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UPDATE: Tweet button also added. Modified the news headings to better fit all the stuff in.

I made a small addition to TGTAP's website today, in the form of the Facebook like button.

This is seen in two places, individual news stories (example) and mod downloads (example).

Clicking the like button on a download will post a link to it on your wall and allow you to comment on it. Similarly, clicking the like button on a news story will also post the link to your wall so you can easily share it with friends.

We hope people will take advantage of this simpler way of sharing links, and get more of their friends interested or at least aware of the GTA games, and of course, TGTAP.

We have a number of other improvements in the pipeline, some big, some small. These will all be announced in due time. So keep an eye out for further developments. We aim to get everything done before GTAV's announcement so we can focus our coverage solely on the game while it's in development.

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