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GTA Liberty City Stories side missions revealed

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Gamesradar have today added an exclusive preview for Liberty City Stories that focuses on the side missions for Liberty City Stories. Apart from the usual Insane Stunt Jumps Gamesradar has posted info on the all new side missions that includes Trashmaster, Karmageddon, Noodle Punk and Car Salesman (yes you heard me). They have also posted 5 brand new screenshots.

Karmageddon: Steal a fire truck and then cause as much chaos as you can.

Noodle Punk: Grab a scooter at the noodle restaurant and start making deliveries.

Car Salesman: Earn a commission by taking customers on successful test drives.

Trashmaster: Race across Liberty City to collect all the dumpsters within the time limit and drop it off at the Junkyard.

Insane Stunt Jumps: Use the PCJ600 bike and other new vehicles to soar over the ramps, hills and jumps found around Liberty City.

Links: Gamesradar Preview and new screenshots

*UPDATE* IGN have also added a side missions preview, they look at some different ones, including the following:

AVENGING ANGELS - Put an end to violence in Liberty City, help keep the streets safe.

SCOOTER SHOOTER - Toni and his friendly scooter driver have to take out as many targets as possible within three minutes. He drives, Toni shoots with a Tec-9 with unlimited ammo. Wreak havoc on targets within the city; get as many as you can before time expires.

BIKE SALESMAN - Show the customer exactly what that machine is capable of, but only show off the kind of ride they're looking for!

SEE THE SIGHTS BEFORE YOUR FLIGHT - Get a picture of the tourist in front of their favorite landmark, but make sure to get them back in time for their flight! Quality counts, great snapshots will be rewarded with extra cash.

They also have some new screenshots with their article.

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Hmm...this is really cool. I like the car salesmen thing. Jack a banshee and make $100000 off of it. However, I think the first two new minigames are old games with new names.

Karmageddon: Bloodring in SA

Noodle Punk: SA Courier missions

The Car Salesmen reminds me of a mission in Midtown Madness 3. This game is sounding better and better as the clock ticks closer to the 25th. :)

By the way you forgot Trashmaster.

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I always wondered when rockstar would add the trashmaster mission.

Edited by Sabin Romero

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