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Looking for a car?


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Yes it's back and this time for Vice City..

I know over 100 sites so i should be able to find your favorite car...


Do any of these sites contain player models, if so can you try to find halo player models in differant colours or just a texture guide for halo player model please?

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There are a couple of cars I would like to get hold of but I can,t seem to find them can some one help me plz.

1) Hyundi Lantra (stock)

2) Hyundi Lantra (modified)

3) The black car that Vin Desil drives at the end of the fast and the furious.

If they doent exist how do i make them?

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i wonder how good u realy are ive looked on so many sites and i cant fined a bentley GTC or GT so plz can u fined it

What are the manufature names for these cars?

link to GTC.

dont know what the hell a lantra is.

the car vin diesil drives in f&f is a dodge charger with a bird catcher injector hat stiking out the bonnet.

here's the link.

f&f charger

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