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I was a big fan of WWE.

I just got over it and the Attitude ERA pisses all over the stuff WWE pulls out today.

Bring back Stone Cold and The Rock.

Yeah, those two were kick ass. The WWE sort of went down hill after they left, but now that Jeff Hardy is back I like it a little more now.

Anyone catch Raw this week yet?

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Another thing that has ruined wrestling for me, is the fact that so many spoilers are revealed on wrestling forums.

I know, I know if I don't want to find out, don't look, but before I started going on wrestling forums, I used to get shocked when something cool happened.

Most of the discussion on wrestling forums is about what storylines and stuff the WWE are coming up with in the near future and it ruins the "Shock Value" so to speak.

Back in the late 90s wrestling information on the net wasn't as detailed. Now you can practically predict what's going to happened in the upcoming week, before it happens. *Sigh*

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ok let me clear it up ok if you don't like it or don't watch it then please don't post hear and would everybody stop complaing about the storyline or it's fake or you can predict this is for people who like it not for people who hate it so please f*** of

It's not that I hate it, but I don't like today's WWE.

Everynow and then I watch a match from the early/mid/late 90s and it puts a big smile on my face. It's too soup opera like now.

Too much bullshit and not enough wrestling. IMO

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Not a bad outcome I guess. HBK was never going to win the rumble. He'll probably still end up starting to challenge for the title on Raw. If he wins then he'll probably lose it just a few months after anyway. At least a fued for the belt could maybe give him something to do until HHH recovers.

Undertaker and Kennedy to still have a few battles before WM? Definitely.

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YES! Undertaker winned the rumble! I hope he wins the title from batista. :clapping:

I think that Batista has been given a bit too much credit for his return. If he had not won the royal rumble before a few years back, then it would maybe have been fitting for him to win and then win at WM. Actually now that I think of that, its quite a bit like Beniot I guess.

Either way, Undertaker is awesome but winning the title would lose credibility. It only means that the one and only phenom will eventually have to lose the title.

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