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Adriaan's PSP!


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Finally after 2 weeks with problems from the postal service, I recieved a note to go and collect my Sony PSP!!! The thing is, the guy that sended it to me from the US, to be delivered at my house in Cape Town, South Africa chose the cheapest way possible. So they liiteraly drove the PSP all the way accros Africa by truck!!!

Well I didnt pay for it and my mother doesnt know about it. I have about 2 hours before the post office closes and my mother cant go cause she is expecting someone later this afternoon. Damn!! Maybe I should go and tell her, the first thing I said to her was "Mom, I'll give you R100 (south africa currency) if we go the post office right now.

Also my dad's name is also Adriaan, so they are thinking the package could be for him.

Well, I'll post again with pic of my PSP!!!!!


UPDATE: It seems I couldnt be able to go today, and tommorow is a public holiday!! So its closed!!

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I cant agree more. and no.... I am not one of them. A DS lover told me that PSP suck cause of the dead pixel problem, but its like that happens with all LCD's!!! Once you have a LCD, you cant run away from it. Well I love my Samsung Sync Master and has a great picture and amazing brightnes. Its realy great on web pages. Benchmarks and Games are amazing on it!

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