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"The Job" alternate ending


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The last Malibu Club mission is "The Job". Usually when you get out of the bank, Hilary dies and you go back to Cam's place and you each get $30,000, but if Cam dies aswell (you can also just kill him yourself), when you get back to his place, you and Phil share the cash and get $50,000 each.

Also once you've finished the mission, you can enter the El Banco Corrupto, and if you go into the back area, where the elevator is, you will see money on the floor, not sure how much you get, but it respawns after a while. WARNING! once you head into the back area of the Bank, you will get a 4 star wanted level.

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If he escaped on my game i would have still kept him alive, im too moral to kill him

Hehe, well i kept him alive always aswell until he died once accidentally and I noticed I don't actually need him to survive and get more money...and after that it just sometimes happened that he walked into my gunfire ;)

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I always kill Cam when I do that mission. There is nothing better in a Grand Theft Auto game than killing people. Also, Cam is only slowing me down. If I am to easily shake the Five-O off my tail, i need to get away quickly, and lugging Cam along is only making matters harder.

And buddy, you got some facts wrong. Whever Cam lives or dies does not affect the end-of-mission reward. Regardless of whever Cam lives or dies, the reward is still $50,000

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