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How to pass the mission - Freefall!

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This is the first ever mission assigned to CJ from Salvatore Leone to intercept a flight and the hitman in it which is sent to set a attack on the don by the Forellis from liberty city

vehicles including-

a FCR 900



place- north of las venturas coast

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May I ask, kindly. What in the fuck this thread is supposed to be?

All I see is a list of random facts. Facts any person who's played San Andreas or has got to the point that they need to pass this mission will know. Wait, hang on, you're probably going to put the rest in another fuckin' post. Please don't do that, for the record I'm sick to the back teeth of having to merge, delete, merge, delete, merge delete your posts in between breaths.

You've offered no help, nor any content of any value in this thread whatsoever, and why someone would find this information useful I have no idea.

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Take the fcr 900 and enter the runway of the LV international airport and drive the bike to the hangar where the dodo will be kept if you have no armour then collect the armour pickup from the hangar

then fly the dodo to maximum height towards the blip on the map keep at a constant height unless you see the hitmans jet(the shamal)

as soon as you see the hitmans plane turn the dodo in the same direction where the Jet will be heading you can use the look behind key

Sorry dude but my java script aint allowing me to put all the things in the same post. It says "java error out of memory"

Final step

keep the dodo parallel to that of the corona (the red circle thingie) there you go the dodo gets in the corona and during the cutscene cj dives to reach the shamal then you would be fighting 4 of the hitman's crew before killing the hitman

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