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Do you mean your log-in name (that is only used by you when you log in) or your display name (which is what everyone sees).

You can change your own display name, so just find one that's

We could change that other Josh's display name, but we'd need a good reason. I'm sure you can find a display name that has not been taken.

We don't change log-in usernames, really. Certainly not without the user's consent, because they would not be able to log in if they tried.

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Jim was more closely related to what you told me, but I'm just saying, It's better to not be changing info about yourself if you want people to trust in you, and believe you are who you say you are. To me, that's fundamental in online communication. Once people don't know who's who using the same name, etc. Handing out information is likely to just be disregarded as false and misleading. I was upset when my Facebook details wound up elsewhere, but that's what they've been saying about the Internet and Privacy all along, you wind up being found out one way or another.

Well, I hope you settled it...finally

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