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Ace of Spades - Season I


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29! Pretty long one! Time for Drake's team to act! Also, Drake and Ace will visit Anubis' tomb.

  • EP. 29 - Buried Memories
  • In the meeting room of a Vectronian ship, Drake and other high ranked Vectron officers were discussing about the recent uranium excavations.
    *Alien: Commander Drake, you clearly specified that your 'elite' team will lead the excavations! You left three times and came back with an empty hand.
    *Drake: I said I will do it, and I will... don't...
    *Alien: Forget this! We're sending in the hives on Earth! While the hives are taking control of the cities, we'll search for uranium in the underground.In a few months, we'll have enough uranium...
    *Lord: And the Great One, will rise! Glory to Vectron!
    *Everyone: Glory to Vectron!
    *Drake: Glory...
  • After the meeting ended, Drake left the room, and walked on the corridor until he reached a door.He went in, and inside was his team.
    *Johnny: How's stuff?
    *Drake: Not good... they're sending in the hives.
    *Senya: Que? But, there are like...
    *Drake: No worries about that.Here's what you have to do.So we have like five hives in Africa, three in Europe.Also...
    *Senya: We were at the meeting, amor.
    *Drake: Heh, right.So, I need you three to sabotage the launches.
    *Cain: You mean, a sneak attack?
    *Johnny: No, dumbass! He means we should blow those stuff up!
    *Drake: Might do it.Since the hives will all launch in the same time, from the same ship, I say we make Ace's job easier.
    *Johnny: I'll handle it! My invisibility will give me an advantage.
    *Cain: Haaha! Don't forget, I can walk on walls...
    *Senya: Hmpf, and I can turn into shadows.
    *Drake: Listen up! You'll all go there.There are some small bombs in that crate.There are around ten to twenty hives.
    *Johnny: Alright, alright, but ya think some small bombs will blow some 50ft bunches of liquid, containing millions of other small aliens?
    *Drake: Johnny you annoy me with your useless comments and yes, it will blow it all up!
    *Johnny: Yeah, alright then.But the hives are another ship.
    *Drake: Indeed, but nothing to worry about.You can take my Dark Void, and hey, this time, use it's invisibility feature.
    *Cain: What about you, eh?
    *Reploz: Why do you have to ask everything?
    *Drake: Reploz, now... I will go pay the guys a visit once the hives are launched, or... not.
    *Senya: And then?
    *Johnny: One more question: If we blow all the hives in the ship, won't the ship also blow up?
    *Drake: Who said you'll blow the hives inside the ship you moron? Once it's launched, you detonate them.
    *Johnny: Alright.Leave this to us then.
  • Cain, Senya and Johnny left the room, and so did Drake, but walked on a different direction.In the hangar, the three sneaked through the ships, and reached Drake's Dark Void.Inside, they turned the ship invisible, and with a button, the gate opened.The ship went quickly through the tunnel, and as it got out, it headed towards another large ship.Johnny pressed another button, and made the gate of this ship open.After going inside, they parked the ship, which was still invisible, and sneaked in the launch room.There, they noticed it was full with hives.
    *Senya: Whoa...
    *Cain: Take a look at this...
    *Johnny: Probably as many as Drake said... no time to waste.Plant the bombs!
  • They started planting bombs on each hive, quietly avoiding the Vectronians guarding the launch pads.But, just when there were only three hives left...
    *Senya: Three to go, eh...
    *Cain: About time...
    *Alien: Did you hear that?
    *Johnny: Crap! Hide!
    *Alien2: Hmm, nothing.
    *Alien: But I swear I...
    *Alien2: Yeah, just like yesterday when you said you saw Santa Claus.Moron.
    *Cain: They left...
    *Johnny: Let's get going! Three to go!
    *Alien3(Radio): Attention! Hives will be launched in less that 10 seconds! Please clear the room!
    *Alien2: Oh shit! Get going!
    *Johnny: Damn! Come on we gotta plant 'em!
    *Senya: No time ese! Let's just go!
    *Alien3(Radio): 5... 4... 3...
    *Senya: There's the exit! Faster, amigos, faster!
    *Alien3(Radio): 2...
    *Johnny: Fuck this... let's get out!
  • Johnny teleported right outside the room, and Cain picked up Senya and ran the room.Then, they once again hid from the guards, invisible or in the shadows.After a loud explosion, meaning the hives were launched, Johnny took the detonator, and pushed the button, making some of the hives blow up and be completely destroyed.But three of them were still going towards Earth.Back in the hangar, they got in the Dark Void and left the ship.Outside, they saw the remains of the hives, floating in the space.
    *Johnny: Well I'll be... them little bombs are actually quite dangerous.
    *Cain: Let's get back on the ship and tell Drake about the other three hives.
  • Back on the ship, the three split up, and Johnny searched around the ship to find Drake.He found him in his room, while looking at Earth through a large window.
    *Drake: Hm? Johnny, what's with those three hives that were launched?
    *Johnny: Yeah, we didn't manage to plant on all of the hives... and three of them are on their way to Earth.
    *Drake: Damn it!
    *Johnny: Hey, sorry about it!
    *Drake: Don't worry about it.Where are those hives heading towards?
    *Johnny: No idea, but I know that I saw 'Paris' written on one.
    *Drake: Paris? Hm.. France.I better alert Ace's team.
  • Meanwhile, at the good guys base, Tyson was having fun with his new powers, while Sarah was desperate and tried to stop him.
    *Sarah: Tyson! Don't put your finger in the outlet and... oh god...
    *Jet: Looks like he really enjoys it.
    *Ace: Guess it wasn't bad for him to learn some new stuff... from Drake.
    *Sam(Radio): Guys, get in the computer room, and quick!
    *Daemon: Aww... ya know, I'm gettin' fuckin' tired of the nerd usin' the damn radio.
    *Jet: Shut up and go, dog-ass!
  • In the computer room, everyone was in front of the large screen, on which there was a map of the World, and three red dots.
    *Sam: Check this out man... it's bad.We got hives down at those places.
    *Jet: What?
    *Daemon: No way...
    *Sarah: No...
    *Tyson: Damn... but no fear! We're strong now! We can take it out! And this time, Drake won't stop us.
    *Drake: Indeed I won't.
    *Jet: Huh?!
    *Daemon: The hell?!
    *Ace: How'd ya get in here, Drake?
    *Drake: I didn't break anything, if that's what you wanna know.Anyway, here's the situation.Vectron tried to launch hives all around the world, but I had my team take care of some.Yet, three hives managed to land on Earth.One's in Paris, France.As for the other two...
    *Sam: Other two are in Moscow and Rio de Janeiro.
    *Jet: So your team stopped some hives from hitting Earth?
    *Drake: Yes.
    *Daemon: Guess we can fully trust him, now, can't we?
    *Ace: I guess... so what's your plan, Drake?
    *Drake: You're strong, but only together.So, while Jet and the others take Sam's ship and head to Paris...
    *Sarah: Wait, why don't we split up and each take a hive?
    *Drake: I said, you're strong, but only together! Ahem, now, as I was saying, while you do that, me and Ace will fly to Egypt.
    *Ace: What for? Didn't you say Osiris was turned into stone?
    *Drake: I'll tell you once we're there.
    *Ace: But what if Vectron sees us?
    *Drake: My ship can fly while invisible.Don't worry about it.
    *Sarah: Yet, what if you're leading Ace into a trap?
    *Jet: And have the rest of us handle the hives while you destroy him?
    *Daemon: Guess we can't fully trust ya, nigga.
    *Drake: Sigh... just go... trust me or not, we have to go to Egypt.
    *Ace: Guys, just do it.
    *Sam: Ace, don't forget you're still recovering.
    *Ace: I'm alright, Sam.No worries.Well, Drake, let's fly.
    *Jet: And so, let's go Team Jet!
    *Sarah: Wait a minute, who died and made you boss?
    *Jet: I'm the oldest in the team, so shut up!
    *Sarah: Well I'm the girl, so I have priority.
    *Jet: Yeah well...
    *Tyson: Wow... here we go again...
    *Daemon: A'ight, let's just go now, yo! Fuck sake! Sam, yo, get the ship ready!
  • Jet's team left with Sam's ship, while Ace and Drake went on the Dark Void, and headed to Egypt.Once there, it was already nighttime.They landed next to a large dune.
    *Ace: So what are we doing here?
    *Tyrobali: And, in the middle of the night.
    *Drake: Wait.
  • Using his dark power, Drake created an orb in his hand, and hit the dune, creating a sandstorm.After the sandstorm ended, the dune disappeared and they found a statue, which was buried under the sand.
    *Ace: This is... Osiris?
    *Drake: Indeed.Now, touch the statue.
    *Ace: What for?
    *Drake: Is this a moment to ask questions?
    *Ace: It is.
    *Drake: Then don't ask anything.
    *Ace: Alright...
  • Ace touched the statue of Osiris, and suddenly had different visions.Suddenly, he was in Osiris' body, fighting Vectronians, alongside others, who were apparently Anubis and the other heroes.Then, he found himself face to face with Set, with a large and bright light orb in his hands.And just when the both hero and villain were about to attack, Ace was back to present time.
    *Ace: Those were...
    *Drake: Indeed, somehow, Osiris' memories are kept in the statue, and I guess only you can Tyrobali can see them.
    *Tyrobali: My master... I left him die...
    *Ace: T.B., why are you crying?
    *Tyrobali: He died... after that attack I saw at the end.
    *Drake: That light orb?
    *Ace: Yeah, so...
    *Drake: Ace, have you seen any new move or something from the visions?
    *Ace: Not quite, but only that orb.Hold on...
    *Drake: Wait, what are you...
  • Ace created a small orb in each hand, and then combined them, making a bigger one.This orb kept getting bigger and bigger, but Ace lost control of his powers, and the skill failed.
    *Drake: Are you insane?!
    *Ace: Man... so hard...
    *Tyrobali: Don't even try to do that, Ace! That's how Osiris ended up... this attack left him without vital energy, and killed him.
    *Drake: Well, everything's done here, so let's go.Now, we... what the?
  • Ace and Drake found themselves surrounded by some chimeras.
    *Ace: How did these things get here?
    *Drake: No idea...
    *Ace: Never mind though, I'll just finish 'em.
  • Tyrobali turned into a small light orb, and Ace put him in the D-volver.He then used his 'Swiss cheese' skill, and shot every chimera there, making a hole in each, but apparently, the chimeras were still on their feet.
    *Ace: What?!
    *Drake: Let me...
  • With his claw surrounded by dark shadows, Drake was prepared to hit the chimeras, but, as soon as they saw Drake's hand, they bowed down.
    *Ace: How the...
    *Drake: Hmm... so... I guess this claw can control them.
    *Ace: How do you know?
    *Drake: I'm not sure... I gotta investigate.
    *Ace: What should we do with these things?
    *Drake: I don't really know...
    *Ace: Hey, try sending them in the claw, maybe that'll work.Like in movies and stuff.
    *Drake: Worth a try.
  • As he had risen his hand, the chimeras turned into sand, and were absorbed by the claw.
    *Drake: Well, it actually worked.
    *Ace: What now?
    *Drake: I need to know some more about these creatures.I'll head to Anubis' tomb.You...
    *Ace: I'll go with ya.
    *Drake: What?
    *Ace: The guys are tough enough to take care of themselves.
    *Drake: Hmm, fine then.
    *Ace: So where's the tomb?
    *Drake: Not far from here.Let's walk.
  • Ace followed Drake and after some walk through the desert, they reached an area with a circle of stones.
    *Ace: Hmm, the stones are making a circle.I guess it means something, right?
    *Drake: Note the small stone in the middle.I must use my claw on it.
  • Drake touched the stone with his claw, and a hidden passage appeared from beneath the sand.They went down the stairs and reached a room, and in the middle a sarcophagus.
    *Ace: So this is...
    *Drake: Yes, Anubis' tomb.Now, I've already read some of the hieroglyphs, and none said anything about the monsters.
    *Ace: So all you have to do is read about it?
    *Drake: I know how to decode hieroglyphes, don't you worry, now... ah, here!
    *Ace: So, what does it say?
    *Drake: Hmm... appears like it was written by, Anubis himself.He says: 'Victory! Earth's saved! Yet, Osiris sacrificed himself.He died as a hero.We will never forget him.May his soul flow like the Nile's waters.Now, I sense it's my time to go.I told the people that once I die, they will bury me here, and, since my gloves are the weapon I fought with in the battle, I will make it so only these gloves will open and close the hidden stairway to this room.Also, with its power, I will cast a spell over Osiris' statue, and also hide it under the sand.This is for everyone who tries to disturb him.Even after this great victory... I have the feeling it's not the last time Earth will hear of Vectron.'
    *Ace: That spell must be those guards, right?
    *Drake: Indeed, here's some more: 'About the spell over the statue, I had my 9 powerful chimeras, 9 out of 10 since one was destroyed, guard it.Anyone who touches it, mortal or immortal, will have to face its guards.And just in case someone reads this, it means they have my claw, and want to save Earth.You who read this, pay attention: You can resurrect the chimeras after 24 hours from one's death.'
    *Ace: That's it!
    *Drake: Yeah, and since a lot of time passed, I can resurrect them! But wait... 'For a resurrection, you need to face the moon, raise your hand with the claw, and focus on the darkness of the sky.The moon will send the chimeras through a portal.Also note: As I noticed some time ago, the chimera's weakness is water, so, stay away from water.'
    *Ace: Hey, let's go out and try to revive your chimera.
    *Drake: Indeed, also, good tip to stay away from water.
  • Outside, Drake faced the moon, raised his hand, and then, a portal appeared right in front of him.Out of it came a chimera, and right after the portal disappeared.Drake then sent the chimera in his glove.
    *Drake: All done here.Now we should assist the others.
    *Ace: Right.
  • Drake hid the stairway to the tomb, and then they went back to the Dark Void, and flew away.

No New Characters


Will add the V101 a bit later.Enjoy the episode!

Keep the Ace up your sleeve! ;]

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