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*Official* Euro 2004 Thread


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This is the official thread for discussion of the European Football Championships 2004

You can talk about anything you like, teams, players, etc.

Support your country through the championship

I'd like to keep this topic solely for us Europeans since its our championships

So i'll kick-off the discussion (excuse the pun :P)

what was your reaction to the opening reaction?

Shock, joy, disbelief?

To me it was a great shock to see a great team lose to the underdogs, I would class Greece as one of the weakest teams in the championships (apart from Latvia and Bulgaria) yet they managed to beat Portugal, one of the strongest teams, 2-1

Well England's opening match is tomorrow lets hope they do well

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I can't believe that result yesterday. Winning 1-0 and looking like we'll secure a memorable win. Rooney wins a penalty but then Barthez makes a good save. And then we bring Rooney off for Heskey. That has to be one of the worst changes Sven's ever made. As soon as Heskey came on I knew we weren't going to win and what do you know, Heskey gives away a free kick right on the edge of our area

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