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Vice City Quiz

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1.V-Rock is located on ___ Ave (ONE WORD)

2.There is a pool designed like Rockstar's logo on Prawn Island.


3.What animal is painted on the ditch behind the Pay N' Spray in Little Haiti?

•Cow •Cheetah •Wolf •Rooster

4.What does the side of a cop car say? (FOUR WORDS)

5. What store is directly across from the hospital in downtown?

•Ammunition •Pay N' Spray •Bill's Axes •Hi-Fi Stuff

6. Till what time do you have to do a mission at Hyman Stadium?

•12 midnight •2 AM •3 AM •1 AM

7. A limo is always parked at Vercetti Estate.


8. Who is Ricardo Diaz's daughter?

•Mercedes •Sarah •Candy Suxxx •None of these

9.How many bridges connect Vice City and Little Havanna/Little Haiti/Downtown Island?


10. How many stores do you have to knock off in the game? (ONE WORD or NUMBER)

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1. Downtown.

2. False.

3. Wolf.

4. V C P D

5. Direcly across? WTF? I'ma go with Ammu-Nation but I think you need to reformulate that one.

6. 8 PM till midnight.

7. False, it's not always parked there, sometimes an Admiral spawns instead.

8. None.

9. Two.

10. Fifteen.

Yes I took a guess with number 3 :P

Edited by TUN3R

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LOL @tuner V C P D are not 4 words! You got 4/10

1. The correct answer was Hoarmount. Hoarmount Ave.

2. The correct answer was false! It is located in Starfish Island.

3. The correct answer was Rooster. This really has no meaning in the game, but is still interesting.

4. The correct answer was City Of Vice Police. Oddly enough, it isn't Vice City. It is City of Vice.

5. The correct answer was Hi-Fi Stuff. This is conveniently placed near V-rock, connections maybe?

6.The correct answer was 12 midnight. If you don't get there by then it will have the doors shut.

7.The correct answer was false. While it is there at times, it isn't always there. At times, there is even an Admiral.

8. The correct answer was None of these.He doesn't have a daughter.

9. The correct answer was 6. There are six bridges. One to mainland Haiti, one to the boat docks, one to starfish, one from starfish, one to prawn, and one from prawn.

10. The correct answer was 15. All you do is aim your gun at them until they give you all their money. This will leave you with three stars.

Edited by MrGrandTheftAuto

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Huh good to know, regarding number 6 however, you asked how many bridges connect the 1st big island to the 2nd big one right? Well I only remember two. The other 4 connect them to the smaller middle islands.

I think I need to replay Vice City...

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