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Its the stars what make me like RAW better.

Triple H, Shawn Michaels, Randy Orton, Jeff Hardy are my RAW Favourites.

Undertaker, Rey Mysterio, Edge, Jamie Noble are my Smackdown Favourites.

Tommy Dreamer, CM Punk, Elijah Burke & Stevie Richards are my ECW Favourites.

Melina, Kelly, Mickie, Torrie, Victoria & Michelle are my Diva favourites.

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It should be Matt Hardy, I'm worried that he might retire soon. So many bad things have happened, he coudn't be in the Rumble due to Randy Orton kicking him where his appendix used to be. I also hope Rey-Rey is the new champ. Chavo doesen't deserve that title, CM Punk does. Poor little Colin Delaney, being beaten by the likes of Kane, Big Daddy V, Mark Henry, Shelton Benjamin, why don't they put him in a match with an opponent that he might, jsut might be able to beat.

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