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cheap weapon


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Hi there, before you make a request please take some time to read the rules of the trading stalls, you can find in the link below.


After reading please edit your topic to make it fit the rules,you're not in trouble seeing as you havent been here much and probably did not know but try to be more careful, thank you.

Also here is a link to the rules of the forums.



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no, i want to buy a Colt 45, in the rules it said:

How Do I Buy An Item?

Simply post "SOLD" followed by the item name(s) and amount of each you want to buy, and if you want to be helpful the total price, for example: SOLD 5 AK47's @ $10000

so i posted this to buy a Colt 45, but if it isnt so, how can i buy a Colt 45?

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