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Leslie Benzies leaves Rockstar Games


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It looks like it has finally happened, as sad as it may be.



Leslie Benzies was the lead developer of GTA, it's a really great loss for the gaming community, at least in my perspective. And situations like these make me think that who knows if a lot of the GTA Online controversy (microtransactions, lacklustre content, absence of a long-awaited SP DLC, etc.) is caused by Take Two and not by Rockstar themselves. Maybe everyone's hating on the wrong company - even if there's still the possibility he fell out with the Housers for whatever reason.


Although he may have left for other reasons, this fits way too well in a long dated rumor that said a lot of the GTA veterans left after V's development, because they didn't agree with the direction it was being taken.


Seriously sad day for me, thanks for all the hours spent on GTA. And for me, this might just be the death of GTA, because I don't think anyone will be able to do it as well as him. I can only hope so.

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Agreed it's a major loss, a few key people who've been picked as spokesmen for Rockstar in the days of better gaming press, we got to know them for their candid remarks on Rockstar's secretive operations, and their noted credits in all Rockstar products, but also, as one of the lead people in the transition from Direct Mind Access software to Rockstar North as it was in the early 2000s.


The sad thing is even though we respect the builders, It's been Sam Houser's stated mission to let the games speak for themselves, rather then Rockstar speaking for and about their games.


We wish him well, but like Hennig leaving Naughty Dog not long ago, I have great hopes that both their input and aspirations continue to inspire both companies as a whole. Just as we hope Apple honors Steve Jobs in the years ahead, without his presence.


I'll say this, I know the reports of harsh working conditions at Rockstar as a whole, it also caused internal friction for some time, most notably with Hot Coffee, since not everyone at the company was really onboard for the fallout and the way it went down, some left due to ever increasing pressure.


I also believe the pressure is outward in the sense of keeping the A list titles from back-sliding in popularity. Bill Wyman left the Rolling Stones because he says he'd rather go out on a high and not hang in there to suffer any coming down point from the dreams of success he was able to realise in the band. Leaving on good terms but with a desire to do something else, and perhaps step out of the pressure cooker environment that both industries can be.

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Rockstar news into the new year still centers on fan art and updates for GTAOnline, nothing new really. I didn't see any other mentions on this subject elsewhere, but I believe Rockstar and all, ALL game producers to be foolish if with new gen consoles and Intel AMD hardware for PCs, throw in the towel over their company roster of employees.


The fact is, the hardware is better then ever, the games hint at great promise, I doubt anyone would want to cash in their chips based on the future of gaming versus the talent pool, that I'm sure will have to grow based on sheer size of the work, case in point being GTAOnline and Rockstar's other games.


The actor from Vice City is the main wrinkle in the ointment regarding pay for services rendered, Thomas Vercetti lead voice talent; Ray Liotta




He found out afterwards, of course, how much money the game would be making. Burt Reynolds also a hero for many kids my age, he managed to be a problem working with in the production stages.... but without them, GTA's Vice City would not be as awesomely great as it is, Rockstar had the right idea, adding known talent to older generational games upped the value of entertainment.


Just as licensing real tracks did for it's radio and TV



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