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LCS Hidden Package Guide


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This morning I received an email from Tash who created a nice hidden package guide for Liberty City Stories. Not only does he explain how to get each package, but he has also posted screenshots with it to show its location on both the map and in the game. This guide is currently a work in progress, but when it's done it should look great. Thumbs up Tash!

Link: Teliko21's LCS Hidden Package Guide

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good one adriaan. I have now got all the hidden packages. Its a shame that when you get them all, theres such a small prize at the end of it all.

This is what happens when you collect all 100 packages, or something along the lines of this.

"You found all the hidden packages! Have $50,000 on us!"

Now, i was disappointed with this. Sure, its an achievement, but i wanted more than just $50,000. I mean, you get $500,000 for completing the last mission for f*** sake. They should have done something extra, like unlocking the barriers in the tunnel in shoreside vale.

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