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Looking for a car?


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I do still pay attention, it's just I can't always find the mod, for example I don't know how to convert things from SA to VC. Plus you'd have to ask the authors permission.

But yeah I sorta let this topic go a while back. I still look for some requests now and again.

some of the good sites:

1- www.thegtaplace.com

2- gta-worldmods.de

3- gtagarage.com

These are the top 3

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A 1980's LTD Crown Victoria, identical to the one in Men In Black, but comes in different colors.

search grandtheftauto.fr. it is in french, but you can make out some of the words, go to telechargments(downloads) and click cars, vice city, and search for the one you want!!

Thanks mang! :coolthumbup::thumbsup: I found it :D

:worship: no problem. there are hundreds of other cars there also!!! that is the site i dowload most of my cars from!!! :coolthumbup::clapping::thumbsup::dribble:

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