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No Limits


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Well, another one to add to ATS's excessive amount of videos hehe.

Editing: ZeroX

Intro: Neo

Stunters: You'll see soon

Length: 6:12

Size: 83mb.

--No Limits-- <<<--------------TGA Link.

--No Limits-- <<<--------------FileFront

Enjoy guys...

Umm, I hate to ask for things, but Chris you think this vid could get a front page? I guarantee people will enjoy it. ;) If not, cool, but if yes, even cooler. B)

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Yeah, I saw it yesterday and it was alright. I'm sorry, but I didn't really like the edit as much as usuall. The intro was a very good idea, but I don't really think it worked. I know we're very limited to what we can do with the game, but still, I didn't really like it. Stunts was of course as good as it gets. Ok

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I'll say what i said in GTASTUNTING.

Where was Hagz/Gta Fanatic in the vid? I've never seen ZeroX do an airgrab till this vid which is strange.

Terror Squad broke up, and ZeroX joined ATS. Matt joined Zero Signal.

Loved the intro, with Nitz playing the drums with his head.

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