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A new modder in need of help


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You're gonna have to mess around with the script file. But careful though! Always make a back-up of it before you actually mess with it.

What script file do i have to change? I want to put in a deluxo at the estate. So how will i go arround to change the script file to change this?

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1. GTAF is a forum. www.gtaforums.com .

2. If you want it that bad just put the dulexo in the garage.

He probably wants it to be a SPAWN point, so if he wrecks it, no biggie. That's what I don't like about saving "nice" cars, you can't drive them for missions and stuff because you chance wrecking and destroying them.

BTW, I LOVE the Deluxo.

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Nope its not difficult ^^

I've found a Savefile editor on GTAGaming.com wich lets you edit the spawn places of cars and even add 7 or so :)

GTA Savefile Editor

the disadvantage is, is that it only edits one savefile, so it spawns only in one savefile (or you have to do it on all your savefiles)

and with the program PlayerPos you can determine the position of where you are standing (in game :P)


Hope this helps :)


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