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Parachutes in GTA V


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Why did I move here? I guess it was... the enormous, freaking gigantic landscapes. Look at those handcrafted rocks and the mini-waterfall. This game is setting up to be the best Grand Theft Auto ever imo.

If you go to the GTA V offical site you will see three spots reserved again for pictures. Another sneak peak Friday, its possible.

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Commenting further on the latest screenies... I'm not surprised by what's shown yet, San An 2 looks like San An 1 in HiDef to these eyes, kinda what Rockstar said their intent never was....not going to play Devil's Advocate and say this is a negative thing, as we've been to LS San An, Done that....already

It shows much of the same landscape, one can presume the bridge over the water runs inside the mountain on the left, much like RDR and previous GTA have offered, but the HD experience is MOST impressive with the two peds playing tennis in the other screenshot up today.

What that suggests is a new mini-game for the player to partake, perhaps. We know there are jetski's but how about skiing behind a boat? That would provide some fun even in the ability to crash or produce wakes that cause crashing peds and skiers falling into the water!?? Hmmmmm

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I doubt everyone can expect Ned Luke or his likeness character to be the main protagonist. I remain open to the idea of playing more then one character in one game, but that might not be the only surprise for GTA V fans and players, we just don't know any more at this point. I'd expect something within the month from Rockstar....truly!

As for parachutes, I've little doubt they're included, as planes are, we know that!

Any characters or action scenes...or even the hikers for example in the trailer, could be just ancillary scenes that don't involve player interaction, whether generated by AI or part of an orchestrated cutscenes, Rockstar normally try and blend those for a more cinematic experience, if you relied on cutscene material, it would lack the wider feel showcasing the outdoor size of the map, by and large

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