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Hey Guys.

I've just been thinking how good these forums are. You'd think TGTAP was meant to be a forum from the start, just by looking at the forums. Then I noticed that the Forums don't have their own URL, just '/forums' after 'thegtaplace.com'. Doesn't it look a bit unprofessional? The other forums, like GTAForums, have their own URL. These Forums deserve more! The URL suggest that these forums are just an after-thought, a by-product, of TGTAP, when they are obviously a lot more.

It's just a suggestion. Why don't these forums have their ow URL?

Like 'www.tgtapforums.com'

Or even, let TGTAP stay as The GTA Place, and call the forums The GTA Forums, as 'www,tgtaforums.com'.

Any Ideas? :?:


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Interesting suggestion, but two things spring to mind:

  1. If it was on a separate domain, then it would be left to fend for itself. It would have to earn its own popularity in Google, people would have to be told about the new link, and generally it's a pain. Having them on the same domain has a lot of advantages.
  2. The forums may be a very important part of the site, but they are still part of the site as a whole. The forums feed the news for the main site, and your user account accesses the downloads system. GTAForums (for example) are much more separate, and people tend to JUST go to the forums.

However, I do agree that the forums should be s lot more prominent, not just a little button on the homepage.

In fact, I think that it could be worth considering making the forums the homepage, rather than the current news index (which not many people need to go to).

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