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The Liberty Gun Shop


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"We don't care if your 9 or 90, you can still have a gun for your birthday!"

Welcome to the Liberty Gun Shop, if you want to buy a gun then you must pay first. This shop is owned by the Liberty Crime Family and all of the profits made will go to them. Discounts are available to some V.I.P.'s and if you want to know if you are one of them just ask for a discount and you will find out.

Item: Price: Stock:
Brass Knuckles $30 3
Baseball Bat $50 8
Chrome Shotgun $450 1
Spaz Shotgun $800 1
MP5 $1000 8
M4 $1400 4
Ruger $1300 2
Flametrower $1200 1
PSG1 $1200 1
Item: Price: Stock:
Amour $1100 1
Health $850 1
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