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Greetings peoples!


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Yes, greetings! :)

I decided to post this here as I consider it random... out of the randomness of my mind.

How are you all doing? I wonder if you guys remember me at all(Not being drama queen here) :awesome:

I do remember those ol' times; MrLlamallama, Gycu, Jace, Sky, Bear, Huckelberry Pie, Gerard!

Many more of course.

'Twas some fine time lads. What have ya been up to?

Myself I got to tell, I've been doing some work on music; I've learned to play guitar and have been trying to get something on the blues or country music bussiness, but haven't really made it too far... Except for communist/Left-winged-political-latino communities here in Swden.

For some months ago I got my first kiss (At 17, yay...), I bought my first Scotch 1 month ago, started and quit smoking (Random? Long story...), ate Arepas (Venezuelan/Colombian food), I've been improving my German, learned to play harmonica and I know how to make cookies!!

Well, I don't consider this a comeback... I just dropped by while ridin' on the highway to say hi; Well, see ya'll, hope you have a good time!

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