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ok i joined this page as yous people seem to know quiet alot maybe absolutely everything about gta iv and i want to know how can i mod my gta iv the ballad of gay tony, ive seen people use the sky crane and skate parks ive spent hours looking on youtube and its all on xbox , i have a ps3 ! can anyone please help me :( would be very grateful :D:cry:

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Patience is a virtue.

This link should come in handy.

Outside of that, I can't really provide you with much, though we support and encourage modding heavily with the PC versions of the game, consoles tend to stray into a legal grey area, since the methods often involve hacked / chipped consoles that can be used to play pirated version of the (and all) games. My suggestion would be to visit a dedicated forum for this sort of thing.

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Maybe you'd prefer PC game modding, it's much more 'open'

As for BoGT, I've already posted about it's failure under the Dell GX620, supporting Pentium D dual core, DDR2 ram, PCIExpress... For a laptop, forgettaboutit

You need a good SLi laptop since the PSU is fixed, I'd recommend, Core2 or AMDx2 would be better suited but I don't know for sure

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