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Hip-hop shows

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I hate you.

I used to listen to rap across the board but now I limit myself to good rap.

This entails the aforementioned flobots, as well as some others.


and the guy who i consider to be amongst the 5 best rappers of all time, the mighty immortal technique.

'snort coke in the whip miss USA sucking my dick'

Also a little jedi mind tricks for measure.

And Diabolic is a fuckin' force behind the mic.

outside of that I've reaaaalllly made a huge move to rock.

Would love to catch any of these live.

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Watsky, Flobots, Snoop, Khalifa, Mac Miller, Atmosphere, Jedi Mind Tricks, Nappy Roots, and some other people that most people who don't keep up with YouTube rappers usually don't know about.

However, I FUCKING DESPISE MAC LETHAL. It seems that all he really tries to do is rap faster than Watsky, all the while Watsky can spit faster than most emcees out there, yet doesn't give TWO SHITS about the ability to rap fast. He says he enjoys it, but is much more pressed about the content of his rap than the speed of it, which is why he takes the time to slow it down every now and then.

IGNORE my facial expressions, I was a tiny bit drunk, and a tiny lot star-struck and taken aback in the presence of such awesome fucking people.

Jonny 5


Brer Rabbit


Signed vinyl? Signed vinyl.


Can't wear my shirt cause I can't wash my shirt cause it's signed? Don't care, worth it.



(Psstt! In the picture right below this, that's totally Chestnut's eye in the bottom right corner. lol. SOOON)


And just in case, George motherfuckin' Watsky.


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Oh, here, I guess.


So the Flobots ended the set(and by ended, I mean we straight shouted "ONE MORE SONG!" until they came back out, and then they played like 3 more songs) with "Rise", and we(the crowd) FUCKING LOST IT. I've never seen a crowd jump so damn high.

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Good shit right there. I've only been to one hiphop show.. didn't get to enjoy it as much as I should. Kid Cudi, I'm a huge fan. It's a shame that the best stuff gets NO radio play, though. All I ever hear is 2chainz (inb4racialreferencelolol) and lil wayne. Ugh.

Well, then that's what this thread is for. Finding GOOD hip-hop.

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I heard some good original hip-hop on Sleeping Dogs recently, 2 songs I like and one of them I really really like. The 1st one is John Robinson, 'Channelling'


And the 2nd is Ghostpoet, 'Finished I Ain't'

They're both good artists, I'm not into hip-hop any more, too many bragging rich faggots, but original artists like these are great.

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Spaz, you were a little more than a little star struck when you met Johnny 5 ... Just sayin'

Yeah, for sure. I was like-wise drunk, and buzzing like fuckin' crazy. Even after the place cleared out a bit I could still feel all the energy in that place. I would most certainly enjoy seeing more shows at that venue.

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