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Well ain't that a load of shit!

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So I wanted to play GTA IV this morning, and what happened? Rockstar Fag Club wouldn't log me in. Now that happens a lot, and usually all I have to do is to retry once, maximum twice. But today it refuses each time, even when I tried re-entering the e-mail and pass. This is for both GTA IV and EFLC...

Now comes the biggest load of bullshit ever:

When I tried to log into Rockstar Fag Club's website (for the 1st time, since I had no reason to visit this fuckhole before) this message displayed:

You need to link your account...

Please play the game and make sure that your Social Club account is linked to your platform user. More detailed help can be found in the Account Linking section of your profile.




I play the game almost (if not) every day at least 2 hours! You gonna sit there and tell me that I haven't ever played the game??? You British cock heads.

Ok. So my Fag Club account was compromised... my question is, can I play the game (assuming that I can bypass the Rockstar Fag Club launcher thing) only with my Games For Windows Live account? I don't know if that one was compromised ether but if it wasn't...

Btw don't know if this matters but I hate the GTA IV complete collection from STEAM.

Thanks... AND FUCK!

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You have no idea...



Canada? That explains a lot... but it's Rockstar (the main company)'s fault cause they gave the PC version to those idiots who've never worked on a game before. Let alone a PC game that needs extra attention.


Never thought I'd be grateful for Microsoft's gaming services, thanks.

You can lock / trash whatever.

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