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Nintendo confirm GTA Advance release date


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Gamespot and Nintendo have confirmed the release date of Grand Theft Auto Advance.

Coincidentally it has the same release date as San Andreas - October 19th, Rockstar seem to be keeping quiet about this one like they did for a while with San Andreas. We'll have more info on it as we get it.

Link: Nintendo's Fall Schedule @ Gamespot

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does this mean the PSP may have a chance to host GTA too (when it comes out) ?

if not why do GBA get the game and PSP does not? :o

reasons why the PSP will be good...

Its portable (Playstation Portable). :thumbsup:

Will be able to have 801:22b (or whatever it was) which is wireless LAN. perfect for "multi theft auto" (mutiplayer). :coolthumbup:

hods up to 1.2GB data on one disk (maybe too small for GTA but must be better than the GBA carteridge thing). :yup:

has USB ports for data storage (possable downloadable car off the web site e.g. cars like PC vice city a.k.a. MODS). :coolthumbup:

will have more bottons than a GBA including shoulder bottons R1 + L1 no R2 + L2 though. ^_^

err need to check ny PSM2 mag for more info...........that all do for now

PSP WILL RULE!!! PSP will be the death of Game Boy! GBA sucks! GTA rules!

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