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Ice Enhancer Mod


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Now, for those of you who lurk gaming websites and so on, you may have seen news of this mod floating around.

I put off downloading it for a while but tonight I took the plunge and it was to coin a phrase - eyegasmicallyjizzinducinglyepic. If your PC's got the stones to stand up to it it's well worth a download. I'm going to go off now and download a bunch of car mods and shit and possibly pleasure myself to the sheer beauty. As a note, I ran IV at a solid 60fps all maxed on the specs in my sig, now getting 35-40 area.

Just spreading the love.

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Oh it's that graphics mod I saw some time ago on YouTube... mmm yeah I don't know, the game kinda' looks realistic with it (sort of) but also a bit un-stylish...

Plus my PC can barely take GTA IV as it is lol. I just wish I could enable semi-smooth shadows without my game running like a roller coaster on bricks.

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