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Ace of Spades - Season I


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Well, this is my new series of a Sci-Fi... 'manga/anime' [:P]

This is a project I was working at with my good old bud, Vlad.He had this idea when on the toilet, and it actually sounded cool.So I decided to help him out with it, so we wrote down some ideas, and got started.Currently, we have 12 episodes of Season I [number of episodes by now] but sure things will go smoooth.

As soon as we started, we became more and more serious, so we also created some cosplays of the main characters, protagonists or antagonists, secondary characters, and so.

I will only post the cosplays at the end of each episode, and it'll be the new character from the episode [eg. in first it's Acelius Connor] so you might scroll down to see it, or you might start reading.

EDIT: I will also add down under their 'theme song' ;) [each song mentioned belongs to their owner, producer or composer <--disclaimer in case of anything]

EDIT2: This episode as well as many other that will come, is made by me and my friend, Vlad.Feel free to copy the episodes on any other side, but at least give us credit.Don't say it's yours, please. ;)


-Me, Samil Musledin - Writer

-Vlad Tifer - Producer, ideas

-Lorena Cornea - For the outstanding artworks

-Motörhead - Inspired the name, also would like to have the 'Ace of Spades' song as intro

-Gaia Online's TekTek - For making the cosplays of the characters

-UGO Entertainment's Hero Machine 2.5 - Also making some cosplays, more detailed

-TheGTAPlace - People that support me, such as: Gerard[helping me a lot], Ivan[encouragement], little homer[long time 'fan'] and others [they know themselves]







EP. 1 - Pilot

Solar System, 10th May, 2011, Vectronian spaceship, one of many from planet Vectron, a small planet with a large population, one made out of liquid.The planet's main objective is to conquer the Universe.What they did not know, is that someone from their side, was about to betray them, with the mission of stopping the Vectronians from conquering other planets..It the meeting room of the ship, the head of intelligence, as well as other high rank aliens, were discussing about the next attack.

*Alien: We need a new world to conquer.A world that is indeed ahead with technology.

*Alien2: Yes, not like Mars.I still have sand in my underwear.

*Commander: You don't wear underwear you bunch of stinky phlegm! Ojiskbi, turn on the map.

On the large, round table, out of a small square, appeared a hologram, showing the entire Solar System and its surroundings.

*Commander: My lord, the last planet we conquered was Mars.We'll move on until we reach the last planet near the sun.And looks like, in our way, it stands Earth.It would be of good advantage to conquer it.

*Alien3: I don't know... when we went on Earth they had a pretty advanced technology.It was hard to get some bodies.But the stupid humans, Americans especially, only think about themselves and that hot boiled canine covered with a mysterious red substance.They might have a technology even better than Mars', and the martians nearly destroyed us!

*Alien: Yes, the martians nearly destroyed us.And yes, Americans are idiots.

*Commander: That is why, we need to be prepared.We will strike Earth on 22nd December 2012! What do you say, my lord?

*Lord: Hmm... very well then.On 22nd December, 2012, we strike Earth! We will conquer! Glory to Vectron!

*Everyone: Glory to Vectron!

*Tyrobali: But didn't we conquer enough planets? We took half of the Solar System, plus many other in Alpha Centauri.I don't think I can have any more of these barbaric methods.I've seen enough livings die.

*Commander: You disobey what our lord said?! Tyrobali, you were one of our best and elite soldiers! Now, you're weak!

*Tyrobali: I think it's pretty enough!

*Alien2: Our soldiers already took control of some human bodies.Tyrobali, if you disobey us, you'll be released from the rank of Lieutenant, and go back on the planet.

*Tyrobali: But...

*Commander: Is it a way or another: you go back on Vectron or you fight!

*Tyrobali: Sigh...

*Lord: I think we discussed enough, meeting is over.

As everyone went out of the meeting room, Tyrobali was heading towards his room, when he was stopped by the Commander.

*Commander: What is wrong with you?!

*Tyrobali: What is wrong with me?! What is wrong with you?! All you want is to conquer, conquer and conquer! If every living dies, you won't have anything to conquer!

*Commander: Enough! Tomorrow you're going back on Vectron!

*Tyrobali: I'm tired of this anyway!

In his room, Tyrobali entered a capsule, and went deep in thoughts.

*Tyrobali: I can't take this anymore... I have to warn the humans! But, if I leave this ship, I risk to die.Within 24 hours, I'll evaporate... What can I do?

After some minutes of thinking, he finally decided what he wanted to do.

*Tyrobali: That's it! I will go on Earth and warn everyone! I will need someone I can unify with.And I better find someone fast.I will recruit others like me who decided to run from this army! I'm officialy a rebel! Time to get out!

Tyrobali pressed a button in the capsule, which went quickly throught a tube, leading outside the ship.The capsule was heading with extreme speed towards Earth.It was heading towards Europe.But, as it was advancing in high speed, it hit a satellite, and the course was changed and speed was lowered.Now, Tyrobali was heading with the speed of a slime, towards the North American continent, straight in the middle of the United States of America.

*Tyrobali: Oh no! Now it'll take around 19 hours to land! They should have made these capsules better so I can actually survive in them!

Chicago, 11th May, 2011, 00:27 AM.Acelius Connor, a thirty four year old man in a black coat, a lonely gangster on the streets, just got out of a bar.He was heading to his house, when he heard a strange noise coming out of an alleyway.He went to check on what happened, when he saw something moving out of a trash can.He quickly took out his Revolver and aimed at it.

*Ace: What the hell? Who's there?

*Tyrobali: Human... help... me...

*Ace: What... what are ya?

*Tyrobali: My name is Tyrobali... I came to warn you, about an invasion... but help me first...

*Ace: Hell no! Best is to get rid of you!

*Tyrobali: Please! Give me a chance!

*Ace: W-What you want?

*Tyrobali: I want to... *jumps on Ace's chest* Just combine with your body!

*Ace: Damn get off!

As Tyrobali was trying to combine with Ace, when he arrived on his head, and in his brain, he was stopped by a shock and jumped off Ace.

*Ace: Son of a bitch!

*Tyrobali: I... I can't believe it!

*Ace: You can't believe what? That I can shoot ya? First see the bullet, then if you survive, believe it!

*Tyrobali: You should've been controlled by me! You are the chosen one!

*Ace: Chosen one for what?

*Tyrobali: You, can save this world!

*Ace: By what?

*Tyrobali: By the invaders from my planet! They want to conquer Earth in 2012! You are the chosen one!

*Ace: So what the heck can I do?

*Tyrobali: What we can do... we must combine! Inside you, I've seen faith, courage and mercy.That is the kind of savior this planet needs.

*Ace: You already tried to combine with me, and it kinda hurts!

*Tyrobali: That was the forced one, the easier one is other method.Let me explain... Once we combine, I must pass through your memories from the age of three, then take the shape of your personality.So can we try?

*Ace: What's in it for me?

*Tyrobali: You can get special powers depending on your personality.

*Ace: But why am I the chosen one... I'm just a gangster, making a living on crimes.

*Tyrobali: Want to try or not?

*Ace: So be it.Let's do it!

Tyrobali jumped again on Ace's chest, and combined with him, this time in a less painful mode.After he completely covered him in a black liquid, the liquid dissapeared and Ace's body was back.He then looked at himself, finding nothing out of the ordinary.

*Ace: That was weird... Not feeling anything...

*Tyrobali: Yep, indeed!

*Ace: What the?! Where are ya?!

*Tyrobali: Inside you! Let me annlyse your memories and personality... Who... Whoa... What a past... Okay taking a shape, here we go!

As Ace's eyes were glowing yellow, they pulsed a ray, the ray formed a vortex, and out of the vortex came an angel like creature.

*Tyrobali: Well check that! I took a form on your personality!

*Ace: An angel? That's like my opposite...

*Tyrobali: Well I've seen your memories... what happened exactly? You have anger in your past, and those men...

*Ace: Yeah.I'll explain to you... I was born in a rich family, but my mom died when I was six.My dad, who was working for the Mafia, was arrested while trying to rob a bank.He was sentenced to life in prison.My dad's money is now mine.Anyway, the worst started in 2003, while I was working for the Mafia.We were in a war with a rival cartel.One night, when I was in my house, playing poker with friends, and when my wife and six year old daughter were in the same room, they came in... They took out everyone.Those were 30 seconds of my life, of ethernal pain.I've seen my friends and family falling dead because of the gunshots... I've ran away, and hid in another house.The cartel was on my tail, but I lost them.I was so blind because of the anger, that I modified my Revolver, went at the cartel headquarters, and shot everyone there.No one survived...

*Tyrobali: Whoa, it's tougher to hear that from you than read it from your memories.

*Ace: Maybe... and about you, your name was?

*Tyrobali: My name's Tyrobali.

*Ace: Oh yeah, Twinkle Toes.

*Tyrobali: What?! No, it's Tyrobali!

*Ace: I'll just call you T.B., okay?

*Tyrobali: Yeah, okay...

*Ace: So what now?

*Tyrobali: They probably sent some scouts after me.If I combine with someone the hard way, they can find me, but if I do it the easy way, it only takes two days for the trace to dissapear.

*Ace: And how can you find these scouts?

*Tyrobali: By those ugly mutant like creatures with red eyes behind you.

*Ace: By the what the hell like what behind who?

As Ace turned around, he saw himself face to face with a creature.The creature tried to attack Ace, but he managed to dodge the attack and jump behind.

*Ace: What the fuck?!

*Tyrobali: Yep, those ugly things are my ex-companions.

*Ace: Were? That's good... *takes out Revolver* Head or stomach?

*Tyrobali: I got a better idea! Show your left hand!

Tyrobali turned into an orb of bright light, and landed on Ace's hand.Then, Ace inserted the orb in the gun, which turned bright.Ace pressed the trigger, and out of the barrel blew out a bright laser, that took out the creatures in front of them.After that, Tyrobali came out of the Revolver, and they went to Ace's house to rest.At his house, they were discussing about the powers.

*Ace: That was pretty interesting...

*Tyraboli: You've seen nothing! Just image you have some wings!

*Ace: Why should I do that?

*Tyraboli: Try it!

*Ace: Okay...

Ace closed his eyes, and imagined himself having a pair of angel wings on his back.Then, when he opened his eyes, he noticed he had the wings on his back.

*Ace: Whoa...

*Tyrobali: You know, you could just imagine the wings, without closing your eyes.Now hide them.

*Ace: Okay, err... done?

*Tyrobali: Nice! You're getting the hang of it! Now, besides the laser gun, you learned to control the wings.You only need a flight test.

*Ace: Tomorrow, T.B., not tonight, I'm too tired.Want a drink?

*Tyrobali: What drink?

*Ace: A beer?

*Tyrobali: What's a beer?

*Ace: It's a drink with alcohol...

*Tyrobali: I heard it makes you go insane.

*Ace: Then you'll drink only water!

-To be continued...

Acelius Connor:bc89598.png

THEME SONG: Ace of Spades by Motörhead [may be same with the series theme, but who cares]

Now guys, I want you to:

-Notice me of mistakes

-Give me some other suggestions

Guys I just hoped you enjoyed it!



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Well as in the description, I will post all episodes of Season I.Episode 1 was already released, find it here

EDIT: Thank you for combining the two topics.

Anyway, this is Episode 2, once again hope you guys will enjoy it.Episode 3 will be here on Friday.

In this episode, you'll find out a new character's past, present and future.

EP. 2 - The Biker

Lake Michigan, 10:52 AM.A man in a leather jacket, Jet 'Fire' Garcia, is speeding towards the harbor on a boat, being chased by police.As he arrives on land, he runs away, and finds a motorcycle.He gets on it, and drives away from the location.He stops one kilometer away, in an abandoned warehouse in downtown Chicago.He locks the doors, blocks the windows, and as the warehouse was holding old furniture, he found a sofa, and went to sleep, tired after the incident.

Meanwhile, Ace was flying over the city, through clouds to avoid being noticed.

*Ace: Whoa! This is crazy! And awesome!

*Tyrobali: Yeah, let's keep flying for another hour and then land, okay?

*Ace: Okay, okay.

One hour later, in the abandoned warehouse, Jet just woke up.As he got up, he heard a noise coming from some boxes.He took his shotgun, and slowly advanced towards the boxes.Then, suddenly, another liquid flew out of a box, scaring Jet, who fired his shotgun, destroying the box.The liquid then pasted on his chest, but, just as Tyrobali, it felt a shock, and backed off.Jet then aimed at the alien.

*Jet: What the fuck are ya?!

*???: Wait! Don't! Don't shoot me!

*Jet: Just give me a damn reason why not to do it!

*???: Listen, I'm an alien...

*Jet: So far that's a reason to shoot you!

*Flazz: Listen to me you son of a bitch! First, my name is Flazz.If I could have combine with ya you'd be dead! Listen! You got power in you! You stopped me from taking you over! You literally tamed me, so now, I will follow and protect you everywhere.I need to combine with you.

*Jet: You think I'm just some stupid motherfucker?! You nearly killed me!

*Flazz: You must help me! I don't have much to live! I need someone to combine with!

*Jet: I got a life! It's fucked up but it's mine! Lemme have it!

*Flazz: Let me combine with you, please! You can get extreme powers!

*Jet: Extreme power... alright then!

Flazz pasted again on Jet's chest, and successfully combined with him.He analyzed his memories, and took the form of a spirit of fire, with burning flames over its head.

*Jet: That was weird...

*Flazz: You had one tough past... and I took shape of your personality, which is pretty angry.

*Jet: Well I told ya my life's fucked... Lemme tell ya my story.

*Flazz: Okay.

*Jet: So, I was born in Buffalo, New York.My mom was a heavy drinker, and everyday I've seen her with a bottle in her hand, or with a syringe of heroin.She was addicted to drugs.She was killed when trying to buy some, in some assault by another dealer.My dad, well I don't know anything about him.He left when my mom was pregnant.Tried to find him, after my mom got killed, and as soon as I got an address, I visited it, and by surprise, I saw my father.Too bad he was dead, he hung himself.That's the only day I ever saw my father... Anyway, from the age of seventeen, I was recruited in The New Age MC, by a guy, Johnny Kassidy, who became my best friend.Now at the age of 35, when we tried to free some of our guys from a police convoy, but damn... it turned out nasty...

*Flazz: I feel the pain in your voice...

*Jet: It all happened on a road by Lake Erie.We were eight... When one of our guys shot the cop in the lead car, the others came out, and hell was broken loose.Traffic was stopped, and bullets flew everywhere.Five of our guys were killed, and Johnny with one more guy was taken by the cops.Since the scene was next to Lake Erie, I tried to escape and jumped in the lake.I swam until I reached a fishing boat.I threw the guy off, and took the boat.Then, I sailed until I reached Michigan.I still remember it well, how I ran from the police for days, from Detroit to Holland, took another boat, and yet again chased by police.Shit thing is that, the boat I found was a cop one.Now I'm here, wanted dead or alive.

*Flazz: Yeah... pretty sad story...

*Jet: What about you?

*Flazz: Nothing special... I lived on our planet, until I was recruited.I saw the army kill on every planet we went on, so I had enough.I thought I took the wrong decision coming here on Earth, but I didn't, since I met you.

*Jet: So... hey whats with you?

*Flazz: I think it's a Vectronian.I sense it.

*Jet: Then we better find him, right?

*Flazz: I sense something coming from east of our position.Let's get on the bike!

While flying, Tyrobali sensed an alien presence west of their position.

*Tyrobali: Huh...

*Ace: What's wrong Toothpaste?

*Tyrobali: Tyrobali! Ty-ro-ba-li! Argh... anyway, I sensed an alien presence, it's just like a Vectronian.We better hurry!

*Ace: Which way?

*Tyrobali: Turn around! Hurry!

Ace turned around, and flew west.Meanwhile, while the streets were clear of police, Jet and Flazz were speeding towards the east side.After some minutes, Ace landed on the main street, and Jet arrived on his bike on the same street.

*Ace: I guess you're the one we were looking for?

*Jet: Maybe, and you're the one we were looking for.

*Tyrobali: You! Are you here to destroy me?

*Flazz: What? I'm a rebel!

*Tyrobali: So, you're not here to destroy me?

*Flazz: I'm here to protect the humans!

*Tyrobali: Finally found someone like me!

*Jet: Stay back Flazz, I don't trust them. *aims*

*Ace: You got that right! *aims*

*Tyrobali: Wait!

*Flazz: I trust them!

*Jet: I don't... you're just some motherfuckin' long coat emo asshole!

*Ace: Not a nice thing to say... *shoots motorcycle*

Jet's motorcycle blew up as Ace's bullet hit the gas tank.

*Jet: Motherfucker! My bike!

*Ace: I have to protect Earth, but can't do it alone you know? What do you say, will you join me?

*Jet: Hell no! I'll save it on my own! And after what ya done to my bike, get the fuck out before I send your head off the planet!

*Ace: Then, let's make a deal.We'll have a duel, if I win, you join us, and I'm boss.You win, I'll get you a new bike.

*Jet: Heh... deal!

*Ace: Okay, clean duel.

*Flazz: Oh boy...

The two got in the middle of the deserted street, back at back, and each made ten steps away.As they were about to shoot each other, an explosion was provoked at a building just next to them.

*Ace: Damn! What the?

*Tyrobali: It's them! They're here!

*Flazz: Oh man! Jet, time to learn your powers!

*Jet: What? Well, a'ight! Let's own 'em!

*Ace: We better do it too, right T.B.?

*Tyrobali: Haha, yeah!

They combined their guns with their companions, and fired at the aliens.The fight lasted only a minute, until each alien was down, and police sirens could be heard from distance.

*Ace: Now let's continue our duel, shall we?

*Jet: Yeah.

They got again in position, and each took a shot.Jet missed, while Ace hit Jet in the shoulder, scratching his arm.

*Ace: I win, now let's get outta here!

*Jet: Shit...

*Ace: Cops are coming, let's go fast!

*Jet: Hold on, see the barrels?

*Ace: Yeah... Oh, I understand...

*Jet: Heheh...

Each shot a barrel, provoking an explosion, and soon a chain reaction.After the smoke disappeared and the police arrived, no one was to be seen, only the bodies of the aliens.Two hundred meters away, on top of a building, the crew was watching the scene.

*Ace: So you now work for me.

*Jet: Don't expect me to be loyal.I just keep my promises.

*Tyrobali: I'm Tyrobali by the way.

*Flazz: Flazz.Pleasure to meet you, mate.

*Tyrobali: Ha, indeed! Pleasure's all mine.

*Ace: Come on, let's go home.I think I saw a police helicopter arriving.

... To be continued


Jet 'Fire' Garcia: 8784354.png

THEME: Breaking Benjamin - Blow Me Away <-- song is property of its owner, no copyright infringement.

Once again, notify me of mistakes and also tell some suggestions.

Thanks and hope you enjoyed it!


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Alright, next episode is here, sorry for double post.In this episode, you'll find out the team's new friend and ride.

EP. 3 - The Hexer

The next morning, Jet woke up in one of Ace's rooms, and went in the kitchen, where he saw him, Tyrobali and Flazz eating.

*Jet: God, breakfast without me?

*Flazz: It's 1 PM.

*Jet: What...

*Ace: Hey mate, here's a bowl of cereal.

*Jet: Nesquik? What am I a fuckin' kid?

*Ace: You prefer to eat this, or you can go to a KFC risking to get yourself arrested.

*Jet: Right. *eats* And, now I lost my ride too.

*Ace: Sorry for it.

*Jet: You better be, I found it and took it fair and square.

*Ace: Yeah, well, you know what? I'm gonna repair it.Come on let's go!

*Jet: Didn't even finish my cereals!

*Ace: Move!

*Jet: Asshole!

They got up, and went to the same place they dueled a day ago.There, they found the rests of Jet's bike, and surprisingly, no police.They went to the bike and inspected it.

*Jet: It's destroyed...

*Ace: Hey there's a pickup truck.Let's place the bike on the back and get to a service.

*Tyrobali: Okay, come on Flazz! Ain't gonna be a trouble.

*Flazz: Hope so...

They picked the bike and placed it on the back of the pickup truck, then went to the closest service.As the first couldn't help them, they went to another, and then others.After an hour of searching...

*Mechanic: Sorry but this bike is, pretty much destroyed.We can't help ya, sorry guys.

*Jet: Fuck, these guys can't help us either!

*Flazz: Yeah it's like the 47th service...

*Jet: Shut up...

*Ace: Hmm... I know someone that can help us.He's an old High School friend of mine.Didn't see him for three years.He's a mechanical genius, he can help us.He's name is Sam Kowalski.

*Tyrobali: Then let's go, I think I sense other Vectronians heading towards us.

*Jet: Let's move it!

*Ace: He's living in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.Hope we got enough gas...

They got in the truck, and went north to Wisconsin.They checked the map, and after an hour, when they were about to get in Milwaukee, the truck's front left wheel popped.Frankly, Ace's friend was living close so they decided to go on foot, carrying the bike with them.After some other minutes of walking, they reached Ace's friend's warehouse.They went in, and Ace shouted to see if anyone is inside.

*Ace: Hey! Anyone here?

*Jet: Yo! We need someone to repair our bike.

*???: I recognize that voice...

*Ace: Of course you do you fuckin' moron!

*???: I recognize that too! Haha, Ace!

*Ace: Hey Sam, what's up?

*Sam: Oh nothing, just in my busy thing operating stuff, repairing things, chemical researches and other stuff you know what I mean...

*Ace: Errr... no, I don't.So, Sam, we need you to fix a bike.

*Sam: I guess this is the bike?

*Jet: Yeah, can you do something about it or not?

*Sam: God, calm down! Of course I can! But, it'll take around two days.

*Ace: We'll wait.By the way, these two are Tyrobali and Flazz, they're from a planet, err... Vectron right?

*Tyrobali: Yeah, nice to meet ya Sam.

*Sam: Wha-What the... Aliens? Hahaha!

*Flazz: What's so funny asshole?! You don't believe us?

*Sam: Haha! Of course, not! What am I a fuckin' moron?

*Jet: I guess that's a trap question.

*Sam: Ahem, so... I better get to work.Get yourself a drink or something, I think you'll stay here for some days.

*Ace: I prefer the hotel...

Sam got ready and started fixing Jet's bike.As hours passed, he was closer with every minute to repair it completely.In the mean time, Ace and Jet were chatting over the other side of the warehouse.

*Jet: Man, this guy better fix it.Hope ya know what you're doin'!

*Ace: I know, I know... either way he better fix it.

The other day, as everyone was sleeping, they were suddenly awaken by Sam, who shouted loud.

*Sam: Guys! It's done!

*Jet: Ah fuck! Ten more minutes!

*Ace: Wha... Sam, what the hell?

*Sam: I fixed it, I fixed the bike.Hope ya like it.

*Jet: Gaah... No school today... Wait, what?

*Sam: The bike is ready!

*Jet: Fuck yeah!

Jet rushed to see his bike, being amazed by how Sam fixed it.

*Jet: Whoa, it's awesome!

*Ace: Yeah... Still wondering how was it so hard to 'get' another one.

*Jet: Shut up! I should name it... how?

*Sam: What do you say of... Frankenstein?

*Jet: Way too science fiction.

*Tyrobali: Burning flame?

*Jet: A flame always burns you moron.

*Ace: I know, what do you say of... 'The thing a sucker wanted so much too repair, and didn't do much anything, 'cause it's still a thing and it sucks'.

*Jet: You idiot!

*Flazz: I know! Something I saw through your memories.

*Jet: Tell me.

*Flazz: Hexer.It's Johnny's bike right?

*Jet: Yeah...he nicknamed his bike Hexer, and it got blown up in the incident... yeah, it's a perfect name! Hexer it is!

*Tyrobali: Good news! Sadly I got bad news too...

*Ace: Don't even think about telling me...

*Tyrobali: I got no choice...

Suddenly, half of the warehouse was blown up in a huge explosion.Out of the smoke caused by the explosion, came some Vectronians.Ace and Jet took their weapons and slayed some of them, but they just kept coming.Then, Ace used the combined power of Tyrobali with his gun, destroying over half of the aliens.The other half was destroyed by Jet, using the same technique as Ace.Unfortunately, the warehouse was completely destroyed, and so was something for Ace...

*Sam: No! No! My home! My lab! My inventions!

*Ace: Oh, no! My gun!

*Sam: What did I do to deserve this?!

*Ace: What did I do to deserve my gun wrecked?!

*Jet: Someone shut up and let the other one cry!

*Sam: I lost everything! My lab! My projects! My life!

... To be continued


Sam Kowalski:b6d7156.png

THEME: 'Weird' Al Yankovic - White and Nerdy <--- song is property of its owner, no copyright infringements[Also, credit to Chamillionaire for the original song]

Hope you enjoyed it!

Notify of mistakes, also give suggestions

NEXT EPISODE: 29/06/2010

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I noticed one mistake at the start.

*Ace: You prefer to eat this, or to can go to a KFC risking to get yourself arrested.

This should be like-

*Ace: You better eat this, or you can go to KFC risking to get yourself arrested.

This one was nice too, although I think it was better then the others. :)

Edited by Alvas.
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Indeed, the upcoming episodes will be better than the previous ones.Also, thanks a bunch for telling me the mistake! :D

Too bad I can't edit. :/ <-- EDIT: My bad I CAN edit it.

Anyway, thanks again, I didn't see that one.

It should've been: 'You prefer to eat this, or to get to a KFC and risk to get arrested.'

The 'can' was in the way and I forgot to throw it in the trash bin. ;)

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Yet again double post.Anyway, in this episode find out the gang's new hiding place, and new plans.

EP. 4 - First Base

After that cruel battle, the lab was destroyed, Sam's home, and all they had was Hexer.They had to get out of there as soon as possible.Ace took his wings out, and Jet got on his bike.They also took Sam with them, since they needed to explain to him what happened.

They started running away from the place, as the police was coming to the scene.They were going west for several hours, until they reached a bar in Eau Claire.There, they had a drink and rested for the next few minutes.

*Ace: Well, we screwed it...

*Sam: Oh man... now what am I gonna do?

*Jet: Stop crying you pussy.

*Sam: Stop crying?! What if your bike was blown up in pieces!

*Ace: Oh that did happen once.

*Jet: So what should we do now, genius?

*Ace: Check the newspaper for something, like an old house or an abandoned building.

*???: I might help ya.

*Ace: Fabio? Fabio Battista? What's up with you here? Weren't ya working in Downtown Chicago?

*Fabio: Moved 'cause of the gang wars.This place is way better.So, you want something of interest?

*Ace: We wanna buy a property.Large, with some nice views on the environment.

*Fabio: I heard of a guy down on the West Coast that's selling an abandoned airstrip or something.

*Ace: But it's perfect! You know this guy?

*Fabio: Well his name was Carl, somethingson.I know he just lives in Beverly Hills in Los Angeles, California.

*Ace: In California, eh? Then we're going there! Let's go guys!

*Fabio: Wait there's one more thing!

*Ace: See ya Fabio! And thanks!

*Fabio: That property is $1,500,000...

Before they could listen to what Fabio said, they went back on the road, and went west towards California.After two days of non-stop flying and driving, they stopped at a gas station in Salt Lake City, Utah.There, they filled Hexer with gas, and bought some drinks and snacks.As they didn't really have time to stay and eat, with the aliens behind, they continued towards California.After another day, they arrived in Los Angeles.They checked the map to see the location of Beverly Hills, and went there.They arrived, and Ace asked a pedestrian where he could find Carl.

*Ace: Hey we're looking for Carl.

*Man: Carl? Carl Robinson?

*Ace: Err... yeah I think.

*Man: He lives down the road, the villa with the green gate.

*Ace: Thank you.

They went to the villa, and saw Carl Robinson outside, washing his car.

*Ace: Excuse me! Are you Carl Robinson?

*Carl: Yeah, why askin'?

*Ace: We came here to buy that airfield you were selling.

*Carl: Oh yeah, sure.Thing is, that offer was three years ago.

*Jet: That Fabio guy collects old newspapers or what?

*Carl: But it's still available! Come on get in my car, let's go.It's in the California desert, we have some driving to do.

*Jet: I'll take my bike.

*Sam: And I'll get in the car! You drive like a madman!

*Jet: Didn't see you trying to drive something.I bet you create your license out of scrap.

They went out of Los Angeles, and reached a deserted area in California, close to Death Valley National Park.They didn't drive too much, and reached the airstrip.After Ace inspected everything, from hangars to the runway, they decided to buy it.

*Ace: We'll buy it.

*Carl: Good.$1,500,000, and it's yours.

As soon as he heard the price, Ace's face changed.

*Ace: Wha-What the? $1,500,000?!

*Carl: It's an airstrip, after all.

*Jet: Buffalo Niagara International Airport is cheaper than this!

*Carl: Buy or not?

*Ace: Maybe this is what Fabio was trying to tell me...

*Carl: Buy... or not?!

*Ace: Alright, alright... here's the cash.

*Carl: Thanks! Now sign here, and here, and here, and finally, here's the key to the main building, and remote to open the hangar.Have fun, man!

*Sam: So now, you still need to explain some stuff.

*Ace: First let's see what we can do with this place.

*Tyrobali: I recommend a security system.

*Flazz: Oh yeah some laser beams, and cameras, and some machine-guns to fire at every bad guy.

*Ace: You know we now have limited money.

*Tyrobali: And I think I sense those guys again.

*Flazz: I'm sick of this.How can we stop it?

*Tyrobali: It's simple, but complicated as well.They can locate us because of the chip inside us.

*Flazz: What chip?

*Tyrobali: Didn't you ever go to school?!

*Flazz: Oh... I dunno...

*Tyrobali: The only way to remove the chip, is by inserting the blood of our guest in our bodies.

*Flazz: Whoa! You learned this at school?

*Tyrobali: Our ship's school.I was teaching the rookies.

*Flazz: So where can we get blood from a guest?

*Jet: I dunno, I don't see any guest here.I didn't have guests since our rivals The Arch Angel Bishops attacked our base.

*Ace: Are you pretending or are you an idiot?

*Jet: I'm a... err... I'm pretending.

*Ace: You're a guest moron! You're Flazz's guest.Jesus! Just get some blood out.

*Jet: Okay where can I get a knife?

*Sam: Wait, I always got some syringes with me.I can get some blood from each of you and insert it in your... things.

*Flazz: I ain't a thing, stupid!

*Sam: Whatever.First is Ace.

*Ace: Oh shit! Hurts!

*Sam: Yeah if I remember right, you were always afraid of syringes.

*Ace: Still am.

*Sam: Okay got the blood, so it's Tyro...

*Tyrobali: Tyrobali.T.B. for short.

*Sam: T.B., okay!

*Tyrobali: Wow I got a strange feeling.

*Ace: What's that black thing inside you that's... melting?

*Tyrobali: That's the chip.And it'll disappear! That's it! Use it on Flazz too before they find us.

*Sam: Okay!

Sam took some blood from Jet, and inserted it all in Flazz.Meanwhile, back in Utah, the aliens that were following them suddenly stopped.

*Alien: That's weird... we lost their track...

*Alien2: That's not good...

*Alien: We got no idea where they are now, it's mission failed.Let's go back.

*Alien2: Let's get some overheated circles of flour and sugar!

*Everyone: Yay! We love to take control of creatures with mouth!

Back in California, Tyrobali lost his sense of being followed, and was relieved.

*Tyrobali: We lost them.For now I think.

*Ace: Time to get moving.This place is pretty messy.

*Jet: Yeah... messy, mucky, big, stinky, just how I love it! Can't we leave it this way?

*Ace: We can build an underground lab for ya, Sam.

*Jet: And me?

*Ace: A... strip club?

*Jet: Fair enough.Let's get to work.

They went to work, and after nearly two weeks, their new base was finished.Ace did some final checks, Sam installed a generator, and Jet was drinking a beer.After, the base was fully finished.

*Ace: Home sweet home.

*Jet: Yeah in two weeks, we got this place fixed, plus an underground base.

*Sam: Well since you have me here, of course things go smooth.

*Jet: And you know, this part of the airfield is pretty... empty... I mean, instead of old airplanes, hangars and that command tower, I don't see anything out of ordinary.

*Ace: Well, that's good.If you didn't notice, security cameras are all around, well hidden.So, let's check... hidden machineguns ready, antenna ready, planes ready, hangar ready, main building ready, underground lift ready.It's all done.Let's go underground guys!

*Jet: Yeah I can't wait to see what's there!

They took the lift, and went down several levels.There, they entered the underground complex.

*Jet: Whoa! It's... empty...

*Sam: We'll buy furniture, don't worry.But meanwhile, these are the rooms.First is my room, half lab, half bedroom.

*Jet: Empty.

*Ace: This is my room.Half bedroom, half shooting range.Mine, and T.B.'s.

*Jet: Empty as well.

*Ace: Last but sure not least, yours Jet.

*Jet: And it's... as I guessed! Empty!

*Ace: We got no money left for furniture.

*Jet: I thought you were the rich guy!

*Ace: You know... $1,500,000 is pretty much.

*Jet: And what do you suggest? Should I just go and rob a bank or something?

*Ace: Yep.

*Jet: Well... what?!

*Ace: I said, yep.

*Jet: Ah, it'll be fun anyway.

*Sam: We need to do some plans on the robbery.Get weapon supplies, and other.

*Ace: Speaking of weapons, what can you do with mine? Three weeks without using it, it's like, three weeks without eating.

*Sam: Give it to me, I'll go in the hangar, and fix it somehow.

*Jet: Okay, Ace.Help me get some supplies.

...To be continued


Fabio Battista: 1bc9992.png

Carl Robinson: 379c186.png

NOTE: Minor Characters do not have theme songs!

Hope you enjoyed it!

Notify of mistakes, also give suggestions

NEXT EPISODE: 2/07/2010

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Thank Alv, also, here's Ep. 5:

Here you see the team's plans to get rich, and they meet someone new, but question is: is he a friend, or a foe?

EP. 5 - The Job

  • The next day, as soon as they got up, Ace went to the nearest weapon store, and waited for a truck of weapons to arrive.As soon as one arrived, and the driver and passenger got out to unload some crates, Ace got in the driver's seat, and speed up back to the base.
  • Meanwhile, Jet went to a nearby bar, in which he found a map of California, in which most important buildings were.He decided to hit the Los Angeles National Bank.As no one was watching, he took down the map and hid it in his jacket.He then left the bar, but not before he drank one last beer.
  • Back at the base, they were discussing over the plan.
    *Sam: First is first... Ace, here's the gun.
    *Ace: It's heavier isn't it?
    *Sam: I made it indestructible, because of the diamond armor.
    *Jet: Where did ya get diamond?
    *Sam: My ex's jewelries.Pretty expensive.
    *Ace: But it's cool! Oh yeah!
    *Tyrobali: Back to the subject guys!
    *Sam: Oh yeah, so... there is a small bank with lots of cash in LA.Plan is simple, take the Hexer, get in the bank, take all the cash, and make your way to Alhambra.There, Ace will be waiting for you next to a local store.Give him the money, and he'll take it here.Then, lose your heat.
    *Jet: Wait... so you're saying that, I just give him the money and leave? What if they arrest me?
    *Ace: Nothing to lose.
    *Jet: You asshole!
    *Sam: Don't forget, don't show your Vectronians.
    *Flazz: Yeah we'll be hidden.
    *Jet: So, you got the guns right?
    *Ace: Yeah I got a nice load.Plenty of Ks, shotguns, SMGs, and of course extra ammo for each.
    *Sam: I also prepared something for you.Since your element is fire...
    *Jet: Yeah flame bullets own!
    *Sam: Yeah... I got something for you.A glove.
    *Jet: A what...
    *Sam: It can burst into flames whenever you want.You can shoot fireballs, triple fireballs, eruptions, volcano, and what I like to call, Armageddon.
    *Jet: What's with the Armageddon?
    *Sam: It just sends meteors into a place.
    *Jet: Awesome!
    *Sam: Yep... don't ever use it.
    *Jet: Yeah you gotta destroy my fun.
    *Ace: Let's go!
    *Sam: Here are some radios.Good luck!
  • Ace flew up towards Alhambra, while Jet took Hexer and went to Los Angeles.There, he parked Hexer behind the bank, and went inside.The bank was full with civilians, but that didn't stop Jet.He quickly took out his shotgun and shot the security camera.
    *Jet: No one move!
    *Woman: Aaah! Aaaaah!
    *Jet: Shut up! Hand over the cash!
    *Man: Don't hurt us!
    *Jet: Get the fuck outta here or I'll hurt ya!
  • The cashier gave Jet the money, and as he was going out of the bank, he saw the police pointing their guns towards him.They opened fire, but Jet took cover before they hit him.He went for the back door, but it was locked.As more officers arrived and tried to get in through the front door, Jet quickly went towards the door and blocked it with some chairs.Jet was now pinned inside the bank.
  • Meanwhile, in Alhambra district, Ace was behind the general store, wondering what is taking Jet so long.
    *Ace: Where is this guy? He should've been here already.
    *Jet(Radio): Ace, I got a problem!
    *Ace: Oh no...
    *Sam(Radio): Ace you better go help Jet.
    *Jet(Radio): Yeah he better do!
    *Ace: Alright... wait and don't kill anyone!
    *Jet(Radio): You should tell them too!
    *Ace: Shut up and stay alive! Need anything?
    *Jet(Radio): Some nachos would be of good use.Oh and, help!
  • Ace took his wings and flew towards Los Angeles.Meanwhile, Jet was completely surrounded by police.He decided to run away, so he shot the lock on the back door, and tried to go away on Hexer, but he found himself surrounded by police.He put his arms up, and with an evil smile, he said:
    *Jet: Took you some time...
    *Cop: Who the hell is he talking to?
  • Then, Ace flew quick as an arrow, hitting a police car, which was sent on another car, provoking an explosion.Jet got on Hexer, and went out of Los Angeles as fast as he could, but the police was behind him.Ace was behind him as well, taking some distance from the earth to avoid being seen.
    *Jet: Ain't I missing something?
    *Ace(Radio): Beside the cops?
    *Jet: Something else...
    *Ace(Radio): What could you... oh, you are one pathetic moron Jet!
    *Jet: Watch what yer sayin'!
    *Ace(Radio): You forgot the fuckin' money asshole!
    *Jet: Oh... I agree with ya this time.
    *Ace(Radio): I'll go back and get it, idiot!
  • Ace looped in the air, and headed back to Los Angeles' bank.He got in through a window, took the bag of cash, and got out through another window.Meanhile, Jet still had the police on his tail.
    *Jet: Lucky me with the police... Ace hope ya ain't just gonna let me get busted!
    *Ace(Radio): Don't worry.Where are ya heading to?
    *Jet: How should I know?!
    *Ace(Radio): Right...
    *Flazz: Ain't it done yet?
    *Jet: Keep hiding, man!
    *Flazz: God...
    *Ace(Radio): Try to shake the cops, and don't kill them!
    *Jet: Easy for you to say, you don't have around ten cars behind ya.Plus... ah shit they're doing a drive-by!
    *Ace(Radio): Is that legal in police?
    *Jet: Shit! Hexer!
  • An officer shot Hexer's back tire, popping it, and making Jet lose control.As he was close to the Glendale district, he crashed in the middle of the street.What Jet didn't know is that a curious civilian, Daemon Jackson, a black, 29 year old male, resident in the city, was watching carefully his actions, while the other scared pedestrians ran away.
    *Daemon: Holy Hotwheels! That's some crazy shit! It's cool!
    *Jet: Shit...
    *Cop: Give up! You're surrounded.
    *Jet: Surrounded on your mom...
  • Jet took his glove out, and out of it appeared some sharp claws.The claws started to burn, and as he pointed towards the police, he sent three fireballs, destroying their cars.Most of the cops dodged the attack, but some were also wounded.Before he could strike again, the cops ran away with fear, and so did every pedestrian on the street, without Daemon.
    *Daemon: Yo! That was cool! How did ya do that, man?!
    *Jet: Ain't your problem...
    *Daemon: Come on tell me!
    *Jet: You wouldn't like it, forget everything you saw here.
    *Daemon: Your bike is pretty damaged, and the tire is history.
    *Jet: So what? Just get lost, kid!
    *Daemon: I ain't a kid! Come on man, I can help ya too.
    *Jet: How can ya help me?
    *Daemon: Simple, I can hide you out from the cops, I got problems with law too.In exchange, you tell me how you did that.
    *Jet: *in mind* Since I dunno where Ace is, I do need to find a hideout.But Ace is going to be mad on me... ah, what's new in it?
    *Daemon: So?
    *Jet: Alright!
    *Daemon: Okay, hurry! Let's get your bike! There's my house, hide it in my garage.
  • They quickly took Hexer in Daemon's garage, and went inside.There, Daemon gave Jet a drink, and told him to explain stuff.
    *Daemon: So how did you do that?
    *Jet: Do what?
    *Daemon: Yo! Those crazy flames! I wanna know!
    *Jet: You're acting like a kid for an adult... first, where can I get a bike tire?
    *Daemon: Easy, my neighbor has a bike.It annoys me 'cause of the sounds, all day and night, only vroom and vroom!
    *Jet: Okay, then let's go take the tires.
    *Daemon: But...
    *Jet: After!
    *Daemon: No way! I wanna know now! How did you do that?!
  • Suddenly, the door slammed, and a shadow figure was standing at the front.It was Ace, with a pretty bad look on his face.
    *Ace: He ate his vegetables.
    *Jet: Ace! How'd ya find me?
    *Tyrobali: Flazz stinks! Seriously, he reeks!
    *Flazz: What the hell did ya say?!
    *Daemon: Holy Hotwheels! What... is that?
    *Jet: Oh that's T.B., our 'lil alien friend.
    *Ace: *facepalm* Moron...
    *Flazz: And me? What about me?!
    *Jet: And Flazz!
    *Daemon: Oh damn! Another one! You owe me some explanations, and a new door!
    *Ace: We got no choice then, listen carefully! The Ace of Spades, will not repeat again!
    *Jet: Ace of Spades? Who's that guy?
    *Ace: *double facepalm* Jet... just go... wait outside.By the way, you lost your radio, for this you wash the dishes four days.
    *Jet: And what 'bout Sam?
    *Ace: He's doing more stuff than you anyway!
    *Jet: You hurt me here.
    *Ace: Mission accomplished then!
    *Daemon: Yo! I'm still here!
    *Ace: Alright, listen...
  • And Daemon found out what happened, what was going to happen, and the rest of the story.

... To be continued


Daemon 'DJ' Jackson: 8815178.png

THEME: Nickelback - Animals<--- song is property of its owner, no copyright infringements

Hope you enjoyed it!

Notify of mistakes, also give suggestions.

NEXT EPISODE: 06/07/2010

Edited by Samil
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Hehe...time for me to make my appearence here.Hi everyone,i'm Vlad.Co-producer of Ace of Spades.Episode 5 allready...time flyes so fast!

I wanna thank everyone that still bothers to read this(especially Alvas).

Stay tuned for more episodes,because there WILL be alot more.

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You helped him him in writing this too. Also, do you already have all the episodes written up or you write them along the time a episode releases ?

Well when we released episode 1 we allready had about 20 episodes wrote in advance and now we write more episodes as we release these.

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Alright, peeps, ep. 6! In this one, something will happen to the new guest from the previous episode.

EP. 6 - The Animal

  • *Ace: Understood?
    *Daemon:Oh man! I want a symbiote or whatever that thing is too!
    *Ace: No you don't! If it controls you, you're dead!
    *Daemon: Yo! No one can control DJ!
    *Ace: Forget it! Jet, let's go!
    *Jet: Well, those wheels from the bike sure fit on Hexer.
    *Daemon: Hey, no one turns his back on DJ!
    *Ace: Have a good day!
  • Ace and Jet got on Hexer, and went towards the base.But, on their way, they found some humans controlled by aliens, heading towards them.
    *Ace: Well, I started to miss them!
    *Jet: We're in the middle of the desert, let's finish 'em off! Let's go Flazz!
    *Ace: I won't use my gun in this one.Let's see what I can do without it! Let's go T.B.!
  • Both ran towards the aliens, and started a fight.As Jet was shooting fire bullets and cutting aliens in half with the claws, Ace was simply punching them in the jaw, instantly killing them.A new wave arrived, but, out of nowhere, a black SUV went and hit the aliens.Out of the SUV came Daemon, with an Ingram in his hand.
    *Daemon: Told ya... no one turns his back on DJ! *shoots*
    *Ace: Yeah well since you're here, let's get rid of the aliens! By the way, you got spy qualities, I like that.
    *Jet: But most important, what the fuck are you doing here?
    *Ace: I agree with Jet this time, you're in danger here.
    *Daemon: *shoots* Well... what the... ah! Shit!
  • A guest-less symbiote jumped on Daemon's chest and tried to combine.Ace grabbed two of the aliens, threw them up in the air, and Jet shot them.They then kept fighting the aliens, while Daemon was still fighting with the Vectronian.He was on the ground, rolling and screaming of pain.Ace and Jet were watching him, knowing they can't do anything.After 20 minutes, Daemon finally got up, but not in a zombie-like form, but into a half man half wolf creature.Jet was ready to shoot, but Ace stopped him.
    *Jet: Why you stop me for?
    *Daemon: What the fuck?! Don't shoot! It's me! Daemon!
    *Ace: Because of that! He's still conscious.
    *Jet: Good, 'cause I'm out of bullets!
    *Daemon: What's with me? I'm half man, half beast?
    *Ace: Hmm... try to figure in your mind another animal.
    *Daemon: Okay...
  • Daemon transformed into a lion, then an eagle, and finally a goldfish.He then went back to his human form.
    *Daemon: Yo! That, was, awesome!
    *Ace: Can't believe it, he actually did it.Now your alien should take the shape of your personality.
  • And so, out of a vortex came a cat-like creature.It was Daemon's companion, Sner.
    *Daemon: Hey what's with you 'lil guy?
    *Sner: I'm Sner.Congratulations human, you tamed me, now I'm your companion, following you wherever I can, helping you out, things like that.
    *Daemon: Sner? I'll call you Snoopy!
    *Ace: Err...
    *Tyrobali: Sner? Second Lieutenant of the V-S55 fleet?
    *Sner: That's me! Oh, Tyrobali? General of the V-A01 fleet? Long time no see, mate!
    *Tyrobali: So nice to see you again, mate!
    *Sner: Indeed, very nice!
    *Tyrobali: This is Flazz.Unknown how he got here.
    *Flazz: Meh... nice to meet ya.
    *Sner: Pleasure's all mine!
    *Ace: Okay, so Daemon, it looks like your power is shape-shifting.It's nice.So, you're going to join us? I need a babysitter for Jet.Plus that you get your own room, three meals per day, and you can also annoy Jet to hell.
    *Daemon: Haha! Of course I'll join!
    *Jet: Cool...
    *Ace: Now... *takes out syringe* We need to eliminate that chip inside you, Sner.
    *Sner: Understood.
    *Daemon: What? Ouch!
    *Ace: Don't cry!
  • Ace inserted Daemon's blood into Sner's body, making the chip melt and disappear.
    *Jet: Now, let's go already!
  • Jet got on his Hexer, while Ace and Daemon took the SUV.Then they headed towards the base.
  • Once there, Ace went at the hidden door, and typed in the password.
    *Ace: Remember the password! It's: 'Nesquik'.
    *Daemon: Cereals.Understood.Why 'Nesquik' anyway?
    *Jet: Shut up and go in!
  • They took the elevator and went underground.There, they met with Sam who was waiting for them, and the base was fully decorated.
    *Ace: That's a surprise!
    *Sam: Sweet, right? We got a huge kitchen over to the right, dorms are on the hallway, living room is pretty big as well, and of course, the bathroom, is down the hallway.The bathroom also has a flat screen TV, and many more.
    *Daemon: Yo! Flat screen on the toilet! How crazy is that?! And pretty cool!
    *Sam: I guess you're new around here.My name's Sam.I'm the brain behind this base, and Jet.
    *Jet: What the?!
    *Daemon: Haha! Name's Daemon!
    *Sam: Did you park your vehicles in the hangar?
    *Daemon: Yeah.Why asking?
    *Sam: Enough to know.I'm going to work.Why don't you try the training room?
    *Jet: Oh we got a training room? How cool is that?!
  • While Sam locked himself in the lab, the rest went in the training room.After two hours, Sam came out of his lab, and so did the guys from the training room.
    *Jet: Hey! What the... why'd ya mounted lasers for?! Tryin' to kill me?!
    *Sam: Well you're fighting aliens! What you wanna train with? Dummies?!
    *Ace: I think you went over the edge Sam, we nearly got owned there...
    *Daemon: Shit! I never had this kinda fun in my life!
    *Sam: At least someone likes my creation.
    *Ace: So why'd ya lock up in the lab for?
    *Sam: Come and see.
  • In the lab, Daemon saw his SUV and Jet saw his Hexer, but with some things changed at them.
    *Daemon: Whoa! My ride! It's... what the hell is it doing here?
    *Jet: Sam, how'd ya get these here?
    *Sam: The hangar is also a lift.It leads straight here.Of course, I have security inside the lift.One alien creature, and the laser beams will take care of it.
    *Ace: So what did you do with them?
    *Sam: Look at the Hexer! It has a platinum armor, enforced with extra diamond armor.And, for people not to know it's diamond, it's painted black, like a usual bike.Also, the tires are invulnerable.
    *Daemon: Yo! And my ride?
    *Sam: Also enforced with a bullet proof, explosion proof, damage proof, fire proof, candy proof and other proof armor.Tires invulnerable also, added a better steering, you can accelerate to 400 km/h, also added NOS.Also, the lights are bright when day time, and can blind you on night time.
    *Daemon: Candy proof? Yo, I wanna eat candy inside it!
    *Ace: Anyway... Sam, 2 hours were worth it.
    *Sam: Haha, no.Actually, this took me 30 minutes to enforce the vehicles.In the other hour and a half, I was creating, this!
    *Ace: What's that?
    *Sam: It's a super computer that can locate Vectronian hives.I needed Sner and Tyrobali for this.
    *Flazz: No wonder they were missing... why them anyway?
    *Sner: You share your IQ with a broccoli.
    *Jet: So how does it work?
    *Sam: It works as a GPS.It locates the hive, and you go there and destroy it.
    *Daemon: Yo, there are even hives on Earth?
    *Sner: Unfortunately.
    *Sam: Also, Daemon.I got a weapon for you.It's a pair of claws, sharp and deadly.Just press the button on the thumb, and you can use them.Press it again, and you'll put it away.
    *Daemon: Whoa! Awesome!
  • Suddenly, the computer started to beep.
    *Sam: Looks like we found something! There's a Hive in Arizona! Hurry!
    *Daemon: Oh yeah! First official mission! Let's go team!
    *Jet: Calm down...
    *Ace: Wait... how are you sure it's a hive anyway?
    *Tyrobali: What, you think we're dumb?
    *Ace: Err... so, you know the exact coordinates Sam?
    *Sam: Not really.Just get on Hexer and call me if something happens.
    *Jet: A'ight, let's go!
  • Jet and Daemon got on Hexer, and with Ace in the sky, they went towards the state of Arizona.

...To be continued

No new character

Hope you enjoyed it!

Notify of mistakes, also give suggestions.

NEXT EPISODE: 09/07/2010

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You should stop this!

I mean releasing a new episode every 3-4 days doesn't even give the readers some time. After you release an episode, wait for around a week. That way, the readers will get time to read it and you will get time to improve each episode too. :)

Anyway, I enjoyed both the episodes. They kept me tuned in..till the end. :)

Edited by Alvas.
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