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PS3 won't read discs anymore


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Basically as the title says my PS3 won't read anything anymore, from games to CDS and DVDs, I have never had this problem before and quite frankly was shocked that it has happened, considering I dont have a warranty on my PS3.

Basically my PS3 was working fine on Thursday and played my games fine, but when I went away on a weekend I found out when I came back that my nephew had the PS3 on all day Friday and all day Saturday (not playing all day but keeping Assassins Creed 2 on pause when not playing) for some reason I think this is where the problem may have started, when I came back I tried to put Prince of Persia in and AC2 and also GTAIV but none were getting 'read' on the PS3.

Just wondering is there anything I could do? I am currently halfway through the process of formatting the whole PS3 but I think that it is a hardware failure and am just wondering whether I could fix the problem myself or will have to phone Sony up which I am reluctant to do atm considering i'll probably have to pay since I dont have a warrant.

Anyway advice would be much appreciated,

Thank You.

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Backup all your saves and anything else you don't want to lose on a USB and put your PS3 into recovery mode (

). Then choose the option to reset everything, the video will tell you which option that is, I can't remember which one it is. Most people say that doing this will fix most problems but there's no guarantee that it will, definitely worth a shot though.

If that doesn't work then you'll have to call up Sony and ask about getting it fixed or replaced. Is the warranty still valid on it? Otherwise your looking at about 130 quid to fix/replace it.

Best of luck, it's never fun when your console starts acting up.

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Thanks for the advice the re formatting never helped but I actually think it was the excessive amount of time it was on for that may have knacked it up, it was on pretty much 10-12 hours a day non stop for 2 days.

I dont have a warranty but if its going to cost me around 130-150 quid I might just get a new PS3, some are going for £250 so I may get a new one but I don't know yet really since once I go to Uni in September I probably won't use it much at all.


I tried doing what that video said but no luck I'm pretty sure its definetly a hardware failure and not a software one.

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To be honest I dont want to spend any money at the moment because I'm trying to save up for Uni, I have too many PS3 games now anyway to buy a 360 plus I think I may not even use my PS3 once im at Uni, I haven't phoned Sony yet because I have been busy. If this has taught me one thing, it is to get a 5 year garantuee when buying something new.

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I bought one with a Make an Offer in a local pawn shop, no idea really what it's problem was, but it was a non-reading BD drive, that's techno speak for BluRay

I will say, If you're handy with screw drivers, think to replace the laser optics, or the tray sled, that being the laser diode and it's transport it moves on, all repairs take into account available replacements, price, and the problem area ... I would take note of loading of various discs and see if it's spinning and trying to read (I hand move the laser to the far end to see if it moves itself to the hub where the initial TBC read takes place), and if it's working, the laser is at fault. Price is a major consideration as far as just paying for a laser mech or the whole drive for the same value!

Also upon all my tests, I've concluded that if it doesn't work, leave it hooked up or your DOWNLOADS from PSN will not operate, I deleted lengthy downloads after frustrations mounted when they caused a hard system freeze, it worked as normal when I noted I'd disconnected the drive and put the cover back on! DO NOT DO THAT!

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