in a spot in the middle of the room.
    *Tyson: Sarah!
    *Sarah: Hmm... Tyson? What happened!
    *Tyson: Oh man, sis! Good you're okay!
    *Sarah: What happened? Who are you all?
    *Ace: Name's Acelius, for short Ace, leader of this group of alien-slayers.
    *Jet: Who died and made you leader?!
    *Ace: Shut up and present yourself idiot!
    *Daemon: I'm Daemon, nice to meet ya.
    *Jet: Jet, and... whoa girl, are those real?
    *Sarah: Pervert! *slap*
    *Jet: Ow!
    *Ace: Wow, didn't he deserve that! Haha!
    *Daemon: Sure did, so what happened to you?
    *Sarah: Well... we were attacked by these things.A black thing fell from the sky, and landed down in the middle of the city.
    *Tyrobali: I thought they'll attack on 22nd December 2012... why so soon?
    *Sarah: Ah! What's that?!
    *Ace: Just our intergalactic companions!
    *Flazz: Three of a kind! Name's Flazz!
    *Sner: My name is Sner.
    *Daemon: Aka Snoopy! Hehe!
    *Sner: That works too.
    *Tyrobali: I'm Tyrobali, nice to meet you.
    *Tyson: How cool is that...
    *Sarah: And scary...
    *Flazz: Oh come on now, why so afraid?
    *Sarah: I dunno, maybe...
    *Ace: Watch out!
  • A black ray hit the group, sending them in different directions.Ace managed to get up, but noticed the rest were out cold.
    *???: It's time to meet me, is it...
    *Ace: So you're...
    *???: Here... I am indeed...
    *Ace: Where are you?!
    *???: Right next to your new friend...
    *Ace: Wha... Tyson... damn...
  • He noticed the same black figure next to Tyson, which grabbed him.The figure, with Tyson in his hands, stepped forward, and revealed his face.It was a man dressed in a black shirt and coat, black pants, boots and hat, and with a mask on his face.
    *Ace: Who are you?!
    *???: I am Drake Morrison.Just like you, I tamed my Vectronian, but followed the way of Vectron.I'm here to conquer for them, as commander of the elite fleet.
    *Ace: Damn... why would you want to go with them when they try to destroy Earth?!
    *Drake: Humans are indeed as they say, pathetic.They don't deserve to exist in the universe!
    *Ace: You are a human!
    *Drake: Not anymore! We are both strong, Ace... we should join our forces and destroy Earth!
    *Ace: Fuck me up first!
    *Drake: Listen to me... we're the same...
    *Ace: He looks almost like me... what is this?
    *Drake: Indeed, I'm also surprised we look nearly the same, but maybe our friends know each other? Right, Reploz?
    *Reploz: Hehe, I can see who your friend is, Acelius Connor... you can come forward, Tyrobali, general of V-A01 fleet.
    *Tyrobali: Reploz, general of E-226 elite fleet... what brings you here?
    *Reploz: Only the wish to conquer the world.We were programmed to hit Earth on 22nd December of 2012.But I decided it should start now, slowly, and maybe, until 22nd December, Earth will be destroyed for good.
    *Ace: I'll give you a hint! You'll never destroy Earth!
    *Drake: I have planed this attack for months.I planned it before the high ranks of Vectron did.Anyway, the fate of Earth is to be seen, hero.But I assure you, there will be only one winner.Until then, we will meet again soon.And, I was about to forget about your little friend...
  • Drake threw Tyson, who landed in a cylinder filled with a greed liquid.As the cylinder's glass shattered, Tyson landed on some high voltage cables, which shocked him.Tyson screamed loudly, and Ace was paralyzed by this accident.
    *Ace: Monster...
    *Drake: Indeed... I am...
    *Ace: He's just a kid...
    *Drake: When we take over, no child, no adult, not even elders will survive...
    *Ace: Right now, after what you've done... I don't really give a damn... I just wanna kick your ass outta this planet...
    *Drake: Hmm...
    *Ace: Prepare... to face the Ace of Spades!
  • Suddenly, a card appeared right above Ace, which was going slowly down.Ace grabbed the card, and showed it to Drake, revealing an ace of spades.Then, the card became a small bright light, and combined with Ace's gun, and so did Tyrobali.Then it was time for the showdown.

... To be continued


Drake Morrison:e88f473.png

THEME: Simple Plan - Me Against the World <--- song is property of its owner, no copyright infringements

Tyson Murray:abdc400.png

THEME: AC/DC - Thunderstruck <--- song is property of its owner, no copyright infringements

Sarah Murray:4fce754.png

THEME: The Click Five - Just The Girl <--- song is property of its owner, no copyright infringements

Hope you enjoyed!

Notify of mistakes, also give suggestions

NEXT EPISODE: 13/07/2010

Edited by Samil
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We CAN make books, but the way we saw this, we thought this is better for a movie or an anime series.Just like Samuel L. Jackson's 'Afro Samurai'.We also thought this would be cool in a video game. ;) Something close to Devil May Cry, and other, you start with Ace and then you can play with other unlocked characters after several missions.Always thought the game would start perfect with Ace's memories, then a cutscene on the ship, and finally the meeting between Ace and T.B., Jet, Daemon and other minor and major characters.

Also, you get to customize characters. :D

Though, if we ever succeed with this story, either in a book or on TV, hope one day, R* will come and knock at my door and ask me to borrow the ideas of 'Ace of Spades' for a new game[GTA V?]


[NOTE: Especially chosen R* since their games are like totally violent and filled with blood and gore, mild language, other stuff that goes with the series]

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Actually i was thinking of an MMORPG...you know something with customizable characters,customizable powers etc,the main characters of the books would be npc's,u could have quests,fight vectronians and all that.I think it would make a pretty good game.

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Damn man, we gotta discuss about this.First of, the idea of a MMO isn't bad at all.Indeed, your ideas are cool, and it could be even more cool if it had high graphics, a large world to discover, good effects like shadows, water, explosions if needed, and of course, PVP.

Still, I don't like MMOs.It's not because I can't play Mabinogi... or Runescape... okay can't play anything I dunno why [only Metin 2, but never]

Yet, as I said, who knows if someone will actually make a game after this.

Until then tho, we'll keep posting episodes here.Hope you all enjoy it.May not be perfect [sure is better than my old ones lol] but we're giving all we can.

~Samil :)

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Dear readers, the next episode will delay a bit, but it will be worth it.We will add some special artwork in it.Each pic, drawn by hand by a friend, will illustrate some moments of the episode.

Post will be edited when story is uploaded.


EDIT: Okay peeps, this is Episode 8.In the previous episode, Ace's team met a new enemy, Drake.What will happen to them in this episode? Read to find out!

Also, this is our first episode to have illustrations.Even tho they are not perfect, they were made in a hurry, I want to thank my friend, Lorena Cornea, for wasting her time to make this.And it's really good I say.Just note that I think you will have to click on it to enlarge. ^^

  • EP. 8 - The Thunder
  • Previously, on Ace of Spades...
    *Ace: Down south... means it's close to Phoenix.
    *Daemon: Dawg, it's right in the heart of Phoenix!
    *Tyrobali: His vital signs are pretty weak... it's kinda affecting me too...
    *Daemon: What can we do?
    *Sner: Those scorpions were Elite Squad 6, aka Venom Squad.They inject poison in the victim, which dies in less that twenty four hours.
    *Ace: What the...
    *???: Amazing you could actually survive that...
    *Ace: What? Who's here?
    *???: I am Drake Morrison.
    post-22219-056971800 1279033994_thumb.jpg
    *Ace: Damn, are you alright?!
    *Tyson: Gah... what... oh man, my head...
    *Sarah: What happened? Who are you all?
    *Ace: Name's Acelius, for short Ace, leader of this group of alien-slayers.
    *Ace: He's just a kid...
    *Drake: When we take over, no child, no adult, not even elders will survive...
    *Ace: Prepare... to face the Ace of Spades!
  • With the gun loaded with energy, Ace aimed at Drake, who was calmly watching him.Ace fired his gun, sending a large beam of light towards Drake, however Drake managed to avoid it.As the beam went pass him, it split up in other smaller beams, who turned towards Drake, this time hitting him from all sides.Drake felt down for a second, and got back up.
    *Drake: Not bad...
    *Reploz: The kid's got some talent.
    *Ace: I don't give a shit... I only wanna fuck you up!
  • And Ace started shooting again, but Drake successfully dodged all the shots.
    *Drake: Losing your talent? Is that really all you can do?! What have you done so many years in the Mafia? Delivering cookies?
    *Ace: How do you know I was working for the Mafia?!
    *Drake: I know everything about you, Ace... your past, your present, and of course, your future! Also, I know the most important thing for you, from your past.
    *Ace: What?! What do you know of my past or future?! My past is destroyed, so it's time to make my future with my own hands!
    *Drake: Your future is that... you'll end up in Hell!
  • As he finished his sentence, Drake charged at Ace.He grabbed him with his left hand.He then took his right hand, which was surrounded by a dark aura, he grabbed Ace of his neck, and chocked him.
    post-22219-086306100 1279033876_thumb.jpg
    *Drake: You piss me off...
    *Ace: Eh?!
    *Drake: This is something I've learned from my companion.
  • Drake's eyes started glowing red, and from his hand came a dark mist, who surrounded Ace.
    *Tyrobali: Ace... I know that look! The same Reploz had when he was killing... he had no mercy.He never hesitated to kill.Even Vectron wasn't safe with him.
    *Ace: What's... happening?
    *Tyrobali: He's sending his energy inside you! If that's done, we're both... dead...
    *Reploz: Don't forget, Tyrobali... this is what we do to rebels, and to everyone who dares to help them.
    *Ace: Shit... aargh!
    *Tyrobali: Can't resist any more!
  • As he said that, Tyrobali turned into liquid again, falling down on the ground.
    *Drake: Savor your last moments... Argh! Who dares?!
  • Drake was hit by a lightning bolt, and as he turned around, he saw Tyson, with yellow glowing eyes, and an angry look.
    *Tyson: I do...
    *Drake: So our little friend is still alive?
    *Tyson: I have no idea what you've done to me, I have no idea why.Got no idea what was in that cylinder, neither why I'm still alive... but as I regained my consciousness, I noticed I have these powers.I'd thank you, but I won't!
    *Drake: I brought you here because of a friend's request...
  • Then Tyson started sending lightning bolts towards Drake, who this time was hardly avoiding them, and actually getting hit some times.As Tyson was busy with Drake, Ace had enough time to get up, and recombine with Tyrobali.They then watched the fight between Tyson and Drake.After a while, Drake regained his horrifying calm, and started blocking his attacks with his hand.But suddenly, as he blocked another attack, a small charge was sent through Drake's hand, into his body, shocking him and making him yell in pain.Back at Ace and Tyrobali, Ace contacted Sam.
    *Ace: Sam! Answer, Sam!
    *Sam(Radio): Ace! What happened? I couldn't contact you at all, what happened?!
    *Ace: Sam! Is it possible for someone to get electrical powers all of a sudden without having a symbiote?!
    *Sam(Radio): Well it sounds a bit like... comic books.But for you guys, everything is possible.
    *Ace: Damn... asking what happened?
    *Sam(Radio): Yeah, I'm curious!
    *Ace: Well I'll only say that, we're in dipshit! And... Sam! Sam! Damn!
    *Drake: I could use someone like you in my team... and the offer is still available for you too, Ace.But, you're not 100% ready, so I'll let you, for now.Au revoir!
  • Before Tyson or Ace could do something, Drake took out some metal wings, and flew up, turning into a shadow ball and disappearing.As it ended, Tyson ran to check on his sister, and Ace to check Jet and Daemon.Sarah got up, being a bit dizzy, and so did Jet and Daemon.They gathered in a place, and discussed a while.
    *Sarah: What happened?
    *Ace: You were hit by Drake, and fell unconscious.
    *Jet: Wait? Who's Drake?! Your new imaginary friend?
    *Ace: Idiot! He nearly killed all of us!
    *Daemon: I dunno, I was attacked as I was heading through that corridor.Then I landed in the same room with Jet, and were attacked by that octopus thing, with the girl in his arms... err, tentacles.
    *Jet: Yeah, they stole Hexer, I chased them, and then started an assault.Then landed where you saw me.
    *Tyson: Right, whatever, now what can we do with everyone in these capsules?!
    *Ace: Well the base is clear, so I guess we can carry them outside.
  • After some hours, they took every capsule at circa one kilometer away from the hive.
    *Jet: Now, to get rid of the base...
    *Ace: Are you gonna use it?
    *Jet: What? I wasn't thinking at anything!
    *Ace: *facepalm* Idiot... just use Armageddon!
    *Jet: Oh yeah, sure!
  • Jet used his Armageddon move, and as his gloved turned red, a bright red sphere appeared right above the hive, and out of it fell meteors, fully hitting the hive, and making it collapse.As the hive was destroyed, and with it, a bit of the surrounding buildings, Ace contacted Sam again.
    *Ace: Sam, we need help again! We took the capsules with the people, but it seems impossible to take them out!
    *Sam(Radio): Err... this is a tough one.Okay use, explosives?
    *Ace: Oh good idea, thanks Sam!
    *Sam(Radio):Really? I mean, you're welcome!
    *Ace: Over! Okay, listen, Jet, give me a shotgun shell!
    *Jet: Why for?
    *Ace: Stop asking stupid questions!
    *Jet: Idiot! Here's your shell!
    *Ace: Okay... *places on capsule* Placed it on the door, if that's a door... stand back! Now Tyson, send a lightning towards the shell.
    *Tyson: Alright! *fires* Whoa! Damn, that's an explosion!
    *Ace: Well it opened!
    *Jet: I'll take him out! *takes man* Oh, man, he's heavy as fuck!
    *Ace: Place him over there!
    *Jet: Okay, down with ya, fatso! *drops man* Oh, my back!
    *Ace: Now what?
    *Sam(Radio): I can help you here!
    *Ace: Sam? How exactly?
    *Sam(Radio): Well I can't actually believe you didn't see me!
    *Ace: Wha... *looks around* Yeah, you ain't here!
    *Sam(Radio): Above you!
    *Ace: Oh... *looks above* Oh, hey Sam!
    *Sam: Hey, like my new ride?
    *Daemon: Oh yeah, it's hot!
    *Sam: Hey catch this! *throws box*
    *Daemon: I got it! *box falls on head* Oh, momma! *falls down*
    *Sarah: Oh, boys... *takes box* What are these?
    *Sam: Err... who are... oh, hey there pretty lady!
    *Ace: Cut it out, Sam! What are these anyway?!
    *Sam: Bombs, isn't it obvious? Just place them on the capsules.
    *Jet: There goes another hour of my life.
  • Sam landed his ship nearby, and everyone placed bombs on the capsules.They then took a distance, and detonated them all.
    *Ace: Damn... those were like... thirty thousand and something bombs, for each civilain...
    *Sam: Should've made a bigger one...
    *Tyson: That can blow us all up?
    *Sam: Good point, kid!
    *Jet: Gah... so this is done, let's go!
    *Tyson: Wait, I wanna go with you guys too!
    *Daemon: Tyson, just stay here with your sis!
    *Tyson: Come on I wanna come too!
    *Sarah: Tyson! Look, thanks for saving us but, time to get back to our normal lives.
    *Ace: I understand.See you then!
    *Tyson: Wait! I really wanna go with you! I wanna help you! You saw how I faced that guy?! I can be useful!
    *Ace: Hmm... indeed he is strong.
    *Jet: Ace, he's a kid... you wouldn't wanna involve someone like him in this.
    *Ace: True but...
    *Tyson: Come on!
    *Sarah: Tyson!
    *Daemon: Damn!
    *Ace: With one condition!
    *Tyson: Alright, anything!
    *Ace: We need your sister too, to look over you!
    *Sam: Oh I like this idea!
    *Sarah: I don't! Come on Tyson!
    *Tyson: Come on Sarah!
    *Sarah: No!
    *Tyson: Life is useless anyway! Mom is dead, dad is dead! Why struggle?
    *Ace: Hmm... you know, where we are you can get a free room, and food.It's pretty nice there.
    *Sarah: Tyson...
    *Tyson: Come on sis...
    *Sarah: Okay... let's go.
    *Tyson: Thanks! *hugs*
    *Daemon: Brother love, so nice.
    *Sam: Let's go before every civilian regains consciousness!
  • They all got on the ship, but having some problems with Hexer who wouldn't want to start.After it did, Jet parked it on the ship, and when the ship's backdoor closed, with high speed, they went back to the airfield in California.

... To be continued

No new characters

Hope you enjoyed it!

Notify of mistakes, also give suggestions.

NEXT EPISODE: 16/07/2010

I also hope you liked Lorena's artwork! By that, she's part of the team now, so credit to her too. :)

I will not only credit her, but also make her a 'special guest' [well maybe the name only, modified a bit ^^]

Okay so, forgot to add this: An even cooler artwork of Acelius, this is also the best made so far. :)

post-22219-099593400 1279035073_thumb.jpg

Hope you enjoy her artwork! ;)

Edited by Samil
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Cheers, Alvas! :D

Vlad just told me: 'This was the best episode yet... I told ya that once Drake's in the story, everything will be good'.I think it's the best since it's big, has action, drama, comedy, shit etc.

Glad you enjoyed it!

Thanks! This is a thanks from the whole team. :)


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Well,as we said many times in the past,keep reading folks,the episodes just keep getting better and better.This was only the 8th episode of the first season!So u practically ain't seen nothing yet.The episodes will become more and more interesting as the story unfolds so stay tuned for more! ;)

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9th Episode.In this one, they discuss about the Murrays' past, and find a new enemy.

Again, cheers to Lore for the illustrations, we hope you like them! :)

EP. 9 - Respect

  • The gang arrived at the base, and as it was late, they went in the dining room for dinner.While eating, they discussed about Tyson and Sarah's life.
    *Ace: So Tyson, Sarah, what's your story?
    *Tyson: Well, it all started just some weeks ago.My parents were killed in a car accident, one on purpose... the one that hit them was a crazy asshole.It happened right outside our house... they left to a restaurant, since it was... their 11th anniversary... I saw the guy speed up towards them, hit them, and then he got out of the car.He took a gun and shot my parents... as it wasn't enough they were about to die, he made sure they die... I tried to help my parents, but that guy pointed his gun at me.He shot my in my hand.Sarah took me away, and we tried to run away.At a distance we saw how the police surrounded him.That guy was killed, but not before he also killed around three cops.
  • As they heard his story, the room was quiet.Then, Ace asked:
    *Ace: So... you got any hobby?
    *Tyson: Baseball! Since I was four I love baseball.
    *Ace: And you, Sarah?
    *Sarah: Nothing...
    *Ace: Okay... well since we're done, let's take you to your room.
    *Sarah: Hmpf... about time...
    *Sam: Wow, I love those with personality...
  • Ace took the two brothers to their room.
    *Ace: Sorry, but we didn't know we'll have two new members, so this is the last room.And, only a bed.
    *Sam: But of course, Sarah can always sleep with me.Roar...
    *Sarah: You son of a... *slap*
    *Sam: Ow...
    *Tyson: Well, I'll sleep on the floor, sis.
    *Sarah: No Tyson, you sleep in the bed.I'll sleep on the floor.
    *Tyson: You're the girl, you sleep in the bed.
    *Sarah: Well I'm the older girl so listen to me!
    *Tyson: Oh yeah?! Who has electrical powers?!
    *Sarah: Who has the power to slap your head off?!
    *Ace: Sigh... what can we do now?
    *Sam: Well, you do know we have some backup beds, right?
    *Ace: No...
    *Sam: Err... okay then...
  • Ace and Sam went in the lab, and took an elevator to a storage room.There, they thought of a way to take the bed upstairs.
    *Ace: How to you plan to take all these stuff upstairs?
    *Sam: I'll just use my new invention.I call it the furni-decrease! It's a simple laser, that can make furniture as tiny as an ant.Then, we just have to take it upstairs, make it bigger, and done.
    *Ace: Brilliant idea! Let's take that bed!
  • Sam fired the laser at the bed, making it tiny, and Ace picked it up.They went back upstairs, and in the Murrays' bedroom.Sam again fired the laser, returning the bed to its original size.
    *Ace: Well that'll be all.Good night now!
    *Tyson: Good night, guys!
    *Sarah: Hm...
  • Everyone went to their rooms, an in their bed.At 2:05 AM, Daemon got up, and went in the kitchen to get a snack.He then sit down in the living room, watching TV.As he was changing channels, he saw the news.
    *Reporter: We are live from Las Vegas, where a masked maniac is terrorizing the city! The man jumps everywhere, and kills everything in his way! He's so fast he can avoid the police officers' bullets! And... aah!
    *???: Haaahaaa! Didn't have this fun in my life! Haayaaaa!
    *Reporter: This man is out of control! He has a sword in each hand, and slays everything with the! Authorities are trying to negociate with him, but he ignores everything! No one knows what's with him and why he's on a rampage!
    *Daemon: Oh shit! *sounds alarm*
  • Daemon pressed the alarm button, alerting the whole base.Everyone woke up and went in the living room where Daemon was.Soon, Jet arrived too, with toilet paper attached to his pants.
    *Jet: Aww... why bother me? I was busy with... err... you just interrupted me from something important!
    *Ace: Err... yeah we noticed.So, what's the problem, Daemon?
    *Daemon: Look at this! These is a live broadcast from Las Vegas! Check that crazy motherfucker!
    *Sam: He's fast...
    *Tyson: Yeah he's avoiding those bullets so easy.
    *Ace: Well... he might be controlled by a symbiote.
    *Jet: Wait... scroll back!
    *Daemon: What? Okay... so what did you see?
    *Jet: Stop here! You see that?
    *Tyson: Err... see what? Oh... I've seen it.
    *Sam: That explains the agility and speed.
    *Ace: Nice one, Jet! He's hidden his Vectronian, but not his tail.
    *Sam: I'm getting the ship ready!
    *Ace: Everyone! Equip up! We're going on a mission.
    *Jet: Fuck...
  • Everyone got changed, and went to the hangar.They got in the ship, and flew to Las Vegas, Nevada.After a while of flying, they found themselves right above the city.Sam landed the ship on a building, and Jet and Tyson got on Hexer and jumped off the building.Daemon transformed into a hawk, and followed Jet.So did Ace, using his wings.They all landed on the street, and surrounded the maniac.The killer was a tall black haired man, with his hair over the eyes, a blue jacket, camouflage pants, and equipped with two Scimitars.
    *Ace: What's your problem?!
    *???: My problem? I'm just playing with people! It's fun!
    *Jet: Come on, Tarzan! Face us if you're so tough!
    *???: Haaahaaahaa! Get ready!
  • As he finished his sentence, he ran towards Jet.Jet tried to shoot him, but every time he missed because of his speed.The mysterious killer ran towards a small building, and ran on the wall to the roof.
    post-22219-073127700 1279294496_thumb.jpg
    *Ace: Pretty impressive.You got a name?
    *???: Haaahaaaa! I am Cain! Cain Alban! Most inmates call me, 'Butcher'.This is my little friend, Alfor.
    *Alfor: Heheheh... check that, the happy triangle! Tyrobali, Sner, and Flazz, if I remember right.
    *Sner: Alfor... still the same maniac as always.
    *Alfor: Now, I've doubled my power with my friend! Get ready to die!
    *Cain: Haaaahaaaaahaaa!
    *Tyson: Damn, he's pretty insane...
  • Cain once again charged towards the gang, and Ace tried to shoot him.Tyson shot some lightning bolts too, but even those weren't as fast as Cain.As he gave another try, he hit Cain in the leg, paralyzing him.
    post-22219-013183900 1279294651_thumb.jpg
    *Cain: What?!
    *Tyson: Ha!
    *Ace: Heheh...
    *Daemon: Nice stuff kid, paralysis.My turn...
  • Daemon turned into a tiger, and ran at Cain, biting him by the same leg that was hit by the bolt.Then, he transformed into a human again.
    *Daemon: Disgusting! Again!
    *Cain: Haaahaaa! If I can't move, you won't either!
  • Cain took his blades, and then suddenly turned blue.He then hit the ground with them, sending a glacial wave around, freezing the surrounding area on a distance of two meters, including Tyson's and Daemon's feet, making them unable to move.
    *Daemon: Oh, cool...
    *Tyson: Damn! I'll...
    *Daemon: Don't you'll kill us both!
    *Tyson: Darn...
    *Jet: I'll handle it!
  • Jet speed up towards Cain, with a fire spear.The fire melted the ice around Daemon and Tyson, freeing them.Jet then shot Cain, however his bullets were blocked by the Scimitars.Jet jumped off Hexer, which hit Cain, sending him back.He then charged towards him with his glove, but only to be once again blocked by Cain.Then, Cain kicked him in the stomach, and ran on top of a building.
    *Jet: Pretty coward I'd say!
    *Drake: Are you playing nice?
    *Ace: That voice!
  • Suddenly, right next to Cain appeared a shadow, and out of it Drake.He went forward, and after an evil laugh, he said:
    *Drake: Consider it a favor! After all, my team will lead Vectron to victory, and Earth to doom!
    *Ace: What are you doing here?!
    *Jet: So that's Drake... damn, I like the coat, where'd ya get it?
    *Tyson: *facepalm* Idiot! We don't have to socialize with the enemy!
    *Drake: I see you already met my friend.He's only one of my, teammates.As soon as I've seen him, I knew he's perfect to kill.Even if he missed some birds from the nest, I knew he'll be useful.Speaking of the team, you'll soon be part of it, but not yet...
    *Daemon: We ain't gonna join your team of motherfuckers!
    *Ace: Heard enough!
  • Ace loaded his gun with energy, and fired at Drake, but only to miss, as Drake easily avoided the bullet.
    *Drake: Ace, Ace... I'm not here to fight you.Just wanted you to meet my friend.Keep thinking at that offer, since you have no choice.Au revoir, hope we'll meet again.
    *Cain: Was a pleasure to meet you! Haaaahaaa!
  • Drake took out his metallic wings, and disappeared in the shadows.Cain also jumped in the air, and disappeared.Soon, Sam landed and everyone was getting ready to leave when...
    *SWAT: Hey you guys, thanks... we couldn't have done it without you.That guy could've kill half of Vegas if you weren't here.
    *Jet: Damn, cops! *aims*
    *Ace: Lower your gun, dumbass! Well, you're welcome.Tho, some people did die today.
    *SWAT: Indeed, around ten people were killed, and other stuff like cars and buildings were destroyed completely.But the city is safe now, so thank you.
    *Tyson: Yeah, you're welcome.Let's go, guys.
    *???: Hold on a second.
    *Ace: Huh?
    *???: My name is Robert Eckhart, from FBI.We've been investigating these mysterious disappearances.Everywhere we saw weird stuff, you were there to solve them, at least that's what I think.I hate to say it but, you're not the bad guys.We need your help against the alien invasion.
    *Jet: How do you know of the invasion?
    *Sam: They're FBI! They know even the size of your underwear!
    *Ace: What's in it for us?
    *Robert: Well, we'll delete your criminal activity from the database, all crimes will be forgotten, you'll freely go through the states.Do anything to stop the invasion, destroy anything, only save Earth... we can hide everything.
    *Ace: Well... anything else?
    *Robert: FBI funds.
    *Jet: Whoa!
    *Daemon: Damn!
    *Tyson: National money! Ace, they're offering money, come on let's help 'em!
    *Ace: Hmmm... pretty interesting... but I dunno if...
    *Robert: You'll also get cookies and milk.
    *Ace: Deal!
    *Robert: Okay, here are your badges.These are communicators, as well.So you're five right?
    *Ace: Yeah and...
    *Tyson: Oh man we forgot Sarah!
    *Jet: Hey she must be sleeping now.
    *Ace: Aha, well just for anything, we'll take a whole crate of badges.
    *Robert: Okay... here it is.We'll contact you if we need you.By the way, we've sent some cash in each of your bank account.
    *Tyson: But I don't have one!
    *Robert: You do now.
    *Tyson: Cool!
    *Sam: Come on already! We have to sleep too!
    *Robert: Good night, then.
    Everyone applauded them, then they got on the ship, and went back to the base.There, they noticed Sarah was still asleep, so they left the crate in the living room, and each went to sleep.

... To be continued


Cain Alban: cd45867.png

THEME SONG: Rage Against the Machine - Killing in the Name Of <--- song is property of its owner, no copyright infringements


Robert Eckhart:d07e744.png

No Theme Song

Hope you enjoyed it!

Notify of mistakes, also give suggestions.

NEXT EPISODE: 21/07/2010

Edited by Samil
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Well people, because of some other unexpected problems, I think we'll delay with the upload.I don't exactly know when we'll post, all I know is that we have tons of problems, but nothing that can't be solved! :)


EDIT: Okay ready, first of all I'm afraid this will be the only episode for this week.Second, maybe next week [i think] we'll post 3 episodes [but, found out I might actually leave on Sunday, I dunno now]

Anyway, Episode 10! Ace and the Murrays are out for... shopping! :P Questions come, why did they go out to the mall, and... will Sarah ever get out of there... with less than 50 bags? Read to find it out! Also... what will happen after the trip to the mall?

Also the illustrations in this one were pretty well made and funny! :D And I say it not as the writer of the story and teammate of Lore, but as someone who critiques her.

You're reading... Ace of Spades!

EP. 10 - Shopping Session

  • The next morning, as everyone got up, they went in the kitchen for breakfast.
    *Tyson: Morning, guys! What are you eating here?
    *Jet: Please don't ask...
    *Ace: Morning, people! Since we're free, with no heat on us, I've decided to celebrate with... Sam, get in!
    *Sam: Hold on, ouch!
  • Sam came in the room, with ten boxes in his hands.Suddenly he lost his balance and fell down.From one of the box fell ten buckets of KFC crispy strips.
    *Tyson: Whoa! Check that!
    *Jet: Who are you and what did you do with Ace?! Whatever you did, thank you! Finally some healthy food! No more cereals and shit! I actually thought you don't care about my stomach's health.Let's eat!
    *Sam: Wait, isn't someone missing?
    *Tyson: Sigh... not again.And I thought bears hibernate too much...
  • They started eating, and after ten minutes, Sarah finally arrived.As she was about to sit, she noticed a panda bear right next to her.
    *Daemon: Hey pretty lady! I'm a panda! I love hugs! Hug me!
    *Sarah: What the... Daemon! *punch*
    *Daemon: Aaah!
  • Sarah's punch sent Daemon flying to the other side of the room, leaving him unconscious.The others were left with their mouths wide open, and watched as Sarah was calmly eating.
    *Jet: Err... okay...
    *Daemon: He... hehehe... Twinkle, Twinkle... what a big star!
    *Sam: Ouch...
    *Sarah: Hmpf...
  • Sam and Jet helped Daemon get up and went to the bathroom to stop his bleeding, meanwhile, in the kitchen.
    *Ace: Well, Tyson.You said you like baseball?
    *Tyson: A lot!
    *Ace: Well I thought we could use the FBI's funds a bit, you know... come one let's go!
    *Sarah: Oh no! You ain't going nowhere with my brother! I'm coming too!
    *Ace: Sigh... very well... Jet! We're leaving!
    *Jet(Distance): What?! Where?!
    *Ace: Who are you, my mother?! I don't have to tell you where we're going!
    *Jet(Distance): Son of a!
    *Ace: Whatever, you stay here and, clean this mess!
    *Jet(Distance): Yeah, the biker has to do it all!
    *Ace: See ya! Oh and, we're taking Daemon's car!
    *Daemon(Distance): Twinkle... Wait, what?!
    *Ace: Don't worry it'll be in one piece! Later!
  • Ace, Tyson and Sarah got in the SUV, and went back in Los Angeles.There, they checked the map and found the location of Puerte Hills Mall, in Industry.There, they parked outside, and as soon as everyone got out, they heard a loud shout that broke the windows of the surrounding cars.
    *Ace: Ah what the?!
    *Tyson: Bad idea!
    *Ace: What?!
    *Sarah: Aaaaaaaaah! Mall! Oh my! It's so awesome and... ahem.Mall, let's just finish what we're here for and, leave.
    *Tyson: Oh... my ears!
  • They explored the mall, with Sarah in the lead.While walking, they discussed the true reason they were here.
    *Tyson: So... why are we here?
    *Ace: You'll see... hey Sarah, why don't you explore a bit around?
    *Tyson: Bite your tongue!
    *Ace: What?
    *Tyson: Are you crazy or what?! Leaving her in a mall, it's like letting a rabid animal in a meat factory!
    *Ace: Can't be that bad! Here, here's 50 thousand bucks, enjoy yourself!
    *Sarah: Oh, thanks Ace! Later!
  • Sarah quickly dissapeared in the crowd.Ace and Tyson kept walking, until they reached a Sports Shop.There, they explored inside, and found some baseball bats.
    *Ace: So, today I'll get you a baseball bat!
    *Tyson: Cool! It'll be my 45th!
    *Ace: Hey you can buy the whole shelf.It's the government's money, so feel free to buy all the malls on the West.Okay... so, how about this one?
    *Tyson: Cheap wood.
    *Ace: This one?
    *Tyson: Cheap plastic.
    *Ace: Then, this one?
    *Tyson: Hmm... looks great! But, cheap price.No.
    *Ace: Sigh... excuse me!
    *Owner: Yes?
    *Ace: Do you have any special bat? Something expensive, never-before seen, you know.
    *Owner: I might do.Follow me.
  • Ace and Tyson followed the shop owner into the storage room, which was pretty small.
    *Tyson: I can't breathe!
    *Owner: Shhh...
  • The owner pulled a hidden lever, which opened a door in the wall.They went through that wall, and saw some baseball bats hung on the wall.
    *Tyson: Whoa! Some nice looking bats!
    *Ace: Pretty awesome!
    *Owner: This is the best! 100% enforced oak wood.The best you can ever find on this planet.
    *Ace: Well, how much does it cost?
    *Owner: Not too much, only half a million.
    *Ace: Not a problem, here's the...
    *Tyson: Wait, I don't like it!
    *Ace: What?!
    *Owner: What?!
    *Tyson: I like this one!
    *Owner: That's made of aluminum, you sure want it?
    *Tyson: Yeah, I do!
    *Ace: Fine, here's the cash.
    *Owner: Wait, you gave me half a million, this is only twenty five thousand.
    *Ace: Keep the change.
    post-22219-076138000 1279787170_thumb.jpg
    *Owner: Cash for a new car!
    *Ace: Fine, here's the cash...
    *Tyson: I like this one! Oooh yeah I do! I like it, I like it!
    *Ace: Okay, okay... Jesus Christ... well, thank you! Let's go, little fella!
    *Tyson: What... did you say?
    *Ace: Err... whatever! Come on your sis might be waiting.
    *Tyson: With half of the mall in her bag.
  • They went back in the mall and met Sarah, who was carrying over ten bags with clothes and jewelries.
    *Tyson: Whoa... told ya!
    *Ace: Damn... you were right with the rabid animal.
    post-22219-029882800 1279787202_thumb.jpg
    *Sarah: Thanks again for the cash.
    *Ace: Don't thank me, thank the FBI.
    *Tyson: Maybe I'll get a chance to test this.
    *Ace: Test what?
    *Woman: Aaah! Creatures!
    *Tyson: Time to try it!
  • Suddenly, from the top floor of the mall, five mutants fell down, and surrounded the gang.As Ace was about to take out his gun and load it with energy, he was stopped by Tyson.
    *Tyson: Wait... don't use your Swiss cheese attack.
    *Ace: Swiss cheese? That's a nice name for it! But anyway, why?
    *Tyson: You'll blow the whole floor! Think sometimes!
    *Ace: So how can you stop it then, genius?!
    *Tyson: A fine way, less time consuming.
  • Tyson took his bat and lunged at the creatures.He found himself surrounded by them, so he charged his bat with energy, and hit the floor.The impact sent five energy bolts through each creature, making their heads blow up.
    *Tyson: Less time consuming, more gore.
    post-22219-019034500 1279787184_thumb.jpg
    *Ace: Good job!
    *Tyson: I took the aluminum bat especially for this.It's all complicated 8th grade physics.
    *Sarah: Saw enough, can we go back?
    *Ace: Oh? Yeah, sure!
    *Man: Our heroes!
    *Woman: Thank you!
    *Ace: Don't thank me, thank the kid!
    *Tyson: Haha! Thanks everyone!
    *Ace: Come on, Superman!
  • They got back in the car, but after they answered some questions from some journalists.On their way back, they were discussing about all the recent attacks.
    *Ace: Something is weird, though...
    *Tyson: How's that?
    *Ace: All these attacks... I thought we lost the Vectronians when we got rid of the chips.
    *Tyson: Chips? What chips?
    *Ace: Long story... but everywhere we go, it's like we always find them, or they find us.
    *Tyson: Maybe they're only by coincidence, or maybe Drake is somehow finding us.
    *Ace: Maybe... but it's like that, why didn't he send his minions here to get rid of us?
    *Tyson: Well it may have something to do with that offer of his.Maybe he's trying to test us, make us more powerful.
    *Ace: What makes him think I'll join him anyway?
    *Tyson: I don't know, but I sure won't join.
    *Sarah: You better don't!
    *Tyson: Ah, sis...
    *Sarah: Don't wanna see my bro on the wrong side of the tracks.
    *Ace: He ain't gonna join Drake.No one will.Anyway, we'll waste our next two days training, okay Tyson?
    *Tyson: Okay!
  • They got back at the base, and went inside via the hangar.They parked the car, and went in the living room, where they found leftovers, cereal bowls thrown around, destroyed furniture, and Jet, Sam and Daemon asleep.
    *Ace: What the fuck?! What have you done, idiots?! I told ya to clean up!
    *Sam: Wha... Ace? Ace! Err... I was... I mean we, err... surprise!
    *Ace: Clean the kitchen!
    *Sam: Yes, boss! Of course, boss! Don't kill me, boss!
    *Ace: Daemon, what the fuck?!
    *Daemon: Eh? Oh man...
    *Ace: We weren't gone even for an hour and you... god dammit!
    *Daemon: Oh, err... sorry, man!
    *Ace: Throw all the beer cans away and other shit on the floor! Jet, get moving! Clean up the room!
    *Jet: What... man, fuck you!
    *Ace: *aims* Won't ask nicely again!
    *Jet: Yes, boss! Of course, boss! I'm sorry, boss!
    *Ace: I love my job!
    *Sarah: I think you guys should get to work too.
    *Tyson: Hey they wrecked the place! Why should we do the work?
    *Sarah: Now before I slap your eyes out of your heads!
    *Tyson&Ace: Yes, ma'am! Of course, ma'am!
    *Sarah: Now, to unpack!
  • After the base was clean, and Sarah unpacked everything she bought, they went in the living room.
    *Sam: Hey we forgot about these!
    *Ace: Oh, the badges!
    *Sam: One for each! *throws*
    *Jet: How do these work?
    *Ace: You hide them behind your jacket.It's also a radio transmitter.Did you forget everything?
    *Jet: I wasn't even listening!
    *Everyone: *facepalm* Idiot!
    *Jet: Hey, fuck you all!
    *Ace: Shut up... well, Tyson, let's get to training.The rest of you watch what you're doing.
    *Sarah: Wait, I'm coming with you, too! Who knows what you might to do my bro.
    *Ace: Oh I thought of cutting his throat.Haha!
    *Sarah: Not funny! *punch*
    *Ace: Ouch!
  • They went to the training room, and Ace got himself a tissue to clean his nose of blood.
    ... To be continued

No new characters

Hope you enjoyed it!

Notify of mistakes, also give suggestions.

NEXT EPISODE: Sometime next week

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