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GTA V Cheats Are Here!


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Yeah I'm still in two minds about it. On the one hand I loved the old-school button bashing cheats, I memorised so many from GTA III, VC and SA. But on the other hand, GTA IV's system of using the phone to store them was way more convenient. I'm curious as to why R* themselves decided to go back to it. I don't remember the phone system actually getting many complaints so I can't imagine it was from user feedback.


Anyway, I've added all the known cheats so far: thegtaplace.com/gtav/cheats/

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Who needs cheats with the Collector Version digital code key?? I used mine this afternoon but I've yet to command the blimp. You get some other goodies too, as well as special characters and cars for Online, so I hope I can score some Gold, the problem is the Wifi connect is FAR too weak to use all the time, and it would be something of a waste. I did update my XB dashboard and the new screens promote a year of XBL Gold for $5 a month? Not too bad

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