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I'm voting for Mick Foley to be the special referee because he is funny and we've already seen Stone Cold be a ref this year.

I am also voting for HBK to take on Orton because HBK needs to get revenge on Orton for the attack at Judgment Day.

I am voting for The Miz to take on CM Punk because he is probably the easiest superstar what CM Punk can go against and the fact that Viscera & Johnny Nitro are morons.

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Best Fucking Wrestler Ever:


Me and my brother used to watch it non-stop when it used to be great, I remember all of those guys. They ruined it, I mean seriously, its just "[American Name] VS [American Name]", it used to be like, "Goldust VS Hitman", it used to be fun to watch. My brother turned it on a few weeks ago and started watching again, I kind of watch too, but I did see a large portion of the Anniversary Special, it was good. I especially liked seeing all the old guys like the Million Dollar Man. I also saw Razor Ramone's picture and it reminded me of how awesome he, and the WWF (when it was called that) used to be.


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