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isit better to get beaten up or to walk away?

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Unless you're Chuck Norris. I watched that guy take on like 10 guys who thought they were tough.

I should stop being lazy and procrastinating and go take martial arts classes. But I don't have the money, either. Martial arts is a lot of fun. f*** it. I'll train myself. I have a boken, I won't cut my arm off or anything.

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I had a teacher who punched a kid in our class because he didnt understand a word. He was immediatly sacked. I just think in many ways walking away is the answer
Yes, same here...

Damn man!!

We trouble our teachers to hell.

But then not till such that the situation turns to a fight.

Singing song in Class(Yeah i mean it) and that........

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I just stood there and bad mouthed the cockheads. :)

Everytime it happened to me, I just approached them, even if there were more then 2.

Of course they never done anything, even when the numbers were against me. They're just pussies and didn't do nothing, if you stood up to them.

Now however, I'll just walk away. No point in bothering with them.

I've got too many things I have to worry about in my life, then going to jail, because I beat the shit out of some skinny c**t.

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