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Official Grand Theft Auto Radio Theory

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Oringinal GTA Master, first of all I would like to say nice idea. I heard the San Andreas one in Vice City a couple of days ago and was about to go on the forums but I guess I forgot. Second of all, I would like to ask you a question, in GTA3 was there a reference on the radio to Vice City being the next city?

Anyway cool theory and I hope you find the reference in Vice City Stories to the location of GTA4.

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Oh yeah i got a "patch" on the whole GTA III - VC thing with my radio theory. See in GTA III They mentioned Carcer City, which was the location to a R* game, and fans thought that'd be the next location. Thats where i think R* got the radio hinting idea from...from the fans. They started this thing on VC not GTA III...at least thats what i think.

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