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Ace of Spades - Season I


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Okay so, due to the recent difficulties and delays, I decided to change the upload days from Tuesday and Friday to Wednesday and Saturday.

Stay tuned.


EDIT: Okay here's Ep. 11, I'll just let you read to find out what happens.

  • EP. 11 - Warning! High Voltage!
  • Before they went in the training room, Ace called Sam.
    *Ace: Sam!
    *Sam: Yes?
    *Ace: Deactivate the lasers and razors, please.
    *Sam: But how will he face the danger then?
    *Sarah: Wait! Lasers?! Razors?! What are you trying to do?! Kill him?! Listen to him and deactivate it all!
    *Sam: Roar... for you, I'd deactivate anyone here.
    *Ace&Tyson What?!
    *Jet(Distance): What the fuck did you say there, nerd?!
    *Sam: Err... I have some... scientific stuff to... do, so, bye!
  • After Sam deactivated the lasers and other obstacles, the three finally got in the training room.
    *Tyson: Whoa! It's so big and cool and... empty...
    *Ace: Here we go again... you know, I can always put the lasers back!
    *Tyson: No, no! Empty is better!
    *Ace: Then let's get going.So, you pretty much amazed us with your powers.Let's try and see if you can get these powers to a new level.In the next two days, you'll learn strategic attacks and powerful combos.You'll be powerful soon enough.
    *Tyson: Blah, blah... start already!
    *Ace: Sigh... *snaps fingers*
  • As he snapped his fingers, out of a trap door from the celing, fell a large log that nearly crash Tyson.
    *Tyson: Whoa!
    *Sarah: Aaa! What the?! This place is even crazier than my bro's bedroom! I should back off a bit, or more.
    *Ace: Now, what you have to do is light the log using your thunder.But pay attention, this log is special.I asked Sam to take a log of this kind especially for you.If you noticed, it's all wet.Now, burn it!
    *Tyson: Okay!
    *Sarah: I'll back off some more.
  • Tyson sent lightning bolts at the log, causing it to break up, but still no fire.He tried as hard as he could, but couldn't succeed.
    *Tyson: Haaaa!
    *Ace: Concentrate! Give all you can!
  • Tyson was giving in all he could, but still no flame.
    *Tyson: Gah... I'm too tired.I can't!
    *Ace: You're not concentrated! I wanna see flames!
    *Tyson: I'm trying! You don't need to yell at me!
  • And Tyson closed his eyes, tried to concentrate and suddenly he sent a bolt as powerful as he could, which finally light up the log.
    *Tyson: Gah... I... I did it!
    *Ace: Don't get so happy right now! I noticed you can't resist much when using your powers.Look how you breathe, you can't resist much! Second phase, ten laps around the room! Now!
    *Tyson: But it's huge! It'll take days do do only one lap... if I can at least have enough breath for a lap.
    *Ace: I said now!
    *Sarah: Don't you yell at my brother!
    *Ace: Shut up! You weren't even supposed to be here! Tyson's here to train, and that's what he'll do!
    *Sarah: But...
    *Tyson: Grrr... alright!
  • After ten laps, Tyson fell down on the floor, completely exhausted.Ace went at him crouched.
    post-22219-081850700 1280320271_thumb.jpg
    *Ace: Did I tell you to take a break?
    *Tyson: I'm exhausted...
    *Ace: Be a man! Earth's hope will lie in your hands one day, and you fall like a tired fatso down!
    *Tyson: Stop yelling at me! I've had enough! I'm exhausted!
    *Ace: Complaining? You can always give up, not that I care.
    *Tyson: Grrr...
    *Ace: Time to take your bat.
    *Tyson: *takes bat* Anything else, your Majesty?
    *Ace: Sam! Bring 'em!
  • From the same trapdoor of the ceiling, fell down some dummies, who randomly landed on the training field.
    *Ace: I've seen how you killed those five at the mall earlier today.Before you use your bat, kick one in the head.
    *Tyson: Why do it anyway?
    *Ace: Load the leg you'll use to kick it with some energy.
    *Tyson: Makes sense.
    post-22219-052661000 1280320247_thumb.jpg
  • Tyson ran towards a dummy, and with his leg filled with electricity, he kicked the dummy in the head, and because of the high voltage in the his leg, the dummy was sent on the other side of the room.
    *Ace: You sure didn't struggle on that one.Now, use your bat on the dummies.
    *Tyson: Damn, can't we go easy?!
    *Ace: Shut the fuck up and hit them, if you actually wanna become stronger!
  • Knowing that arguing with Ace is useless, Tyson charged his bat with electricity, and hit the floor, however he was too tired and the electricity didn't even reach the dummies.Tyson kept trying, but as he tried, he was even more exhausted.As hours passed, Ace kept yelling at Tyson, until Tyson got up from the floor, exhausted, with his eyes shining and hands charged.
    *Tyson: Enough! I said I'm tired! Go to hell and leave me alone!
  • As he was yelling, he lost control, and was sending red electricity bolts all around.The bolts were so strong the walls were about to collapse.Ace was watching everything, stunned by Tyson's power.Seeing everything on the surveillance camera, Sam raised the alarm, and Jet and Daemon quickly got into the training room.
    post-22219-045864200 1280320260_thumb.jpg
    *Sam(Radio): Hurry! Before something bad happens!
    *Tyrobali: I sense something bad...
    *Sner: So do I... Daemon, let's try and stop Tyson!
    *Jet: I'll take care of Sarah!
  • Jet took Sarah out of the training room, and Daemon tried to stop Tyson.He transformed into a cheetah, but not even his feline agility helped him against Tyson.Suddenly, Sam came in the room with a syringe in his hand.
    *Sam: Take this!
    *Ace: Tranquilizers? Good idea, Sam!
  • Ace loaded his gun with a tranquilizer, fired at Tyson, directly hitting him.Tyson fell down asleep.Ace then took him in his room.When he woke up, Tyson noticed he was in his bed, with everyone surrounding him.
    *Tyson: What happened?
    *Ace: Hmm...
    *Jet: You nearly killed us all!
    *Tyson: Again... what... happened?
    *Sarah: You lost control of your powers!
    *Ace: Well... I think it's my fault afterall.Sorry I was so serious, kid.
    *Tyson: Forget it, I had fun... hehe...
    *Ace: Yeah, after that kinda show, your training is over.All you need to do is learn to control your powers.
    *Sam: And... red lightning bolts? Something pretty unusual...
    *Daemon: But pretty cool, you know?
    *Flazz: Yeah, some nice fireworks!
    *Sner: So nice it nearly destroyed the training room.I have a theory... I think your lightning bolts are changing its color and power depending on your mood.Like, when you were training, you were angry, tired, that would result in red bolts.
    *Sam: Hmm... I'm curious how many other kinds of bolts you can create.
    *Daemon: We all do.
    *Tyrobali: Just don't scare us all, okay?
    *Tyson: Yeah, okay, T.B.!
    *Sarah: Ace, no more training for a while okay?
    *Ace: Yeah, after that show, he's pretty tough.
    *Jet: Come on now, he's exhausted.Let him rest.
    *Sner: Okay, everyone out then.
  • Outside Tyson's room, the rest were discussing about Tyson's anger.
    *Sarah: Guys... the reason why Tyson is so angry is all caused by the death of our parents.After the accident, he was traumatized.After that day, he wasn't the same.I fear something bad will happen one day...
    *Ace: Don't worry... I won't let Tyson do anything, nor anything will happen to him.No matter what...
    After the discussion, each went to their rooms for some sleep.The next day went quick, without any alerts.

... To be continued

No new characters

Hope you enjoyed it!

Notify of mistakes, also give suggestions.

Okay now the second thing, we want to thank everyone who reads this for the 1,000 views! [WOO HOO!!!1!!one!1]

Honestly at least we are sure people are still reading this, and special thanks to Alvas who is one of our respected readers.Of course he isn't the only one, that's why I thank everyone! :)

Cheers, people!

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This is getting interesting as you go on to newer episodes.

Keep up with yourselves guys.

Actually,to me and Samil these are the old episodes.But i'm very glad you like them.

LOL! Haha! Hey man don't forget it's not about us it's about the readers.They judge the story, we just think and write, they can like or dislike.

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Ok dear readers,i see the views are continuously increasing and for that i am thankful to all of you,but please,take your time to also post reply's at our episodes.That way,we know what to improve to our story to make it more appealing to your tastes.Don't let Alvas do all the work. ;) And btw thank you all once again for reading this.

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Episode 12! This one is pretty scary, as Jet will venture in a cemetery.

EP. 12 - Don't Go In The Graveyard Alone

  • As the day passes, night time is closer.Tyson is still recovering, Sam was in the security room, reading comic books, Jet and Daemon were having an epic battle on the XBox 360, Sarah was still unpacking and trying on her new clothes and accessories, and Ace was in the repaired training room, practicing his target.Suddenly, the alarm was raised, and Sam asked everyone to get in the security room.
    *Daemon: What happened?!
    *Sam: We got a live video transmission!
  • On the screen was a dark, shadowy silhouette, apparently a woman, who's face was impossible to see, so was the rest of the body.
    *???: Hola! I heard you're the ones who will save the Earth... patético! You're just lucky Drake left you all alive, and I still don't know why.One thing is for sure, I won't! Haha! Meet me at midnight, in Cathedral City's Forest Lawn Cemetery.Vamos! I can't wait to meet you... hehehe... *end of transmission*
    *Tyson: Another one of his friends?
    *Ace: Hmm...
    *Jet: Heh, finally some action! Come on, let's get ready to face her! We'll go and...
    *Ace: No...
    *Jet: What?!
    *Ace: It's obviously a trap... and they think we're stupid enough to fall in it.Let them wait.We ain't going nowhere.
    *Jet: But...
    *Ace: I said no! Last time we were about to get slayed by that Cain guy! Who knows what specimen Drake sent this time.I hate to say it but, he is right, we need to be stronger.Until then, we won't accept his challenges anymore.
    *Jet: Ace, but...
    *Ace: Look! We have more important stuff to take care of! Tyson's wounded and needs treatment! We can't just go and fight who knows what, and let him here alone.We ain't going, and that's it!
  • After he said that, Ace left the room, and so did everyone else, exept Jet.He sat down on a chair, and, with his arms crossed, stared at the blank screen and said:
    *Jet: Jet Garcia ain't a coward... I'm gonna take care of this, either you like it or not, Ace...
    *Flazz: You're sure it's a good idea?
    *Jet: Of course I am! Come on, we'll wait 'till midnight.
  • Jet left the security room, and waited until midnight, when everyone was sleeping.He sneaked in the lab, got on Hexer and took the lift up to the hangar.Then, he went south towards Cathedral City.As he arrived there, he saw the Forest Lawn Cemetery, and parked Hexer outside.He went in the cemetery, and after some walking, he stopped.
    *Jet: I'm here! So, where are ya?!
    *Flazz: Yeah shout louder, maybe you'll wake up the dead!
    *???: You can say so, amigo.I'm surprised you actually came.Sad your other carnales aren't here, but I don't mind.
  • From behind a mausoleum, came the same dark silhouette, who was apparently carrying a scythe.It slowly advanced, to reveal her face.She was a dark dressed girl, with blond hair tied up in two tails.On her scythe were some blood drops.
    *Jet: Who are you?
    *???: My name is Senya Delano Rodriguez.And of course, I tamed myself a little alien.Here's Terrex, a name as deadly as my personality.
    *Jet: I see... that ugly thing is your friend?
    *Senya: Ugly?! Watch what you're saying! He might not speak much, but my scythe speaks for him.
    *Jet: Whatever! You're working for Drake?!
    *Senya: Of course I am! I do care about my beauty, eventualmente.I will be next to him when Earth will be destroyed.
    *Jet: Earth ain't gonna be destroyed! And you will be next to him, when you are all dead!
  • Jet charged his shotgun with fire, shooting fire bullets towards Senya, who ran around the cemetery avoiding the bullets.Suddenly, she disappeared, only to reappear behind Jet.She tried to cut his leg, but Jet managed to dodge the attack.Senya then quickly made a jump behind.Jet turned around, and fired once again towards Senya.This time, her scythe transformed into a shield, which blocked the bullets.
    *Jet: What the?
    *Senya: Haha! You didn't think I'm just a simple chica with a scythe, didn't you?! Usted no ha visto todo, nena!
  • Her scythe transformed into two katana swords, and she charged at Jet.As she was swinging one of the katana, Jet blocked it with his glove, but couldn't block the other one, which cut his leg.Jet uttered a pain scream, and fell down on his knees.
    *Senya: Haha, it's too simple!
    *Jet: Gah...
    *Senya: Get ready to see something really, especial.
  • Senya raised her two katanas in the air, which turned purple.She jumped high, and cut the air, provoking a vortex which sent out wind gusts at Jet, sending him in a tombstone.When she was about to attack again, Jet thought of a strategy, and as he was about to get hit again, he took his glove, and was propelled away from Senya's attack.As she was still trying to hit Jet, which kept using his new learned technique, when he saw an opening, Jet light his glove and gun on fire, and then quickly hit her in the belly with his glove, burning and wounding her.
    post-22219-054121000 1280595405_thumb.jpg
  • Senya screamed, and with an angry face, she turned her katanas back in a scythe, and once again, tried to hit Jet.After some more fighting, in which Jet exchanged hits with Senya, he once again saw an opening.He propelled himself towards her, trying to cut her with the glove.Senya, with her scythe, tried as well to cut Jet, and when the claws hit the scythe, a sound wave was provoked, sending them in different directions.Jet hit his neck on a tree, and his vision got blurry.Senya took advantage of this, and suddenly, Jet found himself with the scythe at his neck.
    *Senya: Pobre de usted, baby.Looks like I win! I guess I can cut your head off now!
    *Ace: *aims* Wouldn't do that if I were you...
    post-22219-030570000 1280595423_thumb.jpg
    *Senya: What?!
    *Jet: The fuck... Ace? The hell you doin' here?
    *Ace: Saving your ass, apparently! If you didn't let that communicator open, you wouldn't have awaken me! Consider yourself lucky, moron! Now, Bloody Mary, do us all a favor and get lost in the shadows.
    *Drake: Oooh, Ace.Again, you don't like the company I sent? You should know your future teammate better.
    *Ace: Told you, asshole! I ain't joining your group!
  • As Ace was busy with Drake, Senya quickly ran towards him, holding her bleeding belly.She jumped in Drake's arms, and smiled at him, with an evil affection towards him.
    *Senya: Miere, you didn't have to interfere.
    *Drake: Hmm... *slaps* I said I want them alive, not decapitated!
    *Jet: Crazy fuckin' couple!
    *Drake: We will meet again, friends.Remember my offer.As I told you, you have no other choice.
  • As fast as he came, Drake and Senya disappeared in the shadows.Ace then helped Jet get up, and as soon as he was on his feet, Ace punched him.
    *Jet: The fuck you did that for?!
    *Ace: You nearly got killed, idiot! Next time you should listen to my commands and not just jump into any fight!
    *Jet: Wasn't I punished enough?
    *Flazz: Not yet by me!
    *Ace: Come on, it's nearly 2 AM.I'm driving Hexer, since you can barely stand.
  • Ace took Jet back to the base, where they went back to sleep.The next morning, everyone met up in the living room and discussed about the event.
    *Sarah: Oh man, I still didn't finish unpacking! I'm so happy! Who knows what I can find!
    *Flazz: Didn't you buy anything to make you shut up?
    *Sarah: Say what you enlightened freak?!
    *Flazz: Nothing, ma'am!
    *Sner: So, Flazz, how's Jet?
    *Flazz: He's exhausted.Ace took care of his wounded leg, and now, I guess he's still lost in Wonder Land.
    *Sam: Wasn't really intelligent to go all by himself.
    *Tyrobali: Indeed, he could've get killed.You could've get killed too.
    *Flazz: I know... and that girl, and her Vectronian, Terrex, I saw evil in those eyes.It's like, those two were the same, same evil eyes...
    *Daemon: Well who knows what we can find in our path.
    *Sner: Right... this will be tough enough.
    *Sam: Yet, the battle has only begun.

... To be continued


Senya Rodriguez:127b643.png

THEME: Within Temptation - Stand My Ground <--- song is property of its owner, no copyright infringements

Hope you enjoyed it!

Notify of mistakes(honestly, do it, I might have trouble at Spanish so, hehe), also give suggestions.

Also, we would love to see more people posting comments here, ask anything you want about the story, and we will answer.If you find any problem within the storyline, or dates and stuff like that messed up, or others like geographical mistakes [doubt], tell us.

Also you can simply tell us 'You guys rock' or 'I luv AoS!'


Okay joking this time, as I said above, you can like this, or dislike this.If you like it, then cheers, it means we are doing well, if not, at least give us some tips on how to improve.

Last but not least, an artwork of Senya:

post-22219-046520000 1280595283_thumb.jpg

Oh and just to let you know, in the first artwork, Jet IS NOT asking Senya to marry him, lol. (said it, in case you think of that ^^)


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Okay due to some problems, the upload will be tomorrow.Sorry guys, but anyway, let's hope I'll be done soon.

Also, the next week Lore will be gone [camp, lol] so sorry again, but we won't have illustrations.Unless I find some temporary replacement.

Anyway, I'm in a hurry, so see ya!

EDIT: Due to some MORE problems, with the scanner and other stuff, we decided to take a 'break'.So, the next upload will be over two weeks.

We just hope you'll be patient.


Edited by Samil
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  • 2 weeks later...

Double post FTW! Sorry, okay so, we're back! :D No illustrations this time tho, sorry probs with the scanner, anyway, we got a 2 in 1 episode, divided in ep. 14 and 15.Stay tuned for 16, in this one stuff is getting really hot.Until then, enjoy the bad guys' past.

  • EP. 14 - Memories Part 1
  • As Cain is deep asleep, he yet again heard voices, the same voices he heard a while ago, but only that this time, he also had visions.He found himself at the wheel of a car.He was wearing a mask, and on the passenger seat he had a gun.He looked in the side mirror, and saw police cars behind him.As he was driving, he went from street to street, through alleys, through yards, hitting numerous cars and pedestrians.One of the police cars closed up to him, and the officer on the passenger seat tried to get out and shoot Cain, but Cain hit the police car, sending it in a pole, and causing the officer to fall down and was hit by another police car, being instantly killed.
  • Cain drove forward some more, until he was on a long street, which was looking like it had no end.He speed up, and suddenly a red car appeared in front of him.Before the impact, he heard:
    *???: Mom! Dad! Watch out!
  • Then, Cain's car hit the other, and rolled over.He quickly got out of his car, and went at the two people in red car, shouting by their window:
    *Cain: You got in my way! Die! *shoots* Die! *shoots* Die! *shoots*
    *???: Mom! Dad!
    *???: Tyson, wait!
    *Cain: You little pest! Die! *shoots*
    *Tyson: Gah!
    *Sarah: Ty...
    *Cop: You! Surrender!
    *Cain: Hahahaha! In your dreams, idiots! *shoots*
  • Cain hid behind his car, while shooting at the officers.He noticed two more cars approaching from the other side of the street, but as soon as the four officers got out of the cars, three of them were instantly killed.The fourth officer hid behind the car's door, and was also shot in the leg.As he was carrying a shotgun, he tried to shoot Cain, and after he used some shells, he hit him in the arm, making him drop his gun.As he tried to take his gun, he was once again shot by the same officer, this time in the leg.Before he could touch his gun, he found himself surrounded by officers, and one of them kicked his gun away.Cain, with an evil look on his face, said:
    *Cain: Haha... I guess it ends here for me... I give up, officer... or... *pulls out gun*
    *Cop: Shoot him! *shoots*
  • Cain got shot before he could aim his gun.The last thing he saw was Tyson and Sarah watching from their house.He then had another evil smile, before being again shot by an officer in the head, killing him for good.But, Cain did not wake up after this.Instead, he was still dreaming, as he woke up in a strange room with some cylinders.He noticed he was inside one, which was full with a green liquid.He had a mask on his face, to help him breathe.e had a mask on his face, to help him breathe.Suddenly, a shadow comes in front of him.
    *???: Hmm... he's alive... I knew I'd succeed after all...
    *Cain: What... where... where am I?
    *???: Don't worry, I saved you.My name is Drake... and this will be your new friend...
    *???: Hehe... he's good.Deadly, fast, but when we combine, we'll be the Apocalypse in a body... haha!
  • Cain's vision once again became blank, and suddenly he woke up in some woods, while jumping from tree to tree, cutting dummies in half.He kept jumping until he reached a glade.There, Drake and Senya were waiting for him.
    *Drake: Well... looks like you and your little friend are growing up.
    *Senya: Nice moves there, amigo.You'll be perfecto in the team.
    *Cain: Thanks... haaahaa! Nice one Alfor!
    *Alfor: Yeah, you were good too, Cain!
    *???: Yet, he needs more training.
    *Drake: I know... so do you.
    *???: Hmm... don't forget, I did beat you once.
    *Drake: Happened once... I left my guard down.Shouldn't you be training too?
    *???: Easy... I'm well trained already.I'll go see what's around. *disappears*
    *Senya: Well, he's una extrana guy.
    *Drake: Sigh... he's not used with teamwork.
    *Cain: So, what now?
    *Drake: I got a mission for you, Cain.Since you're ready.Go, and attract our new friends.Get them in a populated city, such as...
    *Senya: Las Vegas, Nevada?
    *Drake: Perfect... nice one, Senya.
    *Senya: Heheh...
    *Cain: Haaahaaa! It'll be my pleasure...
  • Cain then had a blank vision, and suddenly, he woke up.He checked the time, and saw it's only 5:25 AM.He got up, got out of his room, and was heading for the bathroom,k and drank a glass of water.As he was heading back to his room, he met with Senya on the hallway, who was staring at the Universe.
    *Cain: Can't sleep?
    *Senya: I have nightmares... it's all about my past...
    *Cain: Haha... me too... I wish I can remember my past more.
    *Senya: Hey, since we cannot sleep, let's exchange our pasts.I'll tell you my past, and you tell me yours.
    *Cain: Haahaaa! Okay... I don't remember much but... this is what happened...
    EP. 15 - Memories Part 2
  • In her room, Senya has just fallen asleep, when suddenly, she started having dreams of her past too.She found herself at the age of five, in a big mansion somewhere in Utah, and next to her were a woman in a white dress and a man in a tuxedo.
    *Senya: Mama! I wanna go too!
    *???: No you won't! This is only for adults! You stay here or you won't get food for two days!
    *Senya: Papa! Please, tell her! I wanna go too! Por favor, papa!
    *???: Dear but what if...
    *???: No! No! I said no! I don't want this pest to ruin my first date with you!
    *???: But...
    *???: Do you love me?! If you do, you should care! Tell her to stay home! Or else get another girl next to you!
    *???: Sigh... Senya...
    *Senya: Papa! No...
    *???: Lo sentimos Senya, stay here...
    *Senya: Papa! No, papa!
    *???: Come on, Miguel! Let's go!
    *Senya: Papa!
  • As the two adults went through the mansion's door, a bright light coming from outside covered Senya's vision, and she found herself with her friends, at the age of fourteen, behind the school, smoking.
    *Senya: Ah... this shit is nice, eh!
    *???: Good you like it...
    *???: So, how's your parents, Senya?
    *Senya: *smokes* Fucked... after my mom died, my dad found this whore at the corner block.And I gotta survive with her in the same house.
    *???: Yeah well...
    *???: Senya! You dumb bitch!
    *???: Mama! But, but...
    *???: You little bitch! Get home now!
    *Senya: Mama! Wait! Ouch!
  • Senya was suddenly slapped, and she closed her eyes.When she opened them, she found herself back in the mansion, at the age of eighteen.As she was about to go out the door, she was stopped by her mother.It was like they were shouting at each other, but Senya couldn't hear a thing.As she started to cry, she suddenly heard:
    *???: You're not going anywhere, stay in the house!
    *???: Mama, vete a la mierda!
  • Senya ran out of the house, and into another bright light.When the light disappeared, she found herself on an alley, standing on a trash bin, with a syringe of heroin in her hand.By that time.She had been thrown out from her own house by her stepmother, because of their quarrel.She had a depressed look on her face.
    *Senya: Mi vida... it's... fucked... papa.Why, papa?
    *???: Something happened?
    *Senya: Ah! Please! Don't... kill me! Don't!
    *???: Relax, I'm not here to kill you.I'm here to help you.
    *Senya: How?
    *???: I'll give you a new life.My name, is Drake.
    *Senya: I'm... Senya...
    *Drake: Come on, I'll help you... trust me...
  • Drake lowered his hand, and Senya grabbed it.He then got her up, took her in his arms, and flew away, disappearing in a shadow, which yet again covered Senya's vision.Again, when she was able to see again, she found herself in a glade, in Drake's arms.After a while, Cain appeared from the forest.Also, next to a tree was a shadowy, unknown figure.
    *Drake: Well... looks like you and your little friend are growing up.
    *Senya: Nice moves there, amigo.You'll be perfecto in the team.
    *Cain: Thanks... haaahaa! Nice one Alfor!
    *Alfor: Yeah, you were good too, Cain!
    *???: Yet, he needs more training.
    *Drake: I know... so do you.
    *???: Hmm... don't forget, I did beat you once.
    *Drake: Happened once... I left my guard down.Shouldn't you be training too?
    *???: Easy... I'm well trained already.I'll go see what's around. *disappears*
    *Senya: Well, he's una extrana guy.
    *Drake: Sigh... he's not used with teamwork.
    *Cain: So, what now?
    *Drake: I got a mission for you, Cain.Since you're ready.Go, and attract our new friends.Get them in a populated city, such as...
    *Senya: Las Vegas, Nevada?
    *Drake: Perfect... nice one, Senya.
    *Senya: Heheh...
    *Cain: Haaahaaa! It'll be my pleasure...
  • Senya then had a blank vision, and suddenly woke up.She got up, and, without Terrax, went out of her room.She was walking down the corridor, when she stopped to stare at the Universe.After some minutes, Cain appeared next to her.
    *Cain: Can't sleep?
    *Senya: I have nightmares... it's all about my past...
    *Cain: Haha... me too... I wish I can remember my past more.
    *Senya: Hey, since we cannot sleep, let's exchange our pasts.I'll tell you my past, and you tell me yours.
    *Cain: Haahaaa! Okay... I don't remember much but... this is what happened...
  • They then told each other what happened in their past, until Drake arrived.
    *Drake: Let's go you two!
    *Cain: Haaa? What is it?
    *Drake: We still have to recruit some more... we need to be at least six.
    *Senya: Why don't we just handle those 'heroes' all by ourselves? It'll only be four on five.
    *Drake: Because, I sense that, a sixth one will come by them, and it's someone familiar to you, Cain.
    *Cain: Haa? I don't get it, haahaaa!
    *Drake: Hehe... we'll wait... come on, we found another, 'friend', who we can take with us.He's right now held in prison.So come on, we have someone to, 'parole'.
    *Cain: Haaahaaa!
    *Senya: Hehe... this will surely be, gracioso!
    *Drake: Come on... Rikers await us!
  • They left the corridor, went in the lift and arrived in a hangar.They got in Drake's ship, on which there was a large, red skull.The ship was able to carry up to six humans.As the hangar opened, Drake speed out of the mother ship, heading towards New York.
    *Senya: Rikers Island prison? In New York, right?
    *Drake: Yeah, I got the perfect Vectronian for this guy.We only need to free him up.
    *Cain: Haaah! So, who's this guy anyway?
    *Drake: Heh... a biker, pretty tough guy, and a old friend of Jet...
  • The ship then went into the clouds, and disappeared.

... To be continued

No new characters

Hope you enjoyed it!

Notify of mistakes, also give suggestions.


EDIT: Just to avoid triple post.

Time for a new episode guys! Drake's getting himself a new teammate, but who is this? You can ask Jet! ;)

EP. 16 - Prison Break

  • The next morning, 13th June, 8:33 AM, Ace just woke up, and was heading towards the bathroom, when, suddenly, Jet appeared in front of him, and was running towards him.
    *Ace: What the?!
    *Jet: Move it, move it, move it!
  • Jet went pass Ace, and he disappeared on the hallway.As Ace turned around, he saw Daemon, with an angry look on his face.Daemon ran after Jet, and as he disappeared, Ace heard:
    *Daemon: Jet! Give me back my dog food!
    *Ace: For fuck sake...
  • Ace arrived at the bathroom, but couldn't get in, as it was occupied, by Sarah who was having a shower.
    *Ace: Who the heck is in there?!
    *Sarah: It's me! Don't come in, I'm taking a shower!
    *Ace: Hey, I ain't Jet or other guy around here to peek!
    *Sarah: Good, for your safety, don't!
    *Ace: You know, I gotta pee too!
    *Sarah: Just wait!
    *Ace: Oh man...
  • Ace leaned on the door, and Tyson appeared next to him.
    *Tyson: Hey man, what's wrong?
    *Ace: Your sis is in the bathroom!
    *Tyson: Oh, then you should build another one!
    *Ace: What?!
    *Tyson: She usually stays hours in there.
    *Ace: Well we do have another toilet, but it's highly protected by lasers and stuff...
    *Tyson: Why so?
    *Ace: It's Sam's personal toilet.
    *Tyson: Can't you deactivate the security systems?
    *Ace: Not the easy way!
  • Then, the bathroom's door opened, and Ace fell down.As he was looking up, the only thing he saw was he saw Sarah's panties, as she was standing right above his head.Sarah quickly got out of the bathroom.
    *Sarah: Pervert!
    *Ace: What?! The only thing I did was to fall!
    *Tyson: Nice one sis! You actually got out of the bathroom really quick!
    *Sarah: What do you mean? I was in there since 5:30 AM.
    *Tyson: Err... c'mon let's just leave Ace alone...
    *Sarah: Just wait 'till I get my hands on you!
    *Ace: Ow... my head... well, red panties...
  • After Ace finished his business, he went in the kitchen, had breakfast, and went in the living room, where Sam, Jet and Daemon were.
    *Daemon: You motherfucker! Those are my personal dog food supplies, yo! You ain't even an animal, so what the fuck?!
    *Jet: Hey it's tasty!
    *Sam: Oh god... Ace, can you believe it?
    *Ace: Sadly... I believe Jet is an idiot.
  • Then, Tyson and Sarah came in the room and sat down on the sofa.
    *Ace: Sarah, sorry for that.
    *Sarah: Hmpf... whatever.
    *Ace: Hey I got an idea! Sarah, since we got these powers, I think you should be able to defend yourself too.
    *Sarah: What do you mean?! You say I can't kick an ass?!
    *Ace: No, no! Not that, but... if Drake or any other would attack you, you should be able to face him.This is not just some simple close quarter combat.I know someone who can teach you, he was my master too, he's the best trainer known in China.Come on guys let's go!
    *Jet: Why do you have to take us with ya?!
    *Sam: Yeah I mean... just take Sarah to whoever you want, and we'll just stay here and...
    *Tyson: Have another party?
    *Ace: Exactly! And the last time, I had to clean too! So move it, lazy asses!
  • This time, they did not take the ship, as it was having technical difficulties.So, Jet and Ace got on Hexer, and Daemon with Tyson, Sarah and Sam got in the SUV.Before they left, they set the base's defence level on high.Then, they went towards San Francisco.They stopped at a gas station, where Ace checked the GPS.
    *Ace: So, the gym should be around here.
    *Jet: I thought you said this guy was in China!
    *Ace: I said he is the best trainer in China... Chinatown.
    *Jet: What the...
    *Ace: Come on! He's really good!
    *Daemon: Hey, yo! Let's go back on the road!
  • After some more driving, they reached the gym.There, they went inside, and Ace asked where to find his master.He went in his office, and saw an old man watching over the window.
    *Ace: Master Jensen...
    *Jensen: Oh, Acelius... I was waiting for you.Fortune cookies told me you were on your way.
    *Ace: How's that?
    *Jensen: Indigestion.Haha! Welcome back, grasshopper!
    *Ace: Good to see you too, master.
    *Jensen: What brings you here? Seeking more training?
    *Ace: Well, actually, yeah.But not for me, it's for this girl.
    *Jensen: Oh?
    *Sarah: Umm... hello.My name is...
    *Jensen: Sarah, am I right?
    *Sarah: Um... yeah, but, how do you...
    *Jensen: Fortune cookies, toilet, you know.Haha!
    *Ace: Same old sense of humor, haha!
    *Jet: Some sense of humor this fossil has...
    *Jensen: I heard that!
    *Jet: Er...
    *Jensen: So be it then, I will train her personally.If you do as I say, you'll quickly learn martial arts.
    *Sarah: Uh, okay.
    *Ace: Well, we're going to a bar down the street.Tyson you stay here with your sis.
    *Tyson: Oh man... alright...
  • Sarah got started with the training, and Tyson was sitting on a bench.Meanwhile, Ace and the rest arrived at the bar, where they ordered a drink.
    *Jet: Man, ain't I here for nothing...
    *Daemon: Yo, you got yourself a beer, stop complainin'!
    *Sam: You know who plays today?
    *Daemon: Oh yeah, New York Yankees and Chicago White Sox!
    *Tyson(Radio): Oh yeah I'm watching the game right now!
    *Ace: Damn what the... Tyson, where the hell are you watching?!
    *Tyson(Radio): Jensen's office.He even has some snacks!
    *Jet: Who needs snacks when you got a beer?
    *Bartender: Here's your drinks guys!
    *Ace: How much?
    *Bartender: Only fifty dollars.
    *Ace: Keep the change!
    *Bartender: Oh, thank you! Enjoy your drinks!
    *Daemon: Hey, mind if you change to the Yankees and White Sox game?
    *Bartender: Of course not! I was about to change to the game anyway!
  • They watched the game, and an hour later, after it was over, they got out of the bar.Then, they went back to the gym.Sarah was still training with Jensen, so they went in Jensen's office to see what's Tyson doing.He found him watching cartoons, and as soon as Tyson spotted them, changed the channel, to a news broadcast.
    *Tyson: I was just changing channels!
    *Ace: Yeah, sure you were.
    *Reporter: Breaking news! Rikers Island Prison was suddenly attacked by three individuals, that provoked multiple explosions, making inmates run around! The attackers are still somewhere in the prison.Right now, hell is breaking lose as inmates are fighting the guards.
    *Daemon: Not good, yo! This is Drake's hand.
    *Sam: We'll need the ship for this! *takes out remote*
    *Ace: What's this?
    *Sam: *presses button* Calls the ship.
    *Tyson: I thought it was having difficulties.
    *Sam: No, actually, it was just charging it's engine.It needs an hour to finish charging, and the game is the best way to make time fly.
    *Jet: Yeah, and Yankees totally owned White Sox!
    *Ace: Shut up you moron! Let's get in the ship! Sam, you stay here with Sarah! Jet go get Hexer.Sam when training is finished, take the car.
    *Sam: Ooh, me and Sarah eh?
    *Ace: Come on now! We don't have time!
  • As the Hexer was loaded on the ship, they speed towards New York.They were right above the prison, and Ace set the ship on auto pilot, to fly around.Ace took his wings, Daemon got into an eagle, but Tyson and Jet were on Hexer, which was heading towards earth faster and faster.
    *Jet: Shit!
    *Ace: Launch the parachute!
    *Jet: What parachute?!
    *Tyson: That parachute you dumbass! Grab something and make sure you don't fall!
  • Tyson pressed a button on Hexer, and opened the parachute.When the bike was closer to earth, they released the parachute, and as Tyson got down, sending bolts all around, paralyzing the inmates that were running all around the yard.Ace was picking them up while flying, and sent them in other.Daemon turned into a skunk, and made every inmate nearby pass out because of the smell.Jet was riding towards the front door of the prison, hitting some other with his shotgun.Suddenly, he saw four shadows coming from the prison, and he stopped.As the four from the prison advance, they revealed their faces, and it was Drake, Senya and Cain.Jet was closely watching the other one.
    *Jet: Who are you trying to free, Drake?!
    *Drake: Hehe... see for yourself.
    *Jet: Eh? What?! Is that...
    *???: Hmm? Jet?!
    *Jet: Johnny!

... To be continued


Johnny Kassidy:d6c0882.png

Theme Song: Rise Against - Worth Dying For <--- song is property of its owner, no copyright infringement.

Hope you enjoyed it!

Notify of you know what, also give you guessed! ;)

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'kay, 17's up! :]

Getting close to the end, maybe.Okay so this episode is literally FIRED UP.

EP. 17 - An Old Friend

  • Previously, on Ace of Spades...
    *Ace: Hey I got an idea! Sarah, since we got these powers, I think you should be able to defend yourself too.
    *Jensen: So be it then, I will train her personally.If you do as I say, you'll quickly learn martial arts.
    *Reporter: Rikers Island Prison was suddenly attacked by three individuals, that provoked multiple explosions, making inmates run around!
    *Daemon: Not good... this is Drake's hand.
    *Drake: Hehe... see for yourself.
    *Jet: Eh? What?! Is that...
    *???: Hmm? Jet?!
    *Jet: Johnny!
  • Jet was stunned, as he saw Johnny Kassidy, his best friend, and fellow biker, next to Drake and his team.After the inmates were stopped, the rest of Jet's friends assisted him.
    *Jet: Johnny! What...
    *Johnny: The fuck happened there, Jet?
    *Drake: You see, your friend, Johnny, is a key to a secret weapon.I have chosen him for a reason, you will soon find out.
    *Johnny: It's your fault we were captured!
    *Ace: Jet, who's this guy?!
    *Jet: It's not my fault!
    *Johnny: Zeppelin and the rest got killed! Wolf hung himself in the prison! Only you were freely walking around the US.
    *Drake: Save your powers, Johnny... for now, we retreat.A bientot, friends!
  • They disappeared, and Jet fell down on his knees.Ace got him back up, and as they were about to leave, FBI agent Robert Eckhart arrived with some FBI agents.
    *Robert: We have a prison break, do we?
    *Ace: Looks like.
    *Robert: Any idea what those three were after?
    *Tyson: They were after, Jet's old friend...
    *Jet: Sigh...
    *Robert: I see... Johnny Kassidy if I'm right.You two had a pretty big bounty on your heads.But since you are now free, your bounty is zero.Johnny's, now risen even more.
    *Jet: Shut up already...
    *Daemon: Yo, he's pretty depressed...
    *Robert: Okay, time to clean this place up.
    *Ace: Hey where's Jet?
    *Daemon: Yo, did he leave so soon?! He took Hexer too!
    *Ace: We're on an island! And the only route to get out is the bridge! But...
    *Robert: Tarver! Did anyone instead of a cop pass the bridge? A biker, around the age of 40? Messy hair? Nothing? Alright, over.He didn't go through the gate and through the bridge so...
    *Daemon: Then...
    *Tyson: Then he took the ship!
    *Ace: What?! That crazy son of a...
    *Jet(Radio): Ace...
    *Ace: Jet, what the fuck are you doing?!
    *Jet(Radio): Don't worry, I'm close to Buffalo.I'll send the ship after you guys.Don't expect me to come with it.
    *Ace: Jet! Jet! Damn!
  • Jet flew right above Buffalo, New York, and landed on a hill.He then sent the ship back to Rikers.He got on Hexer, and went at the same place the incident happened.As he arrived there, he did not see any traffic.He waited some hours, until, at around 5:06 PM, Drake appeared from the sky.
    *Drake: Jet, surprised to see you here... I never thought you'll come back after what happened.
    *Jet: Where's Johnny?!
    *Drake: He was looking for you too...
    *Johnny: What's up... Jet...
    *Jet: *turns around* Johnny! Man, don't listen to anything Drake said! He's trying to destroy Earth and...
    *Johnny: And he'll succeed... and I will help him.
    *Jet: What?! Are you serious, man?!
    *Johnny: Serious?! You were serious when you ran away?!
    *Jet: But...
    *Johnny: Enough... Drake, leave this to me...
    *Drake: So be it.Me and the rest will be watching from the building... make us proud, Johnny.
    *Jet: Johnny! Don't! We were best friends, man! Together we were the legends of Buffalo!
    *Johnny: You left me behind, Jet! You fuckin' left your friend behind!
    *Jet: Johnny! Listen! I was...
    *Johnny: Shut up! Get ready to face me...
  • Johnny's eyes turned white, and next to him appeared what looked like his Vectronian.Then, it disappeared as fast as it came.Johnny then ran towards Jet, but on his way, he disappeared only to reappear behind Jet.Johnny took out his knife, and tried to cut Jet, however he was able to dodge the attack, and was even able to disarm Johnny of the knife.
    *Johnny: I don't need the fuckin' knife to beat ya ass up!
    *Jet: Dude! Johnny! Come on, man, stop it!
  • But Johnny did not listen to him, and kept disappearing and reappearing, punching and kicking Jet from every side.Jet tried to avoid the attacks, but he didn't know where to block.Then, he closed his eyes, and was hit by Johnny in the face.Jet fell down on the ground, as Johnny was looking at him with hate.Johnny continued kicking Jet, who was unable to react because of their friendship.Suddenly, Ace and the others came on the ship, and landed near by.They all got out, and tried to help Jet somehow.
    *Daemon: Let's kick their asses!
    *Ace: Wait, don't... this is between them.
    *Tyson: Come on, Ace! I wanna burst some asses!
    *Ace: Behind that tiny brain, is a heart... not just a heart, but Jet's heart.It's big, and filled with hope.But in this case, there's no hope left for his friend.
    *Daemon: Yo! Jet! Kick his ass! He ain't your friend anymore!
    *Tyson: Come on, man! Beat him!
    *Jet: Damn... I can't...
    *Johnny: You were always weak, Jet... just as you were the first time I saw you... you should've hang yourself like your dad did.
    *Jet: Johnny... don't... don't ya fuckin'... say anything about my dad!
    *Drake: It started...
    *Senya: Qué?
    *Drake: Look...
    *Johnny: I'm gonna finish you off, Jet! *aims* Say your prayers, asshole!
  • Johnny pulled the trigger, but missed, as Jet suddenly disappeared.Jet was behind Johnny, with an angry look.His right hand was burning, but with a blue flame.So was the left one, the one without the glove.
    *Daemon: What the...
    *Drake: As expected!
    *Johnny: Up to fight now?!
    *Jet: You asked for it... tried to give you a chance... but I see it's useless...
    *Sner: Looks like they reached the second level of their unification.
    *Tyson: Whoa...
    *Jet: The friendship is gone... now, fuck off!
  • Jet grabbed Johnny and threw him in the air, but he disappeared, and reappeared behind Jet.This time, Jet was fast and threw blue flames at Johnny, burning his arm.
    *Johnny: Aaargh! Motherfucker!
    *Jet: Stop complaining!
  • Jet burnt his left hand too, and then, grabbed him again.His eyes suddenly started to burn, and he threw Johnny towards Drake's group, and at the same time, sending a large flame at them.Cain catches Johnny, and they disappear before the flame could hit them.The flame caused the building to collapse entirely.As Jet's flames were putting out, Drake took his flight over them, saying:
    *Drake: Nice, you are evolving the way I expect...
  • Then they yet again disappear in the dark.Jet falls down unconscious, and Ace and Daemon get him up, and take them in the ship.Then, they went to pick up Sarah and Sam, and went back to the base.There, Jet woke up in the infirmary.He got off his bed, and out of the room, where he met with Tyson.
    *Jet: Tyson, what happened?
    *Tyson: Jet?! Damn! Guys, he's awake!
    *Jet: What happened?
    *Tyson: You fought that Johnny guy.You sent him back in an oven!
    *Jet: Where is he now?
    *Ace: He's with Drake, and others.
    *Daemon: Man! You really did some fireworks there!
    *Jet: Heheh... I need some sleep... oh man!

No new characters.

Hope you enjoyed it!

Notify of mistakes, also feel free to give suggestions

And now...

Because our artist will be absent for a while, there will be no illustrations. [sadly]

And also, we need to set up dates for uploads, 'cuz, well, no more details! xD

Keep the Ace up your sleeve! ;)


EDIT: New Ep! The team's only[?] feminine member[??] gets herself some new great super powers[powers that would fit pretty much to a male, to be honest]

Hint for the powers: Kickass

  • EP. 18 - World's Strongest Woman
  • The next morning in the base, everyone was having breakfast, without Jet.When Jet woke up, he noticed a bandage on his left hand.He went in the kitchen.
    *Jet: What's this?
    *Sam: A bandage, isn't it obvious?
    *Jet: What for, dumbass?!
    *Ace: Those flames burnt your hand.
    *Jet: Damn...
    *Ace: Come on now, have breakfast!
    *Jet: Cereals?
    *Ace: Omelets.
    *Jet: Better...
    *Tyson: So, Jet, what happened?
    *Jet: How do you expect me to remember? I only remember that, it was really hot, I was fighting with Johnny, and suddenly, I fainted.Then, woke up here.
    *Daemon: Yo, but how did your hand burn anyway?
    *Jet: Dunno, guess I'll be needing another glove, Sam.
    *Sam: Don't sweat, I already took care of this. *hands glove*
    *Jet: Hehe...
    *Daemon: Snoop! While the fight you said something, 'bout level two or something...
    *Sner: Well, yeah.Jet, you and Flazz reached the second level of unification, your powers increased.By this time, your link was only psychic, now it's physical.
    *Jet: Speaking of this, where's Flazz?
    *Flazz: Right here!
    *Jet: Huh? Flazz, is there something different at you, or just my imagination?
  • Flazz came next to Jet, but he was different.Besides his normal orange flame body, he also had a blue armor, which was also burning in blue flames.
    *Flazz: You like my armor?
    *Jet: Yeah, it's pretty nice!
    *Ace: Jet, listen.I think Drake was knowing what he's doing.He busted out Johnny on purpose, just to make you angry.
    *Jet: Maybe.But you, Tyson, Daemon, does he have anyone from your past?
    *Daemon: I doubt he has anyone from my past.
    *Tyson: So do I, but I don't wanna know.And that guy Cain is, pretty, familiar... for a reason, but I can't remember.I know I saw him somewhere.
    *Sarah: I'm going to take some air.
    *Tyson: Alone? It's dangerous!
    *Sarah: Master Jensen taught me well.
    *Sam: It's still dangerous, I should assist you!
    *Daemon: Here we go again! Yo, this guy ain't givin' up?!
    *Sarah: Actually, yeah, you can come too.I need you to drive the ship.
    *Sam: Yeah! Where do you wanna go, dear? Sky is the limit!
    *Sarah: *slap* Just come!
    *Daemon: If I were you, I'd set the ship on auto-pilot...
    *Sam: Shush!
    *Sarah: Tyson, you're coming?
  • Suddenly, Tyson's face changed, as he remembered something important.
    *Tyson: I'm coming!
    *Daemon: We're coming too!
    *Tyson: Nah, you should stay here, guys.
    *Jet: But what if...
    *Ace: Let them go, we're talking with Tyson, remember? They'll be alright!
  • The three got in a ship, and Sarah told Sam to head towards Arizona.There, they went at the Greenwood Memorial Lawn Cemetery in Phoenix.
    *Sam: What are we doing here?
  • But Sam did not get any answer from either Sarah or Tyson.He was standing behind, as Tyson and Sarah advanced towards two graves, where Sarah placed a bouquet of flowers on each.They were standing there for a couple of minutes without moving.
    *Sarah: Mom, dad... I know you're looking over us from above.I just wish that... sigh...
  • Suddenly, she realized the graves were dug.Sarah was stunned for a second, and went closely to the graves.
    *Sarah: Tyson! Look!
    *Tyson: What?!
    *Sarah: The graves look like someone unearthed the graves!
    *Tyson: What the?!
    *Sam: Huh?! I don't think so... looks like someone was rather planting some flowers on it.
    *Tyson: Phew... Sam's right.look, there are some seeds over there.Don't worry sis...
    *Sarah: Oh... okay... even so, it's...
  • Sarah didn't even get to finish her phrase, because she heard a noise coming from behind a tombstone.From behind the tombstone came a guest-less Vectronian in liquid form, who was slowly advancing towards the Murrays.Tyson charged his arms with electricity, but the Vectronian jumped on Sarah's face, trying to combine.Tyson could not strike the alien, as it could also hurt Sarah.
    *Sarah: Aaaah!
    *Tyson: Sarah!
    *Sam: Oh no!
    *Tyson: Sam! Do something!
    *Sam: I'm afraid I can...
    *Tyson: You're pathetic! You're useless!
  • Tyson sent a small bolt at the alien, enough to hurt it and save Sarah.But, the unification was complete, and Sarah did manage to tame the Vetronian.As the Vectronian disappeared, Sarah's eyes started to glow and sent a ray to open a vortex, from which came a small reptile with sharp teeth, and muscles.
    *Chalez: I'm surprised... you're lucky with the kid's bolt I lost my consciousness, gave you enough time to somehow tame me.I feel weird, like I betrayed my planet
    *Sarah: Ah! Go away!
    *Chalez: Calm down...
    *Sam: Well... looks like you tamed your own alien.
    *Chalez: Indeed, my name is Chalez!
    *Sarah: I'm Sarah.Nice to meet you, then.Hehe! That's my brother, Tyson, and this is Sam.
    *Chalez: Pleasure to meet you.
    *Sam: Pleasure's ours.Now wait a second... *takes out syringe* Sarah I need some blood from you.
    *Sarah: Ow...
    *Sam: Now I have to insert it all in Chalez.
    *Chalez: Trying to destroy the chip?
    *Sam: This way, your friends will not find us.
    *Tyson: So this is what Ace was talking about.
    *Sam: Speaking of Ace... *takes out communicator* We better call him.Ace?
    *Ace(Radio): Sam, something happened?
    *Sam: Looks like Sarah got herself a Vectronian.
    *Ace(Radio): Really? That's good news I guess! So, what did you do?
    *Sam: Err... we just, flew from here to there and, you know...
    *Ace(Radio): Wow, interesting... Okay then, see ya back at base.Over!
    *Tyson: So, little fella, what can you do?
    *Chalez: Oh, you'll see... okay Sarah, let's test a bit your new powers.Try to pick up that tree over there!
    *Sarah,Tyson&Sam: What?!
    *Chalez: Just try it! You won't regret it!
    *Sarah: If the tree falls on me, I won't live to regret it.
  • Sarah went at the tree, and easily lift it up, like it was made of plastic.She then dropped the tree in the same spot.Everyone was amazed by Sarah's new powers.
    *Sarah: Whoa! That... was... awesome!
    *Chalez: Yeah, I am awesome, I know it.
    *Sam: Such strength.
    *Tyson: Yeah now a slap from you will be like a thousand.
    *Chalez: But it's not your only power, you also get incredible speed.Try to make some laps around.
  • Sarah started running around, her speed increasing by every lap.She was doing thirty laps in five seconds.She then stopped, once again being amazed.
    *Sarah: Oh my god! It's so awesome!
    *Chalez: Now, we're one.I think you guys are the ones fighting to save Earth.I feel bad I betrayed by planet, but afterall, they didn't do anything for me.So fuck 'em!
    *Sam: Come on let's go home already!
  • Back at the base, Sarah presented Chalez to everyone there.Chalez quickly befriended with the rest of the Vectronians.The day passed without anything to happen.For an hour, Sarah trained with Chalez, and then everyone spent the rest of the day as they wished.

No new characters

Hope you enjoyed it!

Notify of... after 18 episodes I guess you know what to do :P

NOTE: Well, I know that I forgot to add a cosplay of a character [Master Jensen], I will add it in another episode, since he's not just some usual minor character.

Keep the Ace up your Sleeve! ;)


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Thank you.

Going on, episode 19.Shocking discovery in Ace's life, also a new villain.Read it to find out ;]

  • EP. 19 - Revenge is a dish best served cold
  • 15th June, 6:31 PM.On a Vectronian ship, Drake was standing at a window, staring at Earth with the same evil eyes.Suddenly, behind him appeared a shadow, that took a shape.
    *Drake: Domingo... it's time for you to test Ace, personally...
    *Domingo: Hehe... understood, amigo.
    *Drake: But, be careful.I sense something deadly within him...
    *Domingo: Mucho better... heheh... I'll have fun.
    *Drake: Still, you won't make it...
    *Domingo: Que?! You're kiddin', amigo! I'm Domingo Diaz! The deadliest force on the planet! I will try not to kill your boyfriend, today.
    *Drake: Hmm... go!
  • As fast as he appeared, Domingo disappeared in shadows.Drake turned around with his back at the large window.
    *Drake: Deadliest force? Not only that I can destroy you... but even Ace can, and will... you were a pain in the butt anyway, Domingo... yet, I need Ace's team alive... for what will happen...
  • At the base, everyone was still trying to stop Sarah from destroying stuff inside the base.
    *Daemon: Someone try to stop her!
    *Jet: Sarah! Sit down!
    *Tyson: Yeah, that'll work... and my aunt's pregnant with Bigfoot!
    *Ace: Calm down! We have a guest!
    *Jet: Mister fossi... err... master Jensen! How did ya find the base? Toilet?
    *Jensen: No... rice balls.
    *Jet: What...
    *Ace: Details... so I called master Jensen here for a reason... to teach us an old Chinese meditation technique.
    *Jet: But first, it's news time.Let's see what happened.
    *Ace: Err... okay, then.By the way, master Jensen... we have a problem with Sarah.
    *Jensen: What problem?
    *Sarah: This...
  • Sarah hit the wall next to her, making a hole through the reinforced concrete.Master Jensen slowly went at the hole, took out his glasses and put them on.He then examined the hole.
    *Jensen: Hmm... I knew I thought you well, but I didn't know I can teach this well!
    *Tyson: It's not the training, it's from a Vectronian!
    *Chalez: Yeah, me!
    *Jensen: Aha... well then, you should learn how to control your powers... in any situation.I can't help you, I'm afraid. But, I know someone who can.
    *Sarah: Really? Who?
    *Jensen: Oh, he lives in Asia, in the Himalayas mountains.In a small village.Old friend of mine.He should be at the highest temple from that village.
    *Sam: Wait, Himalayas?! That's like...
    *Sarah: Shut up! Come on Sam, you're coming with me!
    *Sam: I knew it, they all come back!
    *Jensen: Wait... *gives letter* Give this to him, tell him it's from Jensen.
    *Sarah: Okay, thanks master! See you in...
    *Sam: Afterlife?
    *Sarah: A week maybe?
    *Daemon: A'ight, see ya then!
    *Tyson: Heh... road to suicide... for Sam.
    *Jensen: Now to check the news.
  • They went in the living room, sat down, turned the TV on.They changed the channel on the news channel.
    *Jensen: Nice place.
    *Ace: Yep... okay news, why should we watch it now anyway?
    *Jensen: Hmm...
    *Reporter: We are live from Graceland Cemetery, Chicago, where two graves were robbed.The bodies are still there, only thing that misses are the heads.The graves that were robbed were the graves of twenty five year old Maria Connor, and her daughter Helena Connor.
  • Suddenly, they all realized what happened.As they were looking at Ace, they saw him surrounded by a strange, red and yellow aura.He then got up and kicked the coffee table.
    *Ace: Drake!! That motherfucker!!
    *Daemon: Yo, did he really do that?!
    *Jet: Son of a bitch! How can he be this mad?!
    *Daemon: Damn it, that fool's fucked!
    *Ace: Aaargh!! Motherfucker!!
    *Jensen: Hmm...
  • Jensen went next to Ace and with a simple poke on the neck, Ace lost consciousness and fell down.After he woke up, he was convinced to meditate with the others, so they started the meditations.Everyone was in the training room, meditating, when suddenly, an explosion was provoked right above the room, in the ceiling, making a huge hole from which fell Domingo.
    *Domingo: Well... Acelius Connor...
    *Ace: What do you want?
    *Domingo: Heh... just your head.
    *Ace: Not in a good mood... try to run, or you better kill yourself, 'cause if I'll kill ya, you'd regret it in hell.
    *Domingo: Hell is everywhere for me... now it'll be for you too.Preparser para morir!
    *Daemon: Yo, sick and tired of Drake's assholes, let's finish this guy off!
    *Domingo: Oooh, not so fast, holmes! This is between me, and my amigo Ace.
    *Ace: I told ya... get lost now...
    *Domingo: Oh, c'mon, don't ya want to see your beloved family, Ace? Remember back in 2003 right?
    *Ace: Argh... what do you know about it?
    *Domingo: Me, I killed your familia!
    *Ace: Shut up, my family and friends were killed by those cartel assholes!
    *Domingo: Oh indeed, but who do you think ordered them to attack you? Hehe...
    *Ace: You...
    *Domingo: Domingo Diaz... ex-leader of the cartel, the one responsible for... these two...
  • Domingo took off his cape and hood, revealing his beefy body, filled with scars.Also, his bald head was scarred as well, and he had chains all over his body.Also, in his right hand, were two skulls, who were in fact Ace's wife and daughter's skulls.Domingo dropped the skulls, and crushed them under his feet.Ace's aura changed again, this time the red and yellow aura around him was stronger.
    *Domingo: Adios, Acelius... time to...
  • But before Domingo could finish what we wanted to say, Ace speed up at him, punching him in the stomach, and sending him in the wall.Ace then went at him, kept punching and digging in the underground.Ace then gave Domingo an uppercut, sending him through the soil, and on the surface.While in mid air, Ace gave Domingo another round of consecutive fast punches, before kicking him in the head and sending him in the ground.Ace then started to glow, and after the bright light appeared and disappeared, Ace had four pair of wings, and next to him, his companion Tyrobali, was equipped with a golden armor, and had golden wings.Daemon, Jensen, Tyson and Jet rushed outside, and saw Ace.
    *Tyson: This ain't Ace...
    *Flazz: He's not like he used to be...
    *Jensen: My student was always like this, filled with anger and revenge, but he had his good parts.This time, it's only about revenge.He has to do it.
    *Daemon: What's with him anyway?
    *Tyson: Maybe it's...
    *Sner: Yes indeed, level two...
  • Charging a beam in his fist, he went with full speed towards Domingo, who was already dead on the ground.After the impact, a large crater was formed around.At the bottom of it, Ace was standing above the body of Domingo, who was now completely destroyed.
    *Ace: Maria, Helena, everyone... I avenged you all...
    *Jet: Damn, it's painful, isn't it?
    *Ace: It is... but I feel... stronger, relieved, and... more, peaceful.
    *Tyson: Man, you totally finished that guy...
    *Jensen: Come on out of the crater already!
    *Jet: Let's go man...
  • Back inside, they sat down in the living room, and Ace went in thoughts.
    *Daemon: Yo, they're avenged.
    *Ace: Yeah, I feel better now.
    *Tyrobali: Yeah, but when Sam finds out what happened here, he won't feel good at all.
    *Ace: Heh... hey, speaking of Sam, wonder where those two are.
    *Jet: As far as I know, he's probably staring at Sarah's ass.
    *Everyone: Haha!
    *Flazz: Some nice armor you got there bud.
    *Tyrobali: Yeah, it's pretty cool.And hey, Sner, you'll be the next one to reach level two.
    *Sner: Yeah, maybe.
    *Daemon: Maybe?! What makes you think I won't reach level two?!
    *Sner: Nothing, I'm sure we'll reach level two.But at level three, we'll be stronger than ever.
    *Jet: How's level three?
    *Tyrobali: Deadly, for every enemy.I think Drake is already at level three.
    *Tyson: Nah, he's pretty weak, I got him with a bolt from the back, I'd give him a level two.
    *Ace: Well, since I found the peace inside me, I better do something with the remaining of the skulls.
    *Jet: We'll let you alone on this.
    *Jensen: Finally, he finished his duty.The reason I trained him, to become stronger.
    *Daemon: Hey usually trainers don't train their students just to become intelligent or something like that...
    *Jensen: No, he gave me a slice of pizza when at a party, I owed him one.
    *Jet: What the fuck?!
  • Meanwhile, Ace reached Graceland Cemetery, where he saw some FBI agents, including agent Robert.
    *Robert: Ace, your family, right?
    *Ace: Yeah, I got their... skulls back... what's left of them.
    *Robert: Don't worry, we'll say we caught the undertakers, and the skulls are alright.But, what's with the skulls.
    *Ace: They're in these bags... *gives bags*
    *Robert: Hmm... dust.
    *Ace: At least they'll rest in peace... see you again, agent.
    *Robert: Good night, Ace.
  • While Ace was heading towards the base, Sam and Sarah were in the ship, on their way towards the Himalayas.

... To be continued

New Supporting Character(s):

Master Jensen:edfe854.png

New Minor Character(s):

Domingo Diaz:6a31447.png

Hope you enjoyed it! ;]

Stay tuned for more and...

Keep the Ace up your sleeve! ;]

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Aaaaaalright, because High-School started [shit] I don't have pretty much time to upload, so upload day will be on Saturdays.

Keep the Ace up your sleeve! ;]

EDIT: Alright, new episode! :]

On this one, Sarah is going to meet her trainers in the Himalayas and start her training.

  • EP. 20 - Everybody was Kung Fu fighting!
  • While flying over Tibet, Sam and Sarah finally reached Himalaya, where, as they got out of the clouds, they heard a strange sound.
    *Sam: What's that?
    *Chalez: Sounds like an... ancient monk song or something?
    *Sam: Let's get closer.
  • As they were closer and closer, they saw in the far distance, a chain of temples, going by the edge of the mountain, with a huge stairway taking to the top of the mountain, in a big temple in the peak.But as they were going closer, they heard the same sound, only more clear.
    *Sam: I think I heard it again!
    *Sarah: Set the speakers on, maybe we'll hear it better.
    *Sam: It's scary...
    *Sarah: What the? It's just a ritual!
    *Sam: Why do you want to hear it anyway?
    *Sarah: It's strangely familiar... now push the button!
    *Sam: Okay! *pushes button*
    *Speakers: Annie are you okay? Annie are you okay? Are you okay Annie?
    *Sam: Michael Jackson?!
    *Sarah: No wonder it sounded familiar! Look! There's a group of people! Let's land!
  • They landed the ship, and went to the crowd.The one singing the song was a monk, who was performing in the middle of the crowd.
    *Monk: You've been hit by...
    *Sam: Excuse me.
    *Monk: You've been struck by...
    *Chalez: Excuse me!
    *Monk: A smooth...
    *Sarah: Excuse me!!
    *Monk: Criminal?
    *Sarah: Eh... sorry, people! We were wondering how to...
    *Monk2: Aaah! Modern people! They came with a UFO! Run!
    *Everyone: Aaaaah!
    *Sam: What the...
    *Monk: Sigh... excuse them.I am Xi Shin.I am a monk.What brings you here?
    *Sarah: We came to see someone.We were sent by some of our friends, master Jensen to...
    *Shin: Aha... master Jensen.A fine and respected master around this places.He sent you here, to meet master Fuji.
    *Sam: His name is Fuji?
    *Shin: Follow me.
  • They followed Xi Shin to the stairway, and they started climbing it to the top.After circa half an hour of climbing, they reached the top, and the entrance of the temple.Sam, exhausted, fell down.
    *Sam: Oh man... how did you build this thing?!
    *Shin: Come on, let's go.
    *Sam: Tyson was right... this is a road to suicide! More a stairway to suicide!
    *Shin: The master is inside the temple. *opens doors* You go ahead.
    *Sarah: Alright!
  • Sarah and Sam went inside, and Xi Shin closed the door behind them.As they were advancing, with every step they took, a candle was lighten on the wall.As they reached the end of the corridor, the whole wall was lighten, but even so, they saw no door or any opening.The only thing they saw, were some paintings on the wall, and some holes with shapes.Each hole had a different shape, those of snake, crane, tiger, leopard, and dragon.Sarah was hardly thinking at what they can do, and so was Sam.
    *Sam: Any idea?
    *Sarah: Well these holes have an odd shape... this looks like a leopard... a crane, a tiger....
    *Sam: Snake, and dragon... the five animals.
    *Chalez: You got any plan?
    *Sam: Nope... well... nah, I don't!
    *Chalez: Well there's something even more strange... look! Four of five holes are shining.
    *Sam: Yeah... the tiger, snake, leopard and crane... but the dragon?
    *Sarah: What does that mean?
    *Sam: Wasn't the dragon the master of strength?
    *Sarah: How should I know?
    *Sam: I dunno either... well strength means... punch.Give the hole a punch.An easy one.
    *Sarah: Okay. *punches* What? Nothing?
    *Chalez: Alright... try harder.
    *Sarah: *punches* Wow... tried my best but this thing is like incredibly strong.
    *Sam: Yeah... didn't feel any tremor.Still, nothing happened... let's think of something else.
  • They tried different methods of trying to light it up, but after two hours, they didn't succeed with anything.Then, Sam thought at something.
    *Sam: Sarah! I got an idea! Let's see what lights the other holes.
    *Sarah: Okay! Good idea!
  • They checked the holes, but saw the bright light coming from between some cracks.Sarah tried to remove some, but it was impossible.She got out of the hole, and Sam went forward to inspect it, but he fell down in the hole, tripping by a crack, and as he landed, he pushed a stone, making the rocks in the hole open a small trapdoor, leading in a room with spikes and a torch in the middle.Sam was about to fall on the spikes, but Sarah caught him in time.
    *Sam: Ah! Shit!
    *Sarah: Calm down, I won't let you fall.
    *Sam: I knew you love me!
    *Sarah: I can always check my manicure.
    *Sam: Eh... well, there's a torch here! And I think that, the dragon stone can be lighten up by this torch.I just gotta take it. *grabs torch* Got it! Lift me up!
    *Sarah: Now, let's open the dragon hole and light the torch inside it.
  • Sam pushed a stone in the hole, and opened the trapdoor.But inside it, there wasn't any torch.
    *Sam: What?! There's no torch?!
    *Sarah: What do you mean?!
    *Sam: Nothing... lift me up...
    *Sarah: Oh now what...
    *Sam: I have no idea... maybe we should, cut the torch in half?
    *Sarah: You get the burn then! Sigh... *leans*
  • As Sarah leaned back on the wall, she pressed a secret button, and from another stone came a small box, with a glass window, on which was written: 'In case of emergency, break glass for torch'.As he saw that, Sam was left agape.
    *Sam: What the?!
    *Sarah: Hey check that! Break the glass! *breaks glass* Whoops!
    *Chalez: You've broke the whole box... anyway, get the torch.
    *Sarah: *takes torch* Okay, light it up.
    *Sam: *lights torch* Okay, done.Let me put this back on the other hole.
  • Sam and Sarah first placed the torched in the original hole, then placed the other torch in the dragon hole.As all holes were lighten up, a secret underground passage in the middle of the room was opened.They went down on a stairway, and as they reached the end, they saw a door, and a strange music behind it.
    *Sam: God... I officially... hate, stairs!
    *Chalez: What's with this music?
    *Sam: What? Probably another Michael Jackson fan! These guys need a life!
    *Sarah: Hey respect him, idiot! Let him rest in peace!
    *Sam: Amen.
    *Sarah: Doesn't sound like Michael Jackson, though...
    *Chalez: Well open it up.
  • Sarah opened the door, and they saw an old man, with three other monks, dancing in the middle of the room, which was surrounded by speakers.
    *Speakers: I like to move it, move it! I like to move it, move it!
    *Master: Y'all like to...
    *Everyone: Move it!
    *Sarah: What...
    *Sam: The...
    *Master: Fuck?! Aah! What?! People?! We were just... practicing the... style of the... tuna.
    *Sam: And I'm a whale on shore...
    *Sarah: You're master Fuji?
    *Fuji: Indeed I am.Welcome to the temple of the masters.What brings you here?
    *Sarah: Well, first we have a letter for you. *hands letter*
    *Fuji: Hmm... Jensen.He is asking me to train you in the arts of the, dragon?
    *Sam: Hmm... so that's why the dragon wasn't lighten up...
    *Fuji: Indeed, the dragon style master was killed in a war some hundred of years ago, so we're looking for someone else to take his place, style, and his spot in the dancing ring.
    *Sam: Wait... you guys are a thousand years old?!
    *Fuji: No, but when I say a thousand years old, sounds more like a Jackie Chan movie, and I like it.Haha!
    *Sam: Whoa... same fossil sense of humor like Jensen.
    *Fuji: Well, now... you should meet us.This is Tai Su, master of the crane style, Ju Wen, master of the snake style, and Ba Sho, master of the leopard style.Jensen is the master of the tiger style, and you, Sarah...
    *Sarah: How do you know my name? I didn't even tell you!
    *Fuji: I got a special kind of power, I can read minds.Haha! No, it's written on the letter! Anyway,you are the new master of the dragon style.
    *Sarah: Really?
    *Fuji: Haha! No! Not yet.You still have to pass the tests.
    *Sarah: What tests?
    *Fuji: You will be tested by every master here, since Jensen already trained you.
    *Sam: Hey and me?
    *Fuji: Don't worry.Do you like tea?
    *Sam: Oh sure!
    *Fuji: Follow me.
    *Sarah: So how will the training start?
    *Tai Su: Go through that door.You will be trained by each of us in our styles.After each training, you have to face us in a spare.
    *Sarah: Okay, wouldn't be a problem!
    *Ba Sho: Well then, Ju Wen, Tai Su, let's go.
  • The three masters disappeared, and Sarah slowly went towards the door.Meanwhile, Sam and Fuji were in front of a large LCD, drinking beer, eating nachos and other snacks, and watching a baseball match.
    *Fuji: Hahaha! This is our tea here!
    *Sam: Whoa, hey! I already love this place!
    *Fuji: So about everyone of you, what will happen in 2012?
    *Sam: Oh, Earth will be attacked by aliens.We have to stop the invasion.
    *Fuji: Hmm... at that time, you will be surrounded by enemies, but also, hidden in the mist of the mountains, will be your allies as well.
    *Sam: That was wise!
    *Fuji: Yeah! Haha! I read it from the cereal box!
    *Sam: Hahaha! Wondering what Sarah is doing.
  • Sarah went on through the corridor, and reached another door.She opened it, and he saw Tai Su sitting on a pillow.
    *Sarah: Ready to train.
    *Tai Su: First lesson... balance.

... To be continued

New Minor Characters:


Fuji: ae7d197.png

Tai Su:774f543.png

Ju Wen: 3322239.png

Ba Sho: 5ef9363.png

Hope you enjoyed it!

Next episode on next week's Saturday! :)

Keep the Ace up your sleeve! ;]

EDIT: New Ep. :]

Wow, I so wish people would comment.I'd like to hear someone say bad stuff about the story :P and of course, someone to say good stuff.Nonetheless, anything goes, so readers are free to comment.

EP. 21 - The Masters

  • In the first room of training, Sarah found herself surrounded by ice, and the first master who was in the middle of the room.As she took a step, she slided down towards Tai Su, which stopped her with a single finger in the forehead.Sarah regained her balance, and they were ready for the training.
    *Tai Su: Balance... style of the crane.First lesson.
    *Sarah: Wait but...
  • Before she could finish, Tai Su clapped his hands, and the icy floor started to tremor.Suddenly, it all broken, and beneath it were icicles.Tai Su jumped on the spiky icicles, and standing on them with only one foot, like they were made of pillows.But for Sarah, it was harder.She was hanging by a large icicle, fearing to fall down in the many more spiky icicles.
    *Sarah: Aaah! What the?!
    *Tai Su: Get on the top of the icicle.
    *Sarah: What?! But I'm sliding! And if I'll try I'll destroy the icicle and fall.
    *Tai Su: You want to go home, student?
    *Sarah: No! But...
    *Tai Su: Then, get on the top of the icicle, now.
    *Sarah: Damn it...
  • Sarah slowly climbed the icicle, surprisingly, it didn't break.Though, it wasn't easy for Sarah to stand on the spiky peak.As she tried, she only got cut on her feet.Tai Su didn't want to give up though, so he kept shouting at her, and after some hours, she finally managed to stand on it, for a small time, before she lost her balance again.Tai Su told her to give another try, and the second time, she managed to stand on it even more.
    *Sarah: I did it! I did it! I... whoa!
    *Tai Su: Don't get so excited yet.
  • Once again, Sarah lost her balance, but manage to get back on.As she was smiling, Tai Su jumped off his icicle, and lunged at her.Sarah managed to dodge the attack, and jump on another icicle.
    *Sarah: Hey what's wrong with you?!
    *Tai Su: Lesson two, balance in a fight. *jumps*
  • Tai Su jumped off again and charged at Sarah, who again dodged the attack.They kept jumping off icicles, attacking and dodging each others attacks.As she was jumping from an icicle to another, Sarah was easily making them crack.Suddenly, as Sarah jumped off, Tai Su quickly grabbed her leg, and threw her away.Sarah grabbed an icicle, and slided around it, getting on top.Yet again, Tai Su charged at her, and so did Sarah.As they were in mid air, Sarah quickly made a loop, and kicked Tai Su in his balls, making him lose his balance and fall down, but he successfully grabbed an icicle and regained his balance, even though he still felt the pain.
    *Tai Su: Ow... okay, you pass this too.
    *Sarah: *breathes heavy* I'm exhausted...
    *Tai Su: Lesson three.
    *Sarah: Oh no...
    *Tai Su: This is an easy one.Close combat.
    *Sarah: What?!
    *Tai Su: Time to fight.
  • Tai Su clapped his hands again, and the icicles started to crack and eventually break at once.Sarah screamed while in mid air, but as she was falling, she landed on a ice platform.She couldn't explain how it suddenly appeared, but she was happy she didn't fall.As she got up, Tai Su quickly got next to her, and kicked her, sending her in some icicles on top of the room.As she was falling, Tai Su again jumped at her, and quickly punched her in the stomach, and left her fall on the ice.Sarah slowly got up, and Tai Su was just sitting in front of her.
    *Sarah: Hitting a girl?!
    *Tai Su: You're not a girl, you're a student.And as all my students, you have to be stronger.
    *Sarah: I'm fuckin' hurt here!
    *Tai Su: Then, go home.
    *Sarah: Aaah!
  • With an extreme anger inside her, Sarah lunged at her trainer, leaving a crack in the ice with each step.As she was about to hit him, Tai Su avoided the attack, and jumped away.Before she realized that, Sarah hit the ice platform, making a large crack after the impact.Tai Su then quickly got behind her, and pushed her making her fall on the crack, which had broken.Before she could fall, Sarah grabbed the edge of the hole, but because of her strength, it was about to break too.
    *Tai Su: Remember... balance.Is that all you learned today?
    *Sarah: Enough!
    *Chalez: Sarah come on, you gotta do something!
    *Sarah: What can I do? I can't get out of this situation... guess this is...
    *Chalez: Shut up, okay? Listen, you have strength, right? Try to control your strength, or we're gone.
    *Sarah: Alright... alright... err...
    *Chalez: Focus, canalize your strength equally in each part of the body for a perfect, balance.
    *Sarah: Okay Chal!
  • As Sarah was focusing, right before the ice would shatter, she pushed herself up, and easily landing on the ice.Tai Su was surprised by her escape, and they continued the fight.This time, Sarah was easily avoiding Tai Su's attacks, and in reverse.After some fighting, without anyone getting any hit, Sarah found an opening, and as Tai Su missed an attack, Sarah quickly got behind him, grabbed him, jumped and flipped two times in the air, and finally hit him on the ice platform, shattering it.Before Tai Su could get up, Sarah grabbed him, and threw him in the air.Then, she jumped, and kept attacking, disappearing and reappearing in different angles.Then, when she was above him, she kicked him in the head, sending him in the platform, and this time, breaking it, sending Tai Su down, in an bottomless hole.Sarah went at him, grabbed him and threw him up through the same hole.Then she grabbed a vertical icicle, and jumped through the hole, grabbed Tai Su while he was in mid air, and placed him slowly on the ice.
    *Tai Su: Sarah... you officially passed the first lesson of balance.But, you still have two more trainers to pass.
    *Sarah: That was piece of cake!
    *Chalez: High-five Sarah!
    *Sarah: Yay!
    *Tai Su: Good luck, trainee.Also to remind, you will have a better balance and easily jump wherever you want.
    *Sarah: Thanks, Tai Su!
    *Tai Su: Then, go.
  • Tai Su opened a hidden door, and Sarah went through it.On her way, while walking on the long corridor, she stopped for a moment.
    *Chalez: Sarah?
    *Sarah: Chalez, I wonder what the rest are doing now.
    *Chalez: Sure they miss you.
  • Meanwhile, at the base...
    *Ace: Haha! I'm gonna own ya, Jet!
    *Jet: Fuck off! Fuck off! Aah! Shit!
    *Ace: Haha! Loser!
    *Jet: Fuck you! This game is a piece of shit!
    *Ace: It's just Super Mario, you idiot! And I, got a higher score with... six hundred thousand, and many more, points.Sucker!
    *Jet: Not fair! You had three lives I had one!
    *Ace: What can I say? 'Luigi' ain't your middle name! Haha! I'm a winner you're a loser!
    *Jet: Fuck face!
    *Ace: Daemon, Tyson, what are ya doin' there?
    *Daemon: Grand Theft Auto! San Andreas! What about you, Ty?
    *Tyson: Grand Theft Auto! Four!
    *Daemon: What?! Since when you bought that?!
    *Tyson: Hey some hours ago I went back in Phoenix with Ace to take some of my and Sarah's stuff, and found the game there.
    *Ace: Under the mountain of clothes and pizza boxes...
    *Tyson: Hey the game is awesome!
    *Tyrobali: Hey, where's all the drinks?
    *Ace: Jet?
    *Jet: What?
    *Daemon: Yo, what drinks?! Jet?!
    *Jet: What?!
    *Tyson: My Pepsi?! Jet?!
    *Jet: What the fuck, man?!
    *Ace: Sigh... I'll go buy another box.Wonder what Sarah, Chalez and Sam are doing.
  • Back at the temple...
    *Sarah: Hmm... yeah, they sure are missing me!
    *Chalez: And Sam might be too.
  • Meanwhile, in the master's room.
    *Sam: Hahaha! Oh man, I can't drink anymore beer!
    *Fuji: Haha! So you like it here?!
    *Sam: Oh yeah! I love the monk beer! And monk snacks! And monk TV!
    *Both: Hahaha!
  • Back at Sarah and Chalez...
    *Sarah: Yeah, he's sure missing me too.
    *Chalez: Okay come on, we still got two to beat down.
    *Sarah: Alright, Chal.Hey, I'm really happy you're here with me.
    *Chalez: My duty, and my pleasure.
    *Sarah: *blushes* Hehe! Come on, let's get going!
  • They kept walking on the corridor, until they reached a large door.Sarah opened it, and found Ju Wen sitting on a pillow, and surrounded by candles.

... To be continued

No New Characters

Feel free to comment, please! :]

Keep the Ace up your sleeve! ;]

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  • 3 weeks later...

Ep. 22! :D

This one's name is pretty funny lol, that because it was Vlad's idea. xD

EP. 22 - It's raining freaks! Hallelujah!

  • Sarah got in the room, and as soon as she took a step, the doors behind her closed.Ju Wen got up and got out of the ring of candles.Then he welcomed Sarah.
    *Ju Wen: Welcome, student... in the room of the snake!
    *Sarah: Thank you, master.
    *Ju Wen: The snake style is simple, and it consists of whipping, grappling and rattling.Before I add anything else, we...
  • Suddenly, an explosion was provoked at the ceiling, and from the hole came Senya, Johnny and Cain.Sarah and Ju Wen were surprised by their presence, even though they didn't know who they are.
    *Sarah: Who are you?!
    *Senya: We're here to have fun, isn't it obvious?!
    *Cain: Eh...
    *Senya: Something wrong, Cain?
    *Cain: Well...
    *Johnny: Hey, leave it for later, let's do what we're here for!
    *Sarah: What's your business here anyway?!
    *Johnny: Kill you! And while we do this, Drake is at your friends...
  • After they heard the explosion, Sam, Fuji, Tai Su and Ba Sho came in the room.
    *Fuji: What is happening here?!
    *Sam: I guess you three are Drake's bitches!
    *Cain: Haaahaa! Watch your tongue, little man... or I'll make sure the cat eats it...
    *Johnny: Maybe after I put a bullet hole into it...
    *Senya: Hehe... let's take out everyone here, eh?
    *Tai Su: Oh no, you won't!
    *Fuji: Get in positions, fighters!
    *Tai Su: Crane!
    *Ba Sho: Leopard!
    *Ju Wen: Snake!
    *Sarah: Shopping!
    *Sam: Eh...
    *Sarah: What?!
    *Senya: Get 'em!
  • Senya, Cain and Johnny charged at the masters and Sarah, and a hard fight started.As the good guys were avoiding scythes, swords and bullets, they also counter attacked using each style.In the middle of the fight, Sam got out of the room in a hurry.
    *Sarah: Sam! Sam!
    *Senya: Your boyfriend left you here, eh?
    *Sarah: He's not my boyfriend! *hits*
  • Sam got to the ship, and went off back to California.Meanwhile, back at the base, as the team was having fun, it all ended when the alarm started.Ace went in the security room, and saw Drake outside, right in the middle of the runway.Ace informed everyone, and they went outside, where they confronted Drake.
    *Drake: Well, well... the welcoming committee...
    *Ace: I prefer to give ya a kick in the ass good-bye.
    *Drake: Maybe you want to know that... as I am here, wasting your time... your friends, Sarah and Sam, are fighting for their lives.
    *Ace: What?!
    *Tyson: Sarah! You piece of...
    *Jet: Easy kid...
    *Drake: My friends are testing her powers... but she can be killed anytime.You can stay here and fight me... or you can go save her... and by the way... change the laser.I think Domingo made too much... damage...
    *Ace: You...
    *Drake: Ace... it's your choice... fight me, or save your friends...
    *Jet: How can we get to Tibet anyway?!
    *Drake: Why asking me that?
    *Ace: Damn it!
    *Sam(Radio): Ace! The temple's attacked!
    *Ace: We know, Sam! Where are ya?!
    *Sam(Radio): Close to the base! You need to help Sarah!
    *Ace: We will... over!
    *Drake: I guess you have chosen to be heroes, and not warriors.
    *Ace: Shut up... we'll get you one day...
    *Jet: I got a better idea, Ace... you go, and I'll take care of this asshole!
    *Drake: I would love to fight you all... in fact I can kill you all right here... but as I said, the offer of an alliance is still available.
    *Daemon: Yo, shut up! I'm sick and tired of your talking! *takes claws*
    *Jet: Right said, man! *takes shotgun*
    *Tyson: *charges arms* Let's take care of him 'till Sam gets here, what do you say?
    *Ace: Meh...
    *Drake: It can be your biggest mistake ever... looks like your friend is here, I'll be gone.Au revoir!
    *Ace: Damn...
    *Sam: Come on, guys! Let's hurry up!
    *Jet: Load it up! Let's fight!
  • The team got in the ship, and went back in Tibet.Meanwhile, Sarah found herself surrounded by Senya, Cain and Johnny, while the other masters were lying down, defeated.
    *Senya: Look what happened... all lonely now, eh?
    *Cain: Haaahaaa! Lemme cut her head off!
    *Johnny: Easy, man... you ain't no gentleman here...
    *Sarah: Damn it... Sam...
    *Senya: Your boyfriend ain't here, chica.Say good-bye...
  • As Senya was about to cut Sarah with her scythe, she was shot in the hand by Ace.Then, the bad guys found themselves surrounded by Ace's team.
    *Senya: Backup is here, eh...
    *Tyson: Big mistake hurtin' my sister, idiots!
    *Daemon: Big mistake you actually thought of doing that!
    *Jet: Johnny... before we finish you off, all I can say is... fuck you, asshole!
    *Johnny: You piece of shit!
  • Another fight started, but this one was rather one sided, as Ace's team had the number of members as an advantage.Daemon turned into a rhino and charged at Johnny with fool speed,with Jet sitting comfortably on his back.Johnny tried to dodge the attack, but ace grabbed his right arm, and threw him into the wall, also burning the skin on that arm.Cain was running on the walls of the room,and suddenly jumped at Ace, who, at the time, was in mid-air, charging his revolver with energy.Cain's swords turned blue, and he used them to freeze Ace's wings.Senya tried to take Ace's head while he was falling to the ground, but Sarah caught him right before he hit ground, also kicking Senya, who managed to block the powerful hit by turning the scythe into a shield.Right as she was about to counter-attack, Tyson came from behind and electrocuted her with a simple touch on the shoulder.Johnny got up from the floor, only to be hit again by Jet's fireballs, which now were stronger than ever.Ace finally managed to charge his revolver, and shot Cain, who fell on the ground, unable to move.After minutes of fighting, the bad guys were taken out, and fell down defeated.
    *Tyson: Now,how's that for teamwork?
    *Jet: Let's finish 'em!
    *Daemon: Yo, I'm down with that!
    *Senya: Ah... pendejos!
    *Cain: Haah... ouch... you're gonna pay for this someday...
    *Ace: Here's a dollar... that's how expensive your life is.
    *Drake: Well... I guess they lost this time...
    *Ace: Drake! It's time to finish you this time!
    *Drake: As I said, Ace... I am too busy... let's go!
  • Drake and his team disappeared, and Ace's team checked how the masters are feeling.After an hour from the incident, Sarah was once again ready to train again.The next two days she kept training, and she officially became the master of the dragon style.But as she could not stay there, as the world needed her, the team left the temple, but not before Sarah went through a small shop in the city.
  • Back at the base, Ace reminded of what Drake said, and asked Sam to replace the security system from the airstrip.As this was done, the rest of the day was theirs to waste it.

... To be continued

Hope you liked it! :D

Keep the Ace up your sleeve! ;]

EDIT: EP. 23! This one's a bit long lol, but hope you'll enjoy it.Name's a reference to San Andreas' mission 'Life's a Beach'. ;] And in this episode, we welcome a new character, which is... heh, you'll see. xD

Also, happy birthday to someone! :D

  • EP. 23 - Life's a Beach
  • 17th June, 8:27 AM.At the base, everyone was doing their normal routine, waking up and having breakfast, but this time only, Sam and Ace came in the kitchen with a huge birthday cake in their hands.
    *Jet: What the...
    *Tyson: Cake!
    *Ace: Damn, this shit's heavy...
    *Sam: Happy birthday, Daemon!
    *Daemon: Hey man, how'd ya find out? I wanted to tell you later.
    *Sam: You guys aren't the only ones with super powers! I'm telepathic, I have read your mind, and the stars that were up on the sky last night and then the wind whispered and...
    *Ace: You're tele-pathetic.The FBI told us.
    *Sam: Whatever, FBI is windy.You know what I mean?
    *Tyson: Errr... nope?
    *Sam: Whatever, eat the cake!
    *Tyson: Okay! *bites*
    *Jet: Whoa, easy kid! What the fuck?!
    *Ace: Sarah, control your beast...
    *Sarah: Eh... he has this kinda... weakness, to cakes and other sweet stuff...
    *Ace: Morale of this story: never leave the lights on in a candy shop.
    *Jet: So how you wanna celebrate, man?
    *Daemon: Something we never did before! Like... going to the beach, yeah!
    *Ace: Hmpf...
    *Jet: Oh yeah, that sounds great!
    *Tyson: Oh yeah! I'm gonna change!
    *Sarah: Tyson...
    *Tyson: Yeah, sis?
    *Sarah: Sorry but... as your elder sister I...
    *Ace: She's right, we can't let you in the water.You can kill us all if you go out of control.
    *Sarah: That's not what I wanted to say!
    *Ace: Then what?
    *Sarah: That I wanna put my swimsuit first!
    *Ace: *facepalm* Jesus Christ...
  • Everyone got in their swimsuits, except Ace.Daemon went at him and asked:
    *Daemon: Yo, why ain't you changing?
    *Ace: Don't like the beach...
    *Daemon: Why not man? C'mon, we gonn` have, sun, girls, sand in our ass! It'll be perfect!
    *Ace: Shit no...
    *Daemon: Alright then... Jet!
    *Jet: Ace, move yo ass in and change in ya swimsuit!
    *Ace: What, you think you're scaring me, you half-minded biker?
    *Jet: You... damn I can't reply to that, he's good.Err... Sarah!
    *Sarah: Ace...
    *Ace: Sarah?
    *Sarah: Can you please change? So we can go to the beach?
    *Ace: Hmmm... no.
    *Sarah: Fuckin' change now before I break something!
    *Ace: Ah crap! Okay!
    *Jet: Damn, how's she doin' it?
    *Daemon: Who knows...
  • Ace got changed, and went outside where everyone was waiting for him to change.They were all amazed by Ace's body, who was full of tattoos and scars.
    *Ace: This is why I don't like at the beach
    *Sarah: Eh... come on! You look great in that swimsuit!
    *Ace: Eh...
    *Jet: Who gives a damn crap about how you look, man?
    *Tyson: Yeah, I mean... look at Jet, he's hairy and disgusting!
    *Jet: Say what you little punk?!
    *Tyson: Hahaha!
    *Ace: Heh, alright let's go.
  • They took Daemon's SUV and Hexer and went on the Los Angeles coast.There, they reached Santa Monica beach, and Ace, Sam and Jet were lying back on some deckchairs, while the rest were getting ready to go in the water.Sarah and Daemon went first, then Tyson, but before he could go in the water, something drew his attention.Running down the shore was a young girl about the same age as Tyson, and they both looked in each others eyes.The girl smiled at him, and continued her run.Tyson stood there, and then Daemon sprayed him with water, and as he blinked, he looked after the girl, but she disappeared in the crowd.Tyson jumped in the water, and after an hour, Ace had a worried look on his face.
    *Jet: What's with that look, man?
    *Ace: Having a bad feeling...
    *Jet: Oh just shut up, will ya?
    *Sam: Heheh...
    *Jet: Hey, nerdy! Ya were lookin' through those binoculars for an hour, what are ye lookin' at anyway.
    *Sam: Does it matter to you?
    *Jet: Nah, I'm just making fun of you.Stop spying Sarah.
    *Ace: Still, Jet... I got this bad feeling that...
    *Woman: Aaaaaah! Shark!
    *Jet: You just can't keep your mouth shut, can't ya?!
    *Daemon: Damn!
    *Ace: You guys stay here, I'm gonna help them!
    *Jet: Wait! Why stay here for?!
    *Sam: And what can you do in the water, Mr. 'I feel hot'?!
    *Jet: Damn... you're right...
  • Ace ran through the scared crowd and reached the water, where he saw his team fighting some mutant sharks.Ace took his wings and flew over the water, shooting the sharks, but his bullets were stopped by the water.
    *Ace: What the fuck, man?!
    *Tyson: Damn it! *hits* Haven't you ever watched 'Mythbusters'?!
    *Ace: Shit... guys! You're the only ones who can fight them!
    *Tyson: Correction! They are! I can't use my thunder here!
    *Ace: Hang on I'll get you outta there! Daemon, Sarah, stop those things!
    *Daemon: Don't worry 'bout it, yo!
  • Daemon turned into a crocodile and bit the incoming sharks.Meanwhile, Sarah hit the sharks around her.She grabbed one of his tail, and threw him towards some other.Suddenly, she was bit on her leg.Tyson saw what happened, and he got angry.He started sending out red electricity bolts, and Ace knew this isn't good.
    *Ace: Shit! Daemon get outta there!
  • Daemon transformed into a dolphin, and swam fast to the shore, while Ace grabbed Sarah, and took her on shore.There, they saw the wound in Sarah's leg, which was pretty big.Angry, Tyson got in the water, and with his hands in the water, he sent thunders all over, provoking huge explosions at the contact with the sharks.After everything ended, Sam took care of Sarah's leg, and the civilians who ran away from the shark, surrounded the team.Some reporters quickly arrived and asked the team some questions.
    *Reporter: Excuse me, can you tell us what happened?
    *Reporter2: How did this all happen?
    *Reporter3: How did you stop those sharks?
    *Reporter4: Are you single?
    *Jet: Well... yes I am, pretty girl... and...
    *Ace: *hits* Shut up... nothing happened, okay? You people did not see anything!
    *Man: Oh yes, we saw! And you are heroes!
    *Woman: Hooray to our saviors! There still are heroes existing!
    *Man2: There are miracles on this world!
    *Ace: Eh...
    *Sam: Oh well... people, we are your heroes! Obey us and you will be safe!
    *Ace: Shut up you pathetic bunch of low-life shit! *hits*
    *Sam: Ow! Ouch! Damn, that hurt, Ace!
    *Ace: You're welcome, geek! Now people, please, leave! Nothing happened, go back to your tanning, okay?
    *Man: We won't forget you, heroes!
    *Ace: Guys, we better go.
    *Sarah: Ah... ouch, I can' swim anymore with this wound...
    *Tyson: Hey sis, hope you're... whoa, whoa...
    *Sarah: I'm what?
    *Tyson: Whoa!
  • Tyson saw the same girl from earlier today, standing right in front of him.As they were looking into each others eyes again, the rest of the guys slowly backed off, leaving them alone on the shore.
    *Tyson: Eh, eh... uh, hey...
    *Girl: Hi!
    *Tyson: Heh... err... how, are you?
    *Girl: Hehe, I'm fine, you?
    *Tyson: Oh, I sure am more than fine right now...
    *Girl: Haha! My name is Lorelei! Lorelei Corbett.
    *Tyson: Tyson Murray...
    *Lorelei: Saw you fighting earlier, you're pretty tough, aren't you?
    *Tyson: I may be...
    *Lorelei: Saw you an hour ago, in this same spot, and... I liked what I saw...
    *Tyson: Oh, I like what I see too...
    *Lorelei: *blushes* I like you... we should meet up sometime, when you're free?
    *Tyson: Sure why not, but... where do you live?
    *Lorelei: Just in the middle of Santa Monica, where do you live?
    *Tyson: Eh... somewhere near Death Valley.
    *Lorelei: Death Valley National Park?
    *Tyson: Yeah well, we live in some kinda underground base with all kinda crazy and cool stuff like video games, pool, other...
    *Jet(Whispers): We got a pool?
    *Sam(Whispers): Of course we do!
    *Jet(Whispers): What, how is it that I don't know?
    *Daemon(Whispers): You're an idiot, that's why.Come on shut up and watch this soap.
    *Lorelei: Wow... that sounds, cool! I might want to visit you sometime!
    *Tyson: Haha!
    *Lorelei: Here's my number! Call me!
    *Tyson: Yeah, will do!
    *Lorelei: Hehe, later!
    *Tyson: See ya.
  • Lorelei left the scene, and Tyson was standing still, watching as she disappears again in the crowd.He couldn't hear the others calling his name, so Jet slapped him, making him regain his consciousness.
    *Tyson: Ou... ouch! You fuckin' moron!
    *Jet: Congrats, kid! Ya got yourself a bitch!
    *Sarah: She's pretty nice, isn't she?
    *Daemon: Yo, gimme a high-five there, homie!
    *Tyson: Hell yeah! That girl is hot!
    *Ace: Okay you love dove, let's go.We have some presents to buy for someone.
    *Daemon: Hooray to me!
    *Sarah: Means we're going to the mall?!
    *Ace: No, you and Jet are going back to the base on Hexer, we can't risk letting you leave the government in financial crisis.
    *Jet: Wait, why do I have to drive her?
    *Ace: 'cause I say so!
    *Jet: Fuck you, I don't wanna! I wanna go to the fuckin' mall, eat some unhealthy food, stare at some bitches asses, break some glasses in shops, and buying my friend here, a gift!
    *Sarah: And I wanna buy, buy and buy again...
    *Tyson: Ahem.
    *Sarah: And of course, buy a gift for Daemon.
    *Daemon: Cheers, guys!
    *Ace: Alright then... this will be a long, long day...
  • They left the beach, and went to the nearest mall, where they spent three hours.After that, on their way back to Death Valley, as they were driving on the lone, dusty road, they saw a figure in the distant, standing still in the middle of the street, next to a bike.As it was noon, outside was very hot.They stopped to avoid hitting this person, but as they slowly advanced, they notice the person was actually Johnny.
    *Jet: Johnny! Got yourself a new bike?
    *Johnny: Jet... we meet again.And yeah... since Hexer is gone...
    *Jet: Hey, I named my bike Hexer, only in your honor!
    *Johnny: Some well fuckin' honor, man!
    *Ace: You wanna fight, ma'am?
    *Johnny: No... since I have orders... I came here to warn you...
    *Daemon: About what?!
    *Johnny: Meteors will fall from the sky, and the humanity will change, and as you will all die, Vectron will arrange, a fate that's so deadly, you can call me Stanley!
    *Ace: Okay... so?
    *Johnny: Had to find something to rhyme... alright then, that's all, see ya later... heroes!
    *Jet: Johnny, wait!
  • Johnny quickly got on his bike, and then disappeared as a strong sandstorm quickly made its presence on the road.On his hurry though, he dropped a communicator.Jet picked it up, and they heard a voice on the other side.
    *???(Radio): Johnny... this is Drake... let's meet up at the location we arranged.
    *Jet(Whispers): Shit!
    *Ace(Whispers): It's Drake! Come on, Jet, change your voince in Johnny's and find out where he is hiding...
    *Jet(Whispers): Okay...
    *Drake(Radio): Johnny?
    *Jet: Ahem, it's me, Johnny.So, where is this location?
    *Drake(Radio): What do you mean where it is? Darn it, these stupid bikers!
    *Jet(Whispers): Motherfucker...
    *Drake(Radio): That abandoned warehouse on Road 10!
    *Ace(Whispers): Sam, check the GPS!
    *Sam(Whispers): Road 10 is right south of our base, next to Salton Sea.
    *Ace(Whispers): Jet, end the conversation.
    *Jet: Eh, I'm going through a tunnel and... vruuush, vruush, losing signal... vruush! *closes* Shit...
    *Tyson: Nice vruushing.
    *Ace: We know their location, let's hit them!
  • They went towards Road 10, and once there, they went on it, until they reached a warehouse which looked abandoned.They got out of their vehicles, and silently got inside the warehouse.They checked the inside and outside, but found nothing.They gathered around in the middle of the garage.
    *Sarah: Found nothing.
    *Jet: Same...
    *Ace: Darn... what if he tricked us? What if he knew this idiot was on the other side?
    *Drake: Oh, my friends... I knew Jet was on the other side, but... I did not trick you.I gathered you all here for a special reason... test you.Now, you have succeeded with Domingo, he has been killed, exactly as I thought, by you Ace, with your bare hands.Now, it's time to test, my current squad.
    *Senya: Show time, eses!
    *Cain: Haaahaaa! Let's cut some throats!
    *Johnny: You think I'm that dumb to accidentally drop my communicator? Haha! Adios, fellas!
    *Daemon: Shit, what now?
    *Ace: What else? We kick ass!

... To be continued

New Supporting Character(s):

Lorelei Corbett: 3f6a300.png

Alrighty guys hope ya all enjoyed it, stay tuned for more! I'll edit my old posts so you better check on Saturdays!

Keep the Ace up your sleeve! ;]

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  • 2 weeks later...

New Episode! :P

Well, nasty thing happens in this one.The good guys were ambushed.Only way for them to escape, is by YOU reading the episode! :D

Also, we thought of a snip-off of the series, more news coming soon.

EP. 24 - Birthday Party

  • Our heroes were surrounded by Drake and his partners.Sarah grabbed Sam and threw him away, so he won't get hurt.Then, he left the building.
    *Senya: Oh, don't you like our birthday party?
    *Johnny: Happy birthday, motherfucker!
    *Tyson: Fuckin' son of a bitch...
    *Drake: So, you passed all my tests so far, but this is the ultimate one... will ya, survive? One way to find out, right? You either fight, or you feign.
    *Ace: Doubt we will the ones who'll feign...
    *Drake: Hehe... okay then, Acelius.Time to play the game!
  • Drake quickly ran towards Ace trying to grab him with his hand, but Ace dodged the attack, and managed to hit Drake in the stomach, sending him through the ceiling.He then took his wings out, and went after him.In mid air, both Ace and Drake were staring at each other with anger, respectively calm.
    *Drake: Well, you sure are better, aren't you?
    *Ace: You've seen nothing...
    *Drake: Trust me... I will see everything you can at the invasion... whether you like it or not... your power is strong, enough to beat my team, but you will have problems with me... I know you will fail in trying to defeat me... as I am undefeatable... you bunch of mortals, you and the rest of the humans, will all die... everyone knows it... you can't save Earth... no matter what...
    *Ace: Lies... you don't know anything! I don't have a good reason to save Earth, after what happened to my family! I started to hate it too.But my little friend here... gave me a reason, the simple reason to try and be a hero.
    *Drake: Hmm...
    *Ace: Then... I found out the real killer of my family... and I slayed him... and since he was working for you, the same thing that happened to your friend, will happen to you.
    *Drake: Question is... will you survive to do that?
    *Tyrobali: Damn you! You're a nightmare! A disaster!
    *Drake: Heh... that's what they've always said.So come on, confront me, one on one...
    *Ace: *loads gun* Show me what you can do, grandma!
  • Meanwhile, the others were also in a fight.Sarah was fighting with Johnny, who kept appearing and reappearing around her, trying to hit her with his knife, but thanks to Sarah's martial arts skills, her reflexes helped her dodge the attacks.But, she soon started to feel dizzy, and Johnny was about to cut her.Frankly, Tyson appeared before him and hit him with his bat, paralyzing him.Johnny fell down on the floor.But from Tyson's right came Senya, who tried to cut his head off, but Sarah was there and stopped her attack.Then as she tried to attack again, Senya's scythe transformed into a shield, but this time the shield broke, and Sarah hit Senya in the face, right in the jaw,dislocating it.
    *Tyson: Back on back, eh sis? Just like in the good old days on that alleyway!
    *Sarah: When I told you to stop insulting those bullies? They deserved those hits in the face anyway.
    *Chalez: Heads up!
  • Chalez saw Cain running towards them with his blades glowing blue again.Senya got up, and formed a tornado, which kept the Murrays in the air, making them clear target for Cain.But before Cain even reached them, he was sent into the opposite wall by a fireball.
    *Senya: Mierda! You can't do anything good, carnal?!
    *Cain: Aaah! I nearly had them, haaahaa! Aaargh!
    *Flazz: Ya better put some ice on that!
  • Meanwhile, Johnny regained his consciousness, but right when he got up, he noticed a large grizzly bear right in front of him.The bear, who was actually Daemon, grabbed him, and bear hugged him with all his force, breaking some of Johnny's bones.
    *Daemon: Yo, the irony... you break from jail, I break your bones!
    *Johnny: Argh! All you can do, teddy?! You think that's enough?! Ya weren't in the jail, ya dunno how hard it is there, and it was all Jet's fault!
    *Jet: Shut up, fucker! Like it's your first time!
  • Johnny then suddenly teleported out of Daemon's bear hug, appearing right behind Jet, trying to stab him in the back with his knife.But Tyson was there, and tried to save Jet, and the knife only scratched Jet's shoulder.Tyson then sent another shock wave into Johnny, burning and shocking him.Meanwhile, Daemon was running towards Sarah, who was surrounded by Cain and Senya.Then, Tyson shouted:
    *Tyson: Sis! Remember that dance move?! The windmill you taught me!
    *Sarah: Heh... do the windmill, babe!
  • Sarah dropped on the floor, and did the windmill break-dance move, sending Senya and Cain in opposite directions, only for Daemon to grab Cain while he was in a lion form, and bit him of his arm.Cain tried to grab one of his scimitars, and tried to hit Daemon, but Daemon transformed into a butterfly, and Cain missed the attack.Then, he transformed into a piranha, and bit Cain's hand, making him drop his sword.Then, he turned into a kangaroo, and jumped over Cain's stomach three times, after which he jumped off.
  • In the mean time, Ace and Drake were still fighting, exchanging hits while flying in the sky, covered by dark clouds.Then, a rain started.
    *Drake: Rain predicts your defeat for today, Acelius...
    *Ace: Rain prevents a rainbow... the 6 colors of Earth, defeating the 4 dark colors of Vectron.
    *Drake: Six? With your useless scientist?
    *Ace: Listen there, Sam ain't useless... the only useless thing here is you! You, a mistake of nature!
    *Drake: Nature should be no more... until that moment, which by the way... it will be soon enough... show me your power... show if you are worth surviving the attack... prove you aren't worth just dying there on the battlefield... show me the power... of the 2nd level...
    *Ace: Aaargh... you're asking for it! Aaaaaaaaaaaah!
  • After this battle-cry, Ace's aura turned golden, and once again he had two pair of wings, and a halo above his head.Back in the warehouse, Tyson's cross suddenly started to float, and it flew out, towards the roof, and stopped right in the middle of Ace and Drake.Then, the cross slowly went towards Ace, who grabbed it, and his fist was charged with a holy power.He then placed his gun in the holster, and with Tyrobali next to him, the power in his fist was even stronger.But Drake too, unleashed his powers.His aura was glowing dark, and it appeared he also charged his right fist, which started to burn in purple flames.After three seconds of staring in each others eyes, they charged, only to form a large explosion in the air.The fighting in the warehouse stopped, and everyone watched as, from the large smoke cloud, Ace was falling unconscious, and after the smoke quickly disappeared, Drake was still in the air, apparently, only a bit wounded, as he was holding his right arm, and had a few scatches on his face.
    *Flazz: Shit!
    *Sarah: Ace!
    *Senya: Let's get him!
    *Jet: Okay, that's it!
  • Jet's fists started to burn in a blue, threatening flames, and he sent three strong fireballs at the bad guys, burning them, and sending them out of the warehouse through a wall, but also leaving holes where each villain went through, which weakened the building's structure.Nonetheless, they stood there, thinking of what they can do.
    *Tyson: Daemon, don't stand there!
    *Sner: Come on, Daemon! Let's get him!
    *Daemon: Yeah!
  • Daemon transformed into a pterodactyl, and flew at Ace, trying to grab him, but as he was exhausted after the fight, and Ace was heavy, they both started to fall.Suddenly, Daemon started to glow, and after a blinding light, Daemon was in an odd form, as he was two animals in one.He has reached level two, and transformed into a bipedal tiger, with large wings.He also had the claws Sam gave him equipped.He then grabbed Ace, and landed next to the vehicles, while the rest were getting out of the building which was collapsing.Everyone was around Ace, while the bad guys were slowly advancing towards them.But suddenly they stopped, as everyone who was guarding Ace turned towards them, with a very angry look on their faces.Tyson once again had the red electricity bolts, Sarah took a large part of the ground in her hands, ready to throw it at them, Jet was burning in blue flames, and Daemon turned into a combination of shark, cheetah and large dragon-like wings.With the fear on their faces, Senya, Johnny and Cain retreated, but Drake appeared before the heroes.
    *Drake: Congratulations, you passed this test as well... now, you are prepared... remember, do the right choice...
    *Jet: Get lost... before we carbonize yer miserable life!
    *Drake: Indeed, in this moment, I also feel the fear in you guys... but, we don't have time, for a real challenge.Au revoir, heroes...
  • As soon as Drake disappeared, Sam came out of the SUV, and Jet and Daemon placed Ace in the SUV, and then speed towards the nearest hospital.Meanwhile, on a near by mountain, Drake was watching the sun set, with his wounded gang behind.
    *Senya: Is this worth it?! I mean, do we really need them?!
    *Drake: They can... and they will... but as I said, they need training.
    *Cain: Ha... we nearly got killed there...
    *Johnny: Damn it! You're just lucky you busted me out of jail, or else I wouldn't be here with y'all!
    *Drake: Johnny, guys... shut up.Time to go, rest, and treat your wounds.
    *Cain: Haahaaa... our wounds?! Appears you are wounded too...
    *Drake: Hmm... indeed... at that impact, I was stunned of the power Ace had... for a second I saw Death in front of me, but, I sensed as he lost the balance of his powers, and managed to hit him... I was lucky not to kill him...
    *Johnny: Damn it... but if he kills us, then who'll...
    *Drake: I know they will join... they have to... let's go!
  • Drake and his gang disappeared, just as the sun fell down the horizon, leaving the dark night take control of time and space.On the road our heroes were driving towards the hospital.All the lights on the poles around the road lit one by one, as soon as the little convoy went pass them.Then, they disappeared in the night, with a bright city in the distance.

... To be continued

No New Characters

Hope you enjoyed it!

Next week I'll give another hint about the spin-off series. ;)

'till then...

Keep the Ace up your sleeve ;]

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Yo, welcome back! :P

'bout the feedback, well, since we already started here, we can't stop.And we will upload on other sites as well, but we're busy with... high school. <.<

Pain in the ass.

Anyway, new episode here. :3

This one is sad, really.

  • Ep. 25 - Don't go into the light...
  • The guys arrived at the nearest clinic, where Jet and Daemon took Ace, and the rest went at the door, which was apparently locked, since the clinic was about to close.Sam looked through the door, and saw the clinic staff getting ready to go home.He shouted and knocked at the door, and a nurse came.
    *Nurse: Sorry, but we're closing.
    *Sam: Who cares?! It's an emergency! Open up!
    *Nurse: I'm sorry, but we're closing! Down the street is a bigger hospital.
    *Tyson: Hospital on my ass! Open this shit up before the state is outta electricity!
    *Nurse: Sir, please...
    *Sarah: Our friend's dying here and you say bullshit!
  • Saying this, Sarah hit the doors, which were sent down the hallway, nearly hitting the nurse.Right after, Jet came in and pointed his shotgun at the nurse.
    *Jet: Look bitch, I don't have time for this! Your staff is still here! Call a doctor, before you'll going to need one!
    *Nurse: Okay, please, don't hurt me!
    *Tyson: Move it!
  • The nurse called a doctor, who was about to leave.They rushed back at the guys.
    *Doctor: Ahem, we're sorry but... oh, my...
    *Jet: Nice, eh? And I got way lot o' bullets left in it!
    *Doctor: Uh, okay, then let's see the patient.My god... we need to take him into operation, now!
    *Daemon: I love Americans, the way they act when you got an empty gun.
    *Nurse: What?!
    *Doctor: Not now! Let's hurry!
  • They took Ace in the operation room, and they all went outside.The nurse came, wanting to discuss with them.
    *Nurse: Umm, guys, sorry for earlier... I didn't know it was this serious.
    *Daemon: Forget it now.
    *Nurse: What happened anyway?
    *Jet: Nothing...
    *Nurse: Anyway, I'm really sorry...
    *Sarah: Yeah, yeah, we'll forgive you if your Dr. Dolittle saves our friend.
    *Daemon: Don't say that, you're insulting me.
  • Back in the operation room, the doctors were watching worried how Ace's pulse decreases.They were bandaging and treating his wounds, giving him blood perfusion.Suddenly, the monitor stopped beeping, meaning that Ace's heart stopped beating.
    *Assistant: We lost him, sir...
    *Doctor: I won't allow that! Let's shock him!
  • In the mean time, Ace wasn't completely unconscious, but neither too awake to talk or open his eyes, even to breathe.But, he could hear everything around him.He then found himself surrounded by nothing but darkness.
    *Ace: Where am I?
    *Doctor: Get ready!
    *Ace: What?! Who's that?!
    *Doctor: Charge! *shock*
    *Ace: Aaaargh!
  • Ace then had a vision, of him with his wife at a hospital, with her baby daughter in her arms.
    *Ace: Maria... Helena...
  • Right then, they got up, and went at a car, which was guarded by two black dressed men, apparently in the gang in which Ace was also.
    *Goon: Ace, the Don told us to come here and guard you and your wife.
    *Ace: Hey, nice of him.
    *Goon2: Yeah, we don't want those cartel bitches mess up with that sweet lookin' baby of yours.What's his name?
    *Ace: It's a she.And her name's Helena.
    *Goon: Nice name.If I remember right, your mom's name was Helen, right?
    *Ace: .Come on let's go, Joey and the others are in the car ahead.Let's take you home.
    *Goon2: We got some driving to do, since you had chosen this dang hospital a mile away from your house.
    *Ace: Well...
    *Doctor: Charge! *shock*
  • The vision changed, and he found himself in a park, having a picnic with his wife and his three year old daughter.
    *Ace: Nice day for a picnic.
    *Maria: You always knew how to choose a day for a picnic!
    *Ace: It's something I call 'the Ace up the sleeve'.
    *Maria: Heh, come on, your daughter needs your help with that bicycle.
    *Ace: Heh, and she was doing so fine until the first fall.
    *Maria: Oh it happens.
    *Ace: Well I'm going then.Helena come on, let's take a trip through the park.You on the bike, me on...
    *Doctor: Charge! *shock*
  • After this shock, Ace found himself in his house, playing poker with four other friends, while Maria and Helena were sitting on the couch, watching TV.Then, the door opened and five armed men opened fire at everyone inside.Before the men at the table could even get their weapons, Ace's friends were killed.Ace took out his revolver, overturned the table, and hid behind it.He then looked at her wife and daughter, who were hiding behind the couch.Then, one of the attackers went at them, and Ace, with tears in his eyes, saw as his wife and daughter were shot dead.Thinking they finished everyone, the men left, before the police could arrive.
  • Then, Ace found himself at the backdoor of a warehouse, and went inside.He hid behind some crates, and watched the rival cartel, discussing in the middle of the warehouse, which was guarded by gunmen on the second floor.Ace then saw a gas can, and quietly sneaked out, spreading gas on the doors, crates, explosive barrels and support pillars.He then went back at the door, but before leaving, he took out a sniper rifle, threw a grenade, quickly shot down the cartel leader, and ran away.He then stopped, watching the explosions at the warehouse, and the bodies that were sent flying through the windows.Soon the building collapsed leaving a pile of dirt and ash behind.He then continued walking, trying to hide his tears.Ace got in a car, and left in the night, while the police were arriving.
  • Then, he suddenly found himself in a cemetery, Graceland Cemetery, and was in front of two graves, the ones of his wife and daughter.He once again started crying, but tried to hide his tears.He then turned around, watching the sunrise.
    *Ace: Maria, Helena... I won't rest until I'll avenge you.I won't let anyone else die the way you did... I'll...
    *Doctor: One last time... Charge! *shock*
    *Ace: Aaargh! What's... happening?!
  • Ace found himself in the black hole, but this time, a bright light appeared before him.
    *Ace: What's happening... the voices are low... the light is... so... wonderful...
  • Then from the light appeared two silhouettes, apparently Ace's wife and daughter.After he saw them, Ace started to cry, and slowly advanced towards them.Back in the operation room, the doctors did all they could, but nothing helped them.The doctor then went outside, to tell the guys the bad news.
    *Sam: Doc, how is he?!
    *Doctor: I'm... I'm sorry... we lost him.
    *Daemon: What...
    *Jet: What?!
    *Tyson: What did you say?!
  • After hearing the news, Sam sat down desperately, Sarah started to cry, but Jet, Daemon and Tyson were surrounded by an evil aura.Tyson was charged with purple electricity, Jet was also burning in purple flames, while Daemon grabbed the doctor with his claws, and hanging him in air.
    *Daemon: Don't fuckin' say our friend's dead!
    *Jet: You better, or this building will go down with one single fuckin' bullet!
    *Tyson: There ain't no way! Aargh! Ace!
  • Tyson ran into the operation room, and the doctors were trying to stop him, but were shocked and sent in the walls.Then, he charged his hands when he reached Ace's bed.
    *Doctor: Wait! That shock will burn him!
    *Jet: I've seen him fighting aliens, and he survived... a small shock won't hurt him.
    *Tyson: Come on man, I know you're there! Aaargh... charge!! *shock*
  • Tyson touched Ace's chest, and shocked him.Back in Ace's mind, as he was trying to reach his family, he heard Tyson, and stopped.
    *Tyson: Ace... Ace!
    *Ace: That voice... who's...
    *Sarah: Ace! Don't go, please!
    *Ace: I hear them, loud... but, the light... is...
    *Sam: Ace!
    *Ace: Gah... I...
    *Maria: Acelius... come on, join us...
    *Daemon: Ace!
    *Maria: In Heaven... in peace...
    *Ace: But... the voices... the light... I'm so confused...
    *Maria: You have earned your rest, our rest... time to live a new life, of peace...
    *Ace: Uh...
    *Jet: Ace! Move your ass back on Earth you shithead!
    *Ace: Uh... the voices... now I remember! Jet! Guys!
    *Tyrobali: Come on... Ace... fight... for, both...
    *Ace: Ty... Tyrobali... friends... aargh! Can't go! I got unfinished business... lots of stuff to do, save the world... I got new friends that love me, I got a... family... a new family, back on Earth... I'm sorry, Maria, Helena, time to go... we'll meet again...
    *Maria: Acelius... as you wish... He says so...
    *Helena: Daddy... bye...
    *Ace: Bye...
  • Back in the operation room, everyone knew there's nothing else to do.They lowered their heads, and started to pray for Ace.They slowly left the room, with Sarah last, and she saw Ace's finger moving.
    *Sarah: Ace?
    *Ace: Ugh... cereals...
    *Sarah: Oh my... Ace!!
    *Jet: What?!
    *Daemon: Yo, take a look at that!
  • Everyone went at Ace, and hugged him.Then, he helped him get up, but didn't leave the hospital, since the doctor suggested he should stay a bit more.But, as usual, they didn't listen, so they went outside the hospital, and sat on a bench.
    *Ace: What happened?
    *Jet: How should we know? We were fighting those assholes, while you were with Drake.
    *Sarah: Yeah and, then there was this explosion and...
    *Tyson: You were falling down... dead...
    *Tyrobali: Pretty shocking... I nearly died too...
    *Ace: Yeah, I always thought that this 'save the world' duty... will hurt my friends.
    *Sam: Hey, you need your friends to hurt the bad guys.
    *Jet: Haha, yeah, but not you!
    *Sam: What?!
    *Jet: Oh come on, you were hiding in the car while we were fightin' the fuck out.
    *Sarah: Oh shut up, Jet! He can't fight those guys by himself!
    *Jet: Why doesn't he create a device to give him powers or something like that?! Like Iron Man!
    *Sam: Hey that... brilliant idea... for an idiot.
    *Jet: Say what?! Idiot?!
    *Daemon: Haha!
    *Ace: Oh, man... should've gotten into the light.
    *Sarah: *slaps* Don't say that!
    *Ace: Ow... okay, okay! Haha!
    *Jet: Alright come on, let's get back to the hole in the ground.
    *Tyson: Call it home, you idiot! Or you wanna sleep outside with the animals?
    *Daemon: I said don't insult me!
    *Ace: Heh... okay, come on.
    *Sam: And Ace, you died two times in a row, also revived two times in a row.Give it a break, let someone else die! Someone like Jet!
    *Jet: Yeah! Wait... what?!
    *Ace: Hehe... and hey, Daemon... happy birthday!
    *Daemon: Thanks man... but next time when we celebrate... no beach! I mean, if we celebrated at a Burger King or something...
    *Tyson: Hey... I met that girl... at least that moment of the day was alright...
    *Sam: For you.
    *Jet: Yeah well... when you'll get a girlfriend, you'll be half dead! You wouldn't be struttin' that ass!
    *Sam: Oh, shut up, will ya?! Come on, I wanna see what I can do with your 'Iron Man' idea.
    *Ace: Heh... just the friends I need to save the world... but, we'll meet again, Maria... and Helena... 'till then...
    *Jet: What's wrong, Ace?! Having a heart attack?! Ya need a shock or two?
    *Ace: Man... fuck you!
    *Everyone: Haha!
    *Ace: By the way... thanks a lot!
    *Doctor: You're welcome!
    *Nurse: Good you're alright!
    *Ace: I'll repay you someday!
    *Doctor: Just save Earth!
    *Ace: Huh...
    *Jet: Hmm... come on, dude!
  • Then they got in their vehicles, and went back home, where, after a long and hard day, they all went to sleep.

No New Characters

Well, yet again, hope you enjoyed it!

Also, we thought it's better not to do any cosplay of the doctor, nurse or Ace's family.Waste of time. :P

Also, news about that spin-off.I think it's just TOO early to say anything about it, but, it'll be in the past.

Keep the Ace up your sleeve! ;]

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Wazzup! New episode! So, in the previous one, Ace's team got kicked, as well as Drake's team, now, everything changes.It's time to reveal the truth.

Also, pretty much of this episode is just a loooooooooong dialogue.

EP. 26 - Legends of Olympus

  • The following day, everything in their life went normal.Daemon and Jet were arguing on the XBox, Sam was locked in his lab, Sarah was watching TV, Tyson just came in through the main door, and Ace was still recovering from his wounds.
    *Ace: Hey, Tyson, where ya been?
    *Tyson: Oh, back from a date with Lorelei.
    *Sarah: Hey how's your relationship with her?
    *Tyson: It's okay, I mean I just met her and...
    *Daemon: Yo, fool! Ya played on it for 15 fuckin' minutes, and even lost six lives in the game! Let someone better finish this!
    *Jet: If I want someone better, I'd call Elvis! Lemme play the fuckin' game already!
    *Sarah: Oh, boy...
    *Sam(Radio): 'Morning fellas!
    *Jet: Yeah, nice wishing us a good morning when it's 1 PM.
    *Sam(Radio): Jet, I said 'morning' with the simple reason to wake ya up from that game!
    *Ace: No chance in hell!
    *Flazz: Oh for fuck sake, now! Just let him play already, Jet!
    *Jet: Shut up!
    *Sner: Yeah seriously, let Daemon play.I mean, he'll get a way better high score than you.
    *Flazz: Hey you saying Jet ain't good?!
    *Sner: Well, duh! I mean, losing six lives in less than 15 minutes, and he didn't even pass a hundred thousand score points.
    *Flazz: Oh and I guess you're the 1337 around here, right?
    *Chalez: Uh... does this happen every day?
    *Tyrobali: If it's not, there's no fun.
    *Chalez: Yeah, but they look like they're gonna kill themselves.
    *Ace: Don't worry about that.
    *Chalez: You sure?
    *Ace: Of course I am... nothing bad happens...
    *Tyrobali: Well Jet did end up in the base's medical room after Flazz actually burnt his hair.
    *Sarah: When did this happen?
    *Tyrobali: Well... all I can say is that, Jet lost the hair off his chest after.No further comments, for the sake of everyone.
    *Sner: Stop playing already! XBox is too advanced for idiots like you!
    *Jet: Say what, Newton? Why don't you go stick a battery up your alien ass, then come back and play when you're fully 'charged'!
    *Tyson: Was... that an insult to me?
    *Sarah: Don't worry about it.
    *Sam(Radio): If I get to see idiots like these everyday, why the hell we need TV anyway?
    *Daemon: Yo, we need the TV so we won't hear your brain comin' out of your mouth when you can't shut up, fool!
    *Sam(Radio): Hey, you know you're standing on an ejector couch, don't make me send ya through a hundred meters of sol.Even more... uh oh, shit!
    *Ace: What?
    *Sam(Radio):Holy fuck shit! We got a problem! Get to the surface now!
  • As the alarms started to ring, everyone rushed up to the surface, where they saw Drake and his team in the middle of the runway.As everyone was prepared to strike, the bad guys didn't move at all.
    *Ace: Got any reason to be here?!
    *Drake: Hmm... Ace, listen...
    *Jet: Oh, shut up! *shoots*
  • They started attacking Drake and his team members, but they were only dodging the attacks, and didn't fight back at all.
    *Drake: Enough! We're not here to fight you!
    *Daemon: Sure you ain't here to fight, motherfucka!
    *Jet: Ya came here for Ace?! Ya ain't gonna fuckin' get him in this life!
    *Johnny: Jet, you stupid! Shut up and listen!
    *Senya: Holmes, we're ain't here for no lucha.
    *Cain: But, if you insist...
    *Drake: Cain... everyone, weapons down.
    *Tyson: What the...
    *Drake: Now, will you listen?
    *Jet: No one has a god damn reason to listen to a villain like you, Morrison!
    *Johnny: Fuckin' listen already!
    *Ace: Hold on, Jet...
    *Jet: What?!
    *Ace: Let him speak...
    *Daemon: Yo, what?!
    *Sarah: Ace!
    *Tyson: Ya need a shock?! Ya were about to die 'cause of that ass!
    *Ace: Let him speak, if he does only one mistake... you got the honor.
    *Drake: Listen, we're here with some urgent stuff.
    *Ace: What stuff?
    *Drake: The invasion is getting closer and closer, and I think it's time to reveal my secret... *takes off mask*
    *Jet: Oh nice, you took off your mask! Why should we care of this?!
    *Drake: Let me finish! Listen, we're not actually on Vectron's side!
    *Ace: Eh?
    *Drake: I'm from the FBI.Here's the badge.
    *Sarah: Yeah every FBI agent would give his badge so he won't get kicked in the ass!
    *Drake: Please! So, listen.I am actually undercover to find out what was Vectron actually planning.I met Reploz in a rough part of the city, and as he was trying to take control of me, I tamed him.Then, FBI gave me the mission to go and spy on Vectron.I quickly ranked up due to Reploz's influence, and finally, managed to find out their cause.I also found out of your past and other, and brought key-role characters from it only to make you stronger.Remember when I told you you will once join me? This, is what I was talking about!
    *Ace: Enough! You come here with this pathetic story and you expect us to believe you?!
    *Sarah: I dunno, Ace... he has the badge tho.
    *Tyson: Didn't you say it could be stolen?!
    *Drake: Listen, you are Earth's hope.Neither I, with my team, cannot defeat them.
    *Ace: Don't wanna hear about it! You sent Domingo to kill us, and he crushed the skulls of my wife and daughter!
    *Drake: Consider it a gift to you, you killed your family's killer.I found out he was the brain behind your family's murder, so I recruited him, gave him a Vectronian, and made him think he's stronger than me, when he wasn't even stronger than Jet.
    *Jet: The fuck?!
    *Drake: Nonetheless, I sent him here on purpose, to unleash more strength within yourself.As for the skulls, I am sorry, but I didn't know he'll go that far.Now listen to me, I will explain to you some key events in the history.
    *Ace: What?
    *Drake: This isn't Vectron's first attempt to conquer Earth.For example, in the Ancient Egypt.The Gods were actually humans like you and me, who tamed their Vectronians and gained super-human powers.The bad guy was Set, the strongest of all Vectronians, which the Egyptians called the God of darkness, storms and chaos.He was made the leader of the Vectronians, those who you might call Set's creatures of Hell.Set was the leader of the Vectronian invasion over Earth, until he was defeated by Osiris with a golden arrow in the heart.He then turned into a stone statue, and was buried by the sand.Vectron was then defeated and forced to forfeit.After this, Osiris, Thoth, Isis and Anubis, the team formed at that time, became Gods after their death several years after.
    *Ace: Hmpf and...
    *Drake: Don't interrupt me!
    *Jet: He wants too many stuff...
    *Ace: Jet, stay back.Keep on... Drake...
    *Drake: After these events, and after many years that passed, Vectron tried once again to conquer Earth.This time, it was known in the history books as the events in the Ancient Greece.Even there, the gods were actually Vectronians abusing their superior technology to manipulate humans into worshiping them.But as always, there were heroes that were rising from the sol,with tamed Vectronians by their side.These heroes, with Hercules as their leader, charged at the fake Gods, slaying numerous mythical creatures, which were only controlled by Vectronians.Hercules, alongside Odysseus, Achilles and many other, faced the Gods, and succeeded.They also became Gods after.
    Ace: And now...
    *Drake: One thing is for sure! They are trying to revive Set! They also tried it during the Ancient Greece era, and now they are back to try again, with even more forces!
    *Tyrobali: But how is it I don't know anything?! It's the history of my people!
    *Reploz: Everything is written in the Vectron archives.
    *Tyrobali: Damn... my rank wouldn't let me access them...
    *Reploz: Neither mine, but I did.But more than that, both of us were there!
    *Everyone: What?!
    *Reploz: Tyrobali... you were the one tamed by every hero of that time.You were tamed by both Anubis and Hercules.
    *Tyrobali: But... I don't remember anything!
    *Reploz: That's because, after each battle, Vectron captured you.They couldn't lose a force like you.After, you were brainwashed.
    *Tyrobali: What...


*Tyrobali: Hello, viewers and welcome to Vectron 101! Today, we, the Vectronians, will teach you everything about a Vectronian! Now... Sner, your turn.

*Sner: Oh, what? Oh... ahem so... err... ok well...

*Tyrobali: Come on...

*Sner: Ahem, so, Vectronians are found in different shapes.The primary shape, used by most of us before we were tamed, is that of a liquid state.This is until you reach the rank of Sergeant Major.Then, you get a shape, whatever shape you want, of whatever element you want.

*Chalez: Oh so you mean that if I had a higher rank, I could've transform into a, girl in bikinis?

*Tyrobali: What the?!

*Reploz: *hits* We're live...

*Chalez: Ow, uh, who turned off the light?

*Sner: Sigh... as I was saying, besides the primary and secondary shapes, we also have the other categories of Vectronians, as the Elite 6 Squad or Venom Squad, which uses the shapes of scorpions, and have that poisonous sting, which they use to...

*Alfor: Poison their opponent?

*Reploz: *hits* We... are... live!

*Alfor: Ow...

*Sner: You don't see Vectronians like Terrex.

*Terrex: Oh thank you, I know I'm special!

*Reploz: Ahem..

*Terrex: Uh, oh, err... sorry!

*Reploz: He said that you're quiet, and you better be! So shut up and keep that microphone balanced, you moron!

*Sner: Anyway... once bounded with another life form, which serves as a host, the Vectronian will allow him or her to use special powers, depending on personalities, such as Jet's fireballs or Drake's shadows.

*Reploz: Sorry to interfere, but the shadows are the result of the combination of me and his claws.

*Sner: Ahem... anyway, after the bond, we get to level up, and depending on the level, gain new abilities and gear.

*Tyrobali: Such as my golden armor! Yay!

*Sner: Sigh... yes... now, that might be enough for today, see you on the next episode of Ace of Spades, and don't forget...

*Flazz: Uh, guys, if you wanna use the toilet, don't, something happened after I sit on it, and now it... stinks.And, you're outta toilet paper too.

*Reploz: *hits* We're live! You idiot!

*Flazz: Ow... I think I shit on myself...

*Sner: Oh god... turn the camera off! Turn it off!

*Cameraman: Hey, hey easy! Oh god n... *end of transmission*

No New Characters

Hope you enjoyed it!

Hmm... Vectron 101.Random idea :P

Made it with the purpose of answering some of your questions, questions that maybe confused you or other stuff.

Keep the Ace up your sleeve ;]

Edited by Samil
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  • 2 weeks later...

Hey! Sorry for the late upload, having some trouble with my PC, but stuff's fine now.So new episode, pretty short one, also only dialogue, but pretty important.In this episode, Drake is...

EP. 27 - Revealing the Truth

*Tyrobali: But, how could I be captured?! I mean, we were victorious, right?

*Reploz: Well, in Egypt, once Osiris passed away, I mean... turned into stone, you lost your host.That's when Vectron captured you and brainwashed you, adding some fake memories.In Greece it's even more complicated.

*Drake: Indeed... the archives say that, after the invasion failed, Vectron didn't leave Earth, but hid the mother ship between some mountains, and they thought of an evil and deadly plan.One day, as Hercules was returning home with his wife, Deianeira, and reached a river which they had to cross.That's where they met a centaur, Nessus, which was actually a Vectronian, who offered to take them on the other side of the river.First was Hercules, but when the centaur went back for his wife, it tried to abduct her.Angry, Hercules swam to the other side of the river, chased it and shot it with a poisoned arrow.But before he died, Nessus gave Deianeira some of his blood, and told her than if Hercules is unfaithful, his blood will restore his love.Some days later, a woman, also a Vectronian, seduced Hercules.Deianeira, still having the blood of the centaur, poured it on one of Hercules' robes and...

*Sarah: The blood was poisoned, wasn't it?

*Drake: Indeed.Once Hercules put his robe on, the poisoned blood burnt into his flesh, and killed him.And again, Vectron captured you, brainwashed you, and left Earth.Looks like history is repeating for the third time with Ace here.

*Tyson: Whoa...

*Ace: Even so, you said you can make us stronger, and all you said didn't quite help us.

*Drake: You see... the archives also tell the locations of the warriors' tombs.Also, for being an FBI agent, I arranged some excavations in Egypt, and that's how I found the claw on my hand.This claw, which is surrounded by this purple shadow, was actually Anubis' claw.

*Jet: What the?!

*Daemon: Holy fuck!

*Sarah: Eeew...

*Cain: Carrying something dead on your hand.... and they call me crazy!

*Drake: That's how I got so powerful so fast.Nonetheless...

*Tyrobali: If we find something of one of my old hosts, or any other hero... we can be way more powerful?

*Drake: Indeed.Since Reploz didn't betray Vectron since he met me, I decided to randomly choose Anubis' claw.As for you though... with Osiris turned into stone, you can only get Hercules' gauntlets.

*Ace: Why gauntlets?

*Drake: The gauntlets were the only piece of his armor that didn't melt.Everything else, the robe, sandals, shield and iron sword, melted.

*Ace: I understand... but why only Hercules? We can gather other stuff from other heroes as well.

*Drake: Not really.You see, Hercules and Osiris were the best of the best.The items they owned and worn were ten times more powerful than anything else in the world.

*Ace: Hmm...

*Daemon: So, about that Set.

*Drake: Oh, right.So, Vectron plans to revive.If they succeed, our chances to win will decrease.

*Tyson: How will they revive him anyway?

*Drake: They found the catacombs where his body is.But to revive him, they need...

*Reploz: Special kind of metals that holds incredible energy within.

*Daemon: You mean radioactive metals?

*Reploz: That's how you call them.

*Drake: Excavations started, and they are looking for Uranium.Once they have enough, they can revive Set.So we mustn't let them get enough Uranium, or... *beep beep beep* Yes?

*???(Radio): Commander Drake... where are you? Why can't you answer... what's with the connection?

*Drake: I'm in some underground labyrinths, looking for Uranium.I will notify you once I find it.

*???(Radio): Roger that, commander.Over.

*Drake: Over... Sigh... appears we're running out of time.Now listen, you will all need items from different heroes.I will notify you via coded messages.Sam, you be on the lookout, I will need you to decode my messages.

*Sam: Uh... alright, I guess...

*Drake: Off we go...

*Jet: Hold on... so, Johnny, you ain't on the bad side?

*Johnny: Remember the first day in the MC, Jet? We made that promise: 'Brothers in arms, until we run out of gas.'

*Jet: Johnny... good to have ya back again, man!

*Johnny: Hey, we gotta go, alright? Let's celebrate after our victory.

*Cain: And... uh... Tyson...

*Tyson: What?

*Cain: I...

*Drake: Cain!

*Cain: Uh...

*Drake: Don't... it's not the time.

*Tyson: Not the time for what?!

*Drake: Nothing important, trust me.Let's go already, before they will suspect us.

*Senya: See ya later, alligator!

*Daemon: Alligator? Well that was random.

*Sam: And so they left.

*Tyson: Ya think we can really trust 'em?

*Ace: About the objects of the warriors... Sam, as Drake said, be on the lookout.

*Sam: Got it, Ace.

*Daemon: So what now?

*Ace: I say we better get ready for what's next.But, until the time comes, you're free to do whatever you want.

*Tyson: Sounds cool but I prefer to stay here with ya guys.

*Jet: Kid, go see Lorelei or something.

*Sarah: Hey I got an idea.Daemon, can you please take us out in the city?

*Daemon: Why not?

*Sam: I'll stay here.

*Ace: Me too.Jet?

*Jet: What? You think I got anything to do?

*Daemon: Yo, wanna come too?

*Jet: Nah... I'll just get a beer.

*Sam: Oh, you know, there's a baseball game starting soon.

*Ace: Sounds alright.

*Daemon: We're off then! So, Sarah, where to?

*Sarah: You'll see...

*Tyson: Oh boy...


*Tyrobali: Welcome on our second broadcast of Vectron 101! Today's subject: Vectronian food and 'What can I do to get rid of my Vectronian?'.So, please welcome our brain, Sner!

*Sner: Thank you Tyrobali! So, hello people! Let's speak about how we eat.Mainly, once a Vectronian takes control of a host, aggressive way, it sucks out his or her vital energy, until the host is dead.Sounds simple right?

*Flazz: Simple as hell...

*Sner: Shut up! Ahem, so... if the target manages to tame his attacker, the Vectronian can feed with whatever the host is eating.Such as...

*Flazz: Such as me eating hot dogs with Jet?

*Terrex: You're so disgusting when you do that...

*Sner: Reploz, where are you?

*Flazz: Oh he's busy, he found this Vectronian girl and...

*Chalez: Wow he actually has chances to...

*Sner: Shut up, please! So... if the Vectronian takes control of the host, the only way to free the host, is by killing him or her.

*Sam: Wow, that's violent...

*Sner: Not the host, the Vectronian! Once defeated, it's dead, and the host is free.

*Sam: How is it none of the aliens killed so far didn't turn back into humans?

*Sner: Argh, god! 'cause no one was there to see them turn back to the original form!Wish you'd stop interfering... maybe this show would finish faster.So, if the host tames the Vectronian, they can separate anytime by simply just deciding it, or, like in Ace's case, losing your vital energy.That's what caused Tyrobali to separate from him.

*Tyrobali: Psst... running out of time... episode's almost over...

*Sner: Indeed... thank you for your attention and remember...

*Everyone: Keep the Ace up your sleeve!

*Ace: Funny, haha... keep me in your sleeve, haha!

*Reploz: Well... that girl sure wasn't my style.What did I miss?

*Ace: I mean... the show's after my name, and my name's after the show's name and...

*Sner: Reploz... hit him! And hit him hard!

*Reploz: No need to repeat! *hits*

*Ace: OUCH! *end of transmission*

No New Characters

Hope you enjoyed it! :]

Nooow, once again sorry for the late upload, and... well, Idk, stay tuned for more. :P

Now for the...

Keep the Ace up your sleeve! ;]


Due to the nearly lack of episodes, we will have to post one episode once in 2 weeks.Sorry for this guys, we're working to go way ahead with the episodes, yet we have the problem with the ideas.

Edited by Samil
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  • 2 weeks later...

New Ep.!! :D

Right so, back to training for Tyson, this time with a new 'coach'...

EP. 28 - Training time again?

  • 8:35 PM at the base, Jet, Flazz and Tyrobali were watching TV in the living room, while Sam was watching animes in his lab.Ace was in his room, sitting on his bed and looking at a photo of his family.
    *Ace: I can't forget that day... I couldn't do anything to protect you.There's not a single moment in which I wouldn't want to die in your place.Yet, faith had a different decision.I've met them, my friends, new friends.Together, I had my revenge.Even so, I can't forget you two, and everyone else that died.I promised myself I won't let anyone die, without me at least trying not to let that happen.If it is for us to die, at least I will know I will die alongside my friends.I'm no lucky man, but I'm lucky because I know you two watch over me.Now, I ask you to keep watching over me, because, it's up to us, to save the world... we'll need all the luck we can have.
  • After he was done, he put the photo in his inner pocket of the trench coat, along with a drawing which, apparently, was made by a child.Meanwhile, on their way home, Sarah, with her new red muscle car, a Shelby GT500, along with Tyson and Daemon, were driving on a road, back from shopping.
    *Tyson: I really like this car! Good idea sis!
    *Sarah: I know, I'm so smart! Hehe!
    *Daemon: Yo, come on! Keep up! Looks like there's a storm coming.
    *Sarah: Oh no...
  • Right then, it started to rain, and it was raining hard.Daemon and Sarah speed up to the base, and quickly parked in the hangar, going down to the underground base.Then, they left the garage and while going to the kitchen, they met up with Jet on the hallway.
    *Jet: Hey, back so soon?
    *Daemon: Thank god we got a lift, yo!
    *Jet: How's that?
    *Tyson: It started raining outside.
    *Jet: Oh.Hey I'm surprised you don't have like a thousand bags with ya, Sarah!
    *Tyson: Nah, they're actually in the car's trunk.
    *Daemon: In both cars.
    *Jet: What do ya mean?
    *Sarah: God myself a sexy Shelby GT500!
    *Jet: Really? Good for you, I guess.Can I drive it?
    *Sarah: Of course not you drunk idiot! My car isn't for disgusting assholes like you.
    *Jet: Say what, lass?
    *Tyson: Whoa, easy!
    *Ace: Hey guys, what's up?
    *Sarah: Ace you think Sam can modify my car?
    *Ace: Your car?
    *Sarah: Yeah I bought a sexy...
    *Tyson: She has a muscle car and you can't drive it.
    *Ace: I don't mind... and yeah, I think he can enforce it.And hey...
  • Right then, the alarm went on.
    *Sam(Radio): Guys, get in the lab, now! I think we have a message from Drake!
    *Ace: There goes the neighborhood.
    *Daemon: Come on!
  • In the lab, as they were all sitting down in front of the large computer, Sam had a serious and yet worried look on his face.
    *Sam: Alright... so, I got this message like half an hour ago, and it took me twenty minutes to decode it.
    *Ace: And in the last ten minutes?
    *Sam: Well had to watch the ending of Dragon Ball... uh, I was at the toilet.Hehe!
    *Tyson: Right...
    *Jet: Get to the subject, show us the message.
    *Sam: Alright... *pushes button*
    *Computer: Kaameehaamee...
    *Sam: Whoops, uh...
    *Daemon: Uh...
    *Sam: *pushes button* My bad.Now...
  • A message appeared on the computer screen, which said: "Thunder hits the haughty stone, banishing the night's darkness at the time the church's bells ring".
    *Ace: Uh... 'Thunder hits the haughty stone...'
    *Tyson: 'Banishing the night's darkness...'
    *Sam: 'At the time the church's bells ring'.You know what this means, don't you?
    *Tyson: Judging by the thunder, I think he's referring to me.
    *Daemon: At the haughty stone part, I think that Drake's speakin' of that large stone some miles away from this spot.
    *Ace: And... 'the church's bells ring'... 'banishing the night's darkness'... he must be speaking of midnight, 12 AM.
    *Sam: I can't believe it took me twenty minutes to decode it... and you...
    *Sarah: So you mean Tyson has to go on that stone at midnight?!
    *Ace: Alone.
    *Sarah: Alone?! Never, I can't let him do it!
    *Tyson: Hey, I'll be alright.
    *Jet: The kid sure will be alright.I mean...
    *Daemon: He's stronger than Jet.
    *Jet: Hey...
    *Ace: And smarter.
    *Jet: Hey.
    *Sam: And he doesn't stink like...
    *Jet: Hey! Shut the fuck up, will ya?!
    *Tyson: Alright, I'm already ready to meet up with him.
    *Sarah: Not yet, hotshot! It's not even 9 PM yet.
    *Daemon: Yo, I'm getting something to eat.
    *Sam: Meanwhile, I'll see what I can do to that new car of yours, Sarah.
    *Sarah: Oh will you do that, Sam? Plea... wait, I didn't even tell you I have a new car.
    *Sam: I have surveillance cameras all over the base, even in your room, wardrobe, bathroom.
    *Sarah: Say what?!
    *Sam: Uh... let's just go to the car, and...
    *Sarah: *hits* Pervert!
    *Tyson: Heh, come on, I'm hungry too.Let's go eat before Daemon finishes everything.
    *Ace: Ah don't worry about it, he only eats dog food lately and...
    *Daemon(Distance): Oh my god! McDonalds!
    *Jet: My Happy Meal!
  • After some hours, it was time for Tyson to meet up with Drake.As he was heading for the exit, Ace was standing right next to the lift, and when Tyson came, Ace gave him his aluminum bat.After a smile, Tyson left the base, and ran towards the largest stone in the area.The weather was still rainy, but that didn't stop him.At some meters from the stone, on the top he saw a shadow, looking away.He felt chills down his spine and his heart started beating quickly, and yet, he kept walking.Because of the rain, it was hard to climb, but he still tried to climb the rock.It was hard, since the rock was slippery, but thanks to his charged hands, he warmed the rock enough to be climbable.At the top, Tyson saw Drake, staring into the horizon.
    *Tyson: Phew... why'd you call me?
    *Drake: I didn't mention at all that you have to be alone.I admire your courage, kid.Now, look around you.All you see, will disappear if we don't do anything.
    *Tyson: Get to the subject! What can we do?
    *Drake: I see you got your bat with you.No need for it today, though.
    *Tyson: Get to the point already...
    *Drake: Patience is a virtue.So, first of all, we'll get you stronger.Since you're the only one without a Vectronian, none of the ancient heroes items won't help you.
    *Tyson: First of all, why me? I mean, why'd you throw me in those substances back in Arizona?!
    *Drake: When the invasion of Arizona started, I saw you trying to protect your sister.You'd give your life only for her to be safe.I knew that such a young and big heart deserves a powerful weapon within.
    *Tyson: So, your every movement... was prepared?
    *Drake: Indeed.Now, watch, and learn, young hero...
  • Drake suddenly transformed into a purple sphere, which flew around Tyson.He then reappeared behind him, surprising him.
    *Tyson: Wow, that's pretty cool.
    *Drake: Isn't it? It's also easy.Now you try.
    *Tyson: Wait, what do I have to do?
    *Drake: It's quite simple you see... first you have to charge your whole body, send electricity in your veins, and if you do it correctly, you'll transform into pure electricity.You can then go faster than the light of speed, you can go through the high voltage wires of poles, and of course, on impact with someone, or something, blow it up.
    *Tyson: Sounds easy enough.
    *Drake: It costs some strength though, so be careful.
    *Tyson: Alright let me try... *charges* Aaargh!
  • Tyson was all charged, and then, after a small explosion, from the smoke provoked by the explosion flew out a lighting bolt, which went from place to place, hitting some rocks around, and landing back on the top of the mountain.
    *Drake: Impressive, you've learned it already.
    *Tyson: Man, that was so cool! But how can I do it since I don't have a Vectronian?
    *Drake: Not necessary.You just need to canalize your energy.I studied this and, after some researches and some other stuff, looks like Ace and Jet can also do this.You should teach them.
    *Tyson: And Daemon and Sarah?
    *Drake: They don't have elemental powers.I will make sure they get stronger too.Now, one last thing for you.
    *Tyson: Let's see.
    *Drake: This one is also about focusing.Now, look in the sky, and imagine a thunder storm hitting the ground.
    *Tyson: What?!
    *Drake: Trust me, kid!
    *Tyson: Alright...
  • Tyson looked up at the dark clouds, closed his eyes, and after a bit of focusing, a thunder bolt suddenly hit him, but without hurting him, only scaring him.
    *Tyson: What the hell?!
    *Drake: Recharging energy is essential when you're literally out of it.
    *Tyson: You mean I recharged? No wonder I feel all fired up!
    *Drake: Indeed.Now, listen carefully.Don't abuse of this.Mother Nature can be a giver but also a taker.If you abuse of this power, nature will have its revenge.Now, I think that's all.
    *Tyson: Hold on, how did you know all these? I mean, how did you know I recharge like that, and what I have to do?
    *Drake: It's just what I also do.
    *Tyson: What?
    *Drake: When it's night and dark, my powers are at maximum.Ace's powers could be just the opposite, Jet's powers are full when there sun is also powerful and shines on the sky.Basically, Ace and Jet's powers are based on light.Mine are based on darkness.Yours on storms.
    *Tyson: Aha... so...
    *Drake: Tyson, listen.We can't waste any more time.I don't want to blow my cover.
    *Tyson: Uh, alright...
    *Drake: And, Tyson.
    *Tyson: Yeah?
    *Drake: Take care of your friends.You won't find better ones.
    *Tyson: I'll remember that.
  • Then, Drake transformed into shadow, and disappeared into the night.Tyson then went at the edge of the stone, looking around him.
    *Tyson: Not gonna allow some no good aliens take over my home! Now... I better go home before I catch a cold.Let's get all shocked!
  • Tyson transformed into thunder, and using the utility poles around the road, made his way home.

Vectron 101

*Tyrobali: Hello! Welcome to Vectron 101! Starting today, we will have a small series of episodes in which each character will say some words about themselves.So, please welcome: Jet 'Fire' Garcia!

*Jet: Thank you, T.B.! Thank you!

*Tyrobali: So Jet, tell us something about yourself.

*Jet: Well... about me: all you wanna know is in episode 2 of Ace of Spades.Read it! Later!

*Tyrobali: What the... but, Jet! Can't you give us some more details?

*Jet(Distance): Sorry, got other stuff to do!

*Tyrobali: What stuff...

*Tyson(Distance): What the hell?! Close the door, idiot! I'm on the damn toilet!

*Tyrobali: Jeez... well, as Jet said... read episode 2 for more... and, uh... stay tuned for more!

*Cameraman: Jesus... wasted my time for nothing.

*Tyrobali: Shut up...

No New Characters

I will add the Vectron 101 a bit later.Hope you enjoy the episode!

EDIT: Added.

Keep the Ace up your sleeve! ;]

Edited by Samil
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