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Franklin's a loner?


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Character swapping hasn't been dramatic for me yet, partly due to story mission progress, but I have all three characters, When I last swapped to Franklin, he was with his 'running boy' Lemar, amidst some other gang members or homies, if you will, it looked like there was a gang fight or something just about to happen, but I walked away. 


A different swap to Trevor was underneath the beach boardwalk, one with the amusement rides, Pleasure Pier.

He was tying up some poor fool to one of the support beams! I don't know what was going on there, but it's one of those unique scripting events Rockstar added to the GTA concept. I'm amazed by all the dialog alone, no matter what you're doing or where you are, peds always have a lot of new things to say, so the recording of that must have been over a year long process!

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We find out via text messaging very early on, that he did have a GF, but she didn't want money or a banger's lifestyle, but it's hard to tell what she wanted just from those. Franklin seemed content with legit income as well as doing robbery, so again, because of GTA's construct, you play as an anti-hero no matter WHAT the story entails, so writing the script for GTA means having a broken moral compass... As I was eluding to when it comes to Religion handling of themes within GTA. 


On a personal note, I know there's graphic content for the hookers, strip bars, and oddly, perhaps less gay reference or lesbian then Ballad of Gay Tony, but I think with GTA IV for sure, Rockstar were thinking about how to have morals and differences in REAL people relate to the scripting of GTA. Being an honest representation of it's real world counterpart is part of the ingredient I want to see continue with the series.


The thing that still bothers me is excessive profanity throughout the game, My folks come in while I'm playing and they can't help but hear a lot of F-bombs being dropped, even peds walking aimlessly down the street are cursing like a sailor! hahaha

Remember, it's not just me imagining, but GTA started out a success with very very very few swearing instances, and people actually imagined it to be worse then it was! This is reality that gets lost in arguments about such things

Go back and play the older GTAs to see what I mean. They keep turning up the ratio in this regard because I believe in effect it was to flip the bird to the critics who were accusing GTA of such things long ago, that it was the worst type of entertainment product, but I think playing into those hands is simply not wise. It'd be better to take GTA in a direction that's more impressive then wallowing in what I would say is unnecessary for a good game to have

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Did you read the link to GTA 6 ideas that came out the same month GTA V came out? I posted that somewhere here... well, I think some of these issues with character improvements, open environment improvements, and dialog all cover things we can hope would be main changes for the next GTA outing,

A main complaint I had as you know involved vehicle crashing and dramatic bust ups, the more chases I have and going off road and everywhich way in the game, I tend to appreciate some aspects of it, but as we talked about with cars, it's too easy to lose things you spend any money on, if it's not property! haha

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