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Help here?


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Thx alot u REALLY helped me... xD thx again.. :coolthumbup:

erm..... 1 more thing? i put the Vorbisfile.dll file in GTA San Andreas folder and then i run the .exe and it says this

The procedure entry point vorbis_synthesis_halfrate could not be located in the dynamic link library vorbis.dll

sooo.... wad should i do now?? Hellp me pls? :down:

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:coolthumbup: K nice i've tried reinstalling it... well it WORKED thx guyz.... :evil::evil:

Ya' see, try reinstalling first, and then ask questions.

It's like what Sweet says about people these days (in this case, members):

"People are blasting on fools first, and ask questions second!"

- Johnson, Sweet (1992)

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