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is it just me

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We actually get around 20 new members a day, which is way more than months/years ago. Problem is a high proportion never post, and loads just come once (to get one thing) then leave.

This is why we're constantly evolving to provide a much better range of services and attractions that are currently available.

The gang system was popular, but security had to be put as a priority and we lost it when we upgraded. We're currently still recoding the system and adding loads more stuff in ready for a relaunch in a few weeks.

And of course, suggestions help :)

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Yea, i joined today so there isno prob is there, if there is too many tell them to join my forum

hey i would like to invite you to my forrum i would be very happy if you join and if you are going to join please reply back this is the site [link removed] and if you join please introduce yourself thanks alot

nobody special: sahdev

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