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I require assistance finding a handling mod...

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Anybody know where I can find a vehicle handling mod (for cars and bikes, helicopters and boats IDC) that matches the following (some or all) characteristics? I already tried Realistic Driving and Flying and it didn't work out. Cars were too fast and difficult to handle. In order of importance:

-I want it to feel realistic only for the casual gamer, not a car enthusiast, preferably something that lets you pull off some movie-like scenes that the default handling does but at the same time makes for some realistic looking crashes.

-Hard suspension, the default one is just ridiculous.

-Slightly faster cars, only enough to feel the speed. In RD&F I would get from Alderney to Broker in less than 2 minutes -.- But at the same time, default cars feel way too slow.

-(I don't know if this is possible but...) Only slightly higher damage on low speed crashes and realistic damage on high speed crashes?



Anybody know a good Handling Editor?


Anybody mind giving me the basics on how to manually edit the handling? :P

Kthxbye in advance.

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I have never heard of or used any handling mods or editors, although I would think that there are plenty of them out there. I can only speak about versions through San Andreas, but for those if you were to edit the handling manually it would be the text file: *:\Program Files\Rockstar Games\- game -\data\handling.cfg. I probably do not need to tell you, but for the benefit of others make a back up copy first. There is probably a lot of information in the modding threads as well.

Some examples of what can be edited manually are:


maximum velocity

number of gears

engine type

transmission type


center of gravity on X,Y, and Z axis




damage multiplier

And a lot more. There are also hexadecimal flags that can be changed as well.

There is much fun to be had with weapons modified for maximum damage and ammunition versus law enforcement vehicles that are modified to burst into flames from just bumping into another vehicle.

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If opening with Notepad, be sure to turn off word wrap so that the information is easier to read. Check over the field description data so that you are aware of adjustment limits before editing any values. To change the maximum speed of a forklift for example, scroll down to the forklift entry in the list of vehicles and find the value in column "N". According to the field description data, the maximum speed for a vehicle can be between 5 and 150, although sometimes the default values are set even higher. Edit the value to what you believe to be close to the speed that you want it to be and try it out in the game.

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